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Green City in the Sun #(2021)

Green City in the Sun

Green City in the Sun

  • Title: Green City in the Sun
  • Author: Barbara Wood
  • ISBN: 9780517050828
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
Green City in the Sun By Barbara Wood,

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Green City in the Sun : by Barbara Wood - Green City in the Sun, Green City in the Sun Set in Kenya in this book is of a British family the Trevertons who settle on an estate on the homeland of Kikuyu and the antagonism that develops between them and the tribe s own medicine wo

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He aqu una novela hist rica compleja y diferente Cuando el pr logo de un libro ya te semi enamora, es buena se al En unas pocas p ginas ambientadas en la poca presente el presente siendo 1988 se deja entrever que lo que viene va a ser una gran historia.Deborah Treverton, una joven keniata de ascendencia noble, vuelve a su pa s natal luego de haber dejado atr s su pasado por razones que desconocemos Ahora sin embargo se ve obligada a reencontrarse con todo aquello de lo que escap y hacerle frente [...]

tengo y tuve un serio problema para rese ar este libro ya que el s lo leerlo me ha trastornado un pocotes de la lecturahace varios a os vi buenas rese as acerca del libro virgenes de barbara Wood , pens que ese seria el primer libro que leeria de la autora pero en el club de la lectura fue escogido esto y decidi leerlo porque se veia muy bien y se centraba en las constumbres de AFRICA algo que totalmente no he leido pero he querido ganas de leer algo sobre eso durante la lecturate libro es pesad [...]

I m putting this one aside for now bookmarked at page 90 The book started off really good and I thought I was going to love it, colonizing Kenya in 1917, pretty exciting, right But once we arrive and get semi settled, the story becomes sidetracked into relationship issuese frigid wife e spinster longing for a married manI m not in the mood for this To be honest, I just don t care enough about the characters to be interested I had this same issue with The Passing Bells by Philip Rock.

I haven t read this in a long time but it was always one of my favorites Intrepid woman doctor in the bush longing for married man Check Murder, scandal, vengeful medicine woman who curses an entire family Check Angry husbands, wistful wives, and scheming bitches Check So Much Trash.No pirates, however Problem.

Un libro que tiene una magia para atraparte e imaginarte en el africa oriental.Llena de pasion, amor, injusticias y riesgo.Pero sobre todo me encanto el final, ya que no es la tipica escena romantica que el lector espera Si te gusta el romanticismo y el realismo a la vez, tienes que leerla

For anyone who has ever either moved to another country or went for an extend stay and tried to immerse themselves in the culture you will find this an interesting read The Tiverton Family British and Wachera African are linked because of a curse The Tiverton Family came to Kenya in 1917 to make a new life for themselve Adventurers thrill and fortune seekers came to the land at that time They came they took over they failed to learn about the intricate culture in which they moved into Hence a cl [...]

I just re read this over the winter My first reading of this book was back in 1996 when I was sick with mono and did little else but sleep and read It will always be one of the best books I have ever read in my life Rich with history, love affairs, cultural differences and boundaries, and most especially the loyalty and love of breathtaking Africa As with any good novel, there are many twists and turns that the reader does not see coming Overall, an amazing book.

Terminado Hac a tiempo que ten a un par de libros de esta autora en mi estanter a de pendientes Si llego a saberlo antes, no hubiera tardado tanto en darle una oportunidad Bajo el sol de Kenia me ha parecido una historia simplemente completa La escritora sabe meterte en la historia, he aprendido much simo de Kenia, me ha parecido fascinante la manera de envolverte y transportarte al escenario, con esas descripciones tanto del lugar, como de la situaci n con el paso de los a os, su gente, la trib [...]

I totally love Barbara Wood and her stories If you read it you just HAVE to mention she has really been in the area she is writing about because of her visual style of writing and the details she can give about the surroundings I ve become so captivated, so fascinated I would never have layed this book aside if I would have the time for it and even now, when I ve finished it, I can t put it away because I feel almost related to it.It s real life, the life we never want to be but which is always [...]

I will try to not gush too much but I love books that are set in international settings during an intense historical period This book not only has an incredibly dramatic story but it brings Kenya and this particularly difficult period of their history to life The author paints vivid visual paintings and writes to appeal to all of the senses I found it a very engaging, hard to put down book.

Se me hizo eterna la lectura.Lo m s interesante del libro es la parte hist rica del mismo, en el que cuenta c mo una vez m s el ser humano demuestra que es un ser despreciable que por puro ego smo se apropia de lo que no le pertenece, enga ando e incluso esclavizando a sus v ctimas.Una frase para el recuerdo El mundo es como una colmena todos entramos por la misma parte, pero vivimos en celdillas diferentes Yo no quiero vivir tu sue o, quiero vivir el m o propio No es ese el verdadero significad [...]

Una novela realmente did ctica pues, ayuda a comprender desde un punto de vista transigente, la historia de la Kenia colonial Los personajes son inspiradores y a modo de f bula hace notorias las consecuencias que tienen los actos hechos por codicia, amor, dinero as como la evoluci n dada por el paso de los a os en el comportamiento de las personas y su manera de actuar En ocasiones puede resultar lenta, la lectura, ya que la autora detalla todos y cada uno de los detalles de cada escena.

Es una forma entretenida de conocer la historia de colonizaci n de Kenia, por parte de Inglaterra, y la cultura y forma de vivir de los nativos.La historia es dura, y tiene un final que uno no espera, pero responde a como finalmente son las cosas y lo poco o nada que puede hacerse para cambiarlas.

Me cuesta creer que le setecientas y tantas p ginas de esta novela Al final no se si le a porque termin agarr ndome la historia, o por lo tozudo que soy en acabar los libros que comienzo.

Great read from the first page

I liked the story but the ending was too long and the translation terrible.

Unexpectedly, this book captivated me with its sweeping descriptions of the Kenya plains and jungles, the well researched, deep history of the country, and the rounded and real characters The way the author explained the reasons native Kenyans hold on to their beliefs and the way that the white, European settlers hold onto theirs The concept of home is used in a unique way, and one in which I didn t expect.The saga begins with the first Trevertons clearing land for crops and homes and for some r [...]

Really enjoyed this book, coming from South Africa I could relate to the story

Keep in mind my 4 star review is based on the memory of a 12 year old This was one of the first grown up books I read, filched from my grandmother s stack of trashy paperbacks I owe my grandmother my love of reading to a great extent, but she has always been an equal opportunity reader She has never shown any sign whatsoever of discerning between good writing and bad It s all about the story for her, I guess And she never really talks about the books she reads I think they are sort of like movie [...]

Los personajes planos no puedo salvar a ninguno , las situaciones predecibles y la continua y exasperante sucesi n de chico encuentra chica view spoiler y chico hide spoiler hacen pesadas las m s de setecientas p ginas del libro.El estilo sencillo de la autora y algunas pinceladas de inter s en la historia hacen que la pesadez no se convierta en tedio, pero es un pobre bot n para algo que se vend a como pico view spoiler Especial menci n a la parte final del libro con unos di logos pobres y atro [...]

As always Barbara Wood came through with a very good story I found some of characters fascinating One really does come to care about the characters in the reading of it even though the story moves through 3 generations.The only bummer was was okay I ll just say it I didn t like the ending Maybe I would have come to want the ending she gave the story had there been development on that end of the story I was really surprised because its rare that I read a novel and not appreciate the end I wonder [...]

I read a French translation title African Lady after much insistence by a neighbour that I would love this book and must absolutely read it.Although it wasn t as enthralling as he made it seem, it is a very interesting book which illustrates a country and a period of history most of us know nothing about, through that most universal language of all human relations No matter what country culture we are from, we all have the same basic needs and can communicate on a basic level The problems tend t [...]

Una larga novela que no puede evitar tocar diversas historias de amor haciendo corto su tema m s impactante el del choque de dos mundos que quiebra a los conquistados para ense arles lo que no pueden tener y luego abandonarles en el juego de Occidente donde de entrada tienen todo que perder como naci n emergente.En esta historia Wood adem s nos entrega el corte de la raza humana que sin importar tiempo ni lugar siempre tiene la ocasi n de mostrar sus m s auto hirientes cualidades.Eso fue lo buen [...]

La historia de Kenia durante el dominio Britanico, su lucha, el sufrimiento de sus habitantes y la destrucci n que sufre a lo largo de 100 a os, es relatada a la par de la vida de cuatro mujeres Rose, Grace, Mona y Deborah Treverton, las cuatro negadas al amor, pero con romances intensamente tr gicos, la tragedia familiar que sigue al auge econ mico de sus generaciones, la entrega altruista de Grace y el odio que la familia de las Wacheras desatan en cada una de ellas La relaci n amorosa con los [...]

Barbara Wood is one of my favorite authors for good reason She really seems to research whatever time and place she is writing about Her clear, descriptive prose brings forth vivid images of the lands and lives of her characters This books concerns the clash of cultures that occured as white settlers took over native African land An epic saga, this story traverses several generations as the two cultures clash, try to coexist, and clash again The whites born in Africa see the continent as their h [...]

A clash of civilizations when British settlers move to Kenya following WWI The British bring roads, schools, and a vision of how thingsshould be done properly They also bring second class citizenship to the majority black population The British thought that they owned the land but the kikuyu people had a different understanding and revolts were a matter of timeThe first two parts of the book mention names we know from the movie Out of Africa Karen von Blixen, the Delameres, the the kikuyupeople [...]

I read this book because it referred to Nairobi, but while I wouldn t rate it well as a work of fiction, as melodrama it was a hoot The author may jumble just about every aspect of Kenyan history in some way, but there is no variety of love forlorn that doesn t appear here, gay, straight, inter racial, elderly, etc Mix in an accidental self poisoning by ether, a Mau Mau who is half Masaai and decides to donate his own mixed race baby for an oathing ceremony and it s quite a wild ride, but great [...]

Wer haette gedacht das mir Barbara Wood gefaellt, ich sicherlich nicht Monatelang lag das Buch bei mir herum, bis ich ihm eine Chance gab und ab dem Zeitpunkt konnte ich mich nicht mehr davon trennen Suer erzaehlt, super recherchiert, super Spannungsbogen und man erfaehrt mehr ueber das Afrike von der Konolialzeit bis zum heute Klingt uninteressant Weit gefehlt, unglaublich mitreissend und echt interessant Ich bin mir sicher ich werde sehr bald wieder was von der Autorin lesen, richtig gut

I am about 3 4 of the way through this book and I have to say I love it This is my kind of book historical fiction, sweeping family saga The story spans several decades set in South Africa in the beginning of the 20th century It features strong females characters and covers the time from the end of the first world war past the second world war It shows life from both the white, European settlers and the African tribeswomen, It is a wonderful book I can t wait to read from Barbara Wood.

En 1918 lord Valentine Treverton, como otros muchos colonos ricos, comienza a edificar un imperio cafetero en Kenia para lograrlo, deber pasar por encima de los derechos y de las tradiciones de los nativos Y por ello, Treverton, arrogante y despectivo, sufrir la maldici n de Wachera, guardiana de una ancestral sabidur a A partir de entonces, las vidas de los Treverton y de la familia de Wachera se ver n inextricablemente ligadas en un torbellino de odios y as sobre los que aletea la vieja maldic [...]

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Green City in the Sun : by Barbara Wood
    285 Barbara Wood
Green City in the Sun