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The Prophetess #(2021)

The Prophetess

The Prophetess

  • Title: The Prophetess
  • Author: Barbara Wood
  • ISBN: 9780446603805
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
The Prophetess By Barbara Wood,

[PDF] The Prophetess | by ✓ Barbara Wood - The Prophetess, The Prophetess It is December In the Sinai Desert archaeologist Catherine Alexander has unearthed six ancient papyrus scrolls that reveal vital secrets secrets that the world s governments would give anything

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BETTER THAN THE DA VINCI CODE Fans of Dan Brown s novels will certainly find this to their liking, particularly if you wished Brown would have gone into detail about the early church Archaeologist Dr Catherine Alexander is digging near Sinai when she finds a basket containing six scrolls Due to some shady dealings, she is soon on the run for her life from the Catholic Church, the FBI, CIA, the Egyptian government, and a ruthless billionaire collector, all of whom have reasons for wanting to kee [...]

This is a brief synposis of this book In December 1999, archeologist Catherine Alexander discovers in the Sinai desert six papyrus scrolls written in ancient Greek by a female leader of the early Christian church The scrolls reference to a Seventh Scroll, in which the secret to eternal life is supposedly revealed, convinces Alexander that her findings could revolutionize Christianity and undermine what she sees as the male oriented authority of the Church Determined to prevent suppression of the [...]

Better than the DaVinci Code.

Spanish edition, review in both languages for my non spanish speaking friends Este libro fue m s una experiencia que solo una lectura Yo nac en una familia cat lica, crec en un colegio cat lico, y aun as no me identifico como una cat lica a morir En este libro los personajes principales tienen sus propios conflictos con su pasado y la religi n Ambos tienen caminos diferentes, sin embargo su meta es la misma El perd n.Fiel a su estilo Barbara Wood presenta como protagonista a una mujer que se man [...]

Excellent couldn t put down Takes place in Dec 1999, during the millennium hoopla Archeologist Catherine Alexander has found some ancient religious scrolls that could change the way the world views Christianity She feels that it is her mission in life to spread the messages these scrolls contain, but she s got the U.S government, the Egyptian gov the Vatican, and a powerful, millionaire computer mogul all after her Can she find the help and the answers she needs from the Internet I loved this bo [...]

Although the plotline intrigued me, I had trouble getting interested in this book I found the plot and character development to be lacking The main character seemed lacking substance, rather than an educated woman of assuredness I did not finish it Maybe I just wasn t in the mood.

This is an outstanding work of Barbara Wood The plot made me pause often and check her resources.It will challenge traditional ideas of a Prophetess.

I absolutely adore all her books I have read them all and even in different languages, they are all great books.

Fast paced action with a really different theme I think Dan Brown must have read this book before he wrote The DaVinci Code

I very much enjoyed this book, lots of good twists and a fascinating story One of my favorites.

You know, this book wasn t too bad It was a fun adventure, and it was fun to read.For me personally is was a bit to religious for my liking I can handle religious things, but this book is literally based around religion so I just got kinda sick of it by the end.Still though A fun romp.

I read this book in the last century, but worth a re read The techy stuff is pretty dated, but you can t beat this action packed thriller for a great story and interesting theology.

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Miut n A haragos istenek c m reg ny t nagyon kedvelem, tettem egy pr b t Barbara Wood ezen k nyv vel is Nem volt rossz minden benne volt, mi benne kell hogy legyen, s semmi nem volt benne, aminek ne lett volna ott helye ppen itt kezd dnek a probl m k nevezetesen, hogy a k nyvet zsin rm rt k ut n rt k T vol lljon t lem, hogy valakit is elt ntor tsak a v laszt s t l, aki A pr f tan mellett k t tt ki A t rt net ugyanis a maga nem ben helyre kis alkot s, lvezetes, lebilincsel , gondol a sz plelk s h [...]

N e en Grande Bretagne, Barbara Wood a fait ses tudes en Californie o elle est devenue infirmi re l ge de seize ans, elle crit son premier roman, et, voyageuse infatigable, elle sillonne l Alaska, l gypte, l Afrique orientale et l Union sovi tique Traduits en plus de trente langues, ses romans publi s aux Presses de la Cit dont L toile de Babylone 2005 , La derni re chamane 2007 , La femme aux mille secrets 2009 , Les battements du c ur 2010 , La femme du bout du monde 2011 et La fille du loup 2 [...]

This is the perfect book to run a way from daily routine for a while Adventure, ancient items, archeology and a lot of running The book starts with the main character finding a basket with extraordinary vellums with ancient writtings next to some bones When she figures out what they might be and how they could make justice to her mother and change the whole christian history, she starts a run involving different countries, motels, the internet on its beginnings and a hot priest I swear view spoi [...]

Overall, I really liked this book Though it had thematic similarities to the DaVinci Code, I found Barbara Wood s book earnest and winning A good friend of mine observed that she felt a bit played after reading Dan Brown While I pretty much can t set anything he writes down until I ve finished it, the exciting twists and turns can feel calculated Ms Wood writes with passion and emotional honesty that is apealing The basic premise is that the heroine, who works in an academic role, validates an [...]

The Prophetess was a fun romp It had a bit of something for everyone mystery, political intrigue, romance, archaeology, adventure, theology And it was kinda cute to read the version of pc techy circa 1996 I did get bogged down a few times in the translations of the ancient scrolls No biggie though Overall, Ms Wood delivered with this exciting novel of discovery, spirituality, and faith.My favorite quote was when the Prophetess had a vision where the Righteous One she had sought so long appeared [...]

I always love a good Barbara Wood novel however I am find this one a bit slow.Dr Catherine Alexander finds 6 papayrus scrolls in the Saini and decides to smuggle them out of the country becuase she doesn t want the possible religious implications to be suppressed The possibility that there was a female priest in the history of Christianity was too much for her to loose the chance to prove Her mother, also an accomplished researcher had been moving along these lines in her work but never lived to [...]

Archaeologist, Catherine Alexander, finds six ancient scrolls during a dig She feels these scrolls will validate a position her mother had taken that women had a much important role in the early Christian church than what the church portrays Her mother had been driven from the church for championing this idea There is also, supposedly, a sixth scroll which reveals the secret of eternal life Ms Alexander feels justified in breaking international protocol as well as the law and smuggles the scrol [...]

An archaeologist digging in Egypt finds a secret set of scrolls As soon as she finds them it seems everyone is after her to get possession of them The church doesn t want the contents known because they fear it would cause uproar in the faith A meglomaniac collector wants them so to possess them And the FBI is after her for illegally taking antiquities into the United States And the Egyptian government isn t too happy with her either Join her on her flight across America to discover the secret o [...]

Un romanzo che senza dubbio non passa inosservato affronta argomenti che ora, con l uscita dei vari Codici Da Vinci e similari, sembrano inflazionati, ma se si calcola che questo romanzo usc nel 2000, lo si pu considerare un originale precursore La storia affascinante, appassiona, coinvolge, il ritmo di narrazione serrato e non vedi l ora di sapere cosa si nasconda dietro la storia di Sabina e dei papiri entrambe i personaggi principali sono caratterizzati in maniera accurata e realistica, ma ho [...]

Die Autorin scheint von fr her Internettechnik fasziniert gewesen zu sein das Buch stammt von 1999, von daheer war es f r sie zeitgen ssische Technik trotzdem war es ein bisschen zu viel Geklicke St ndig wird in ersch pfenden Details geschildert, wer worauf klickt, um auf welche Weise in welche Newsgroup zu kommen.Dazu kommen verschiedene sachliche Fehler, die einen st ren.Davon abgesehen ist es ein normaler Thriller, in dem verschiedene Gruppen versuchen, eines alten Schriftst cks aus dem erste [...]

The book started out interesting, but I found the plot and character developments to be lacking A teacher recommend this for me years ago, and I had high hopes for the intrigue I ended up hating it because the main character seemed like a dim witted idiot than an educated woman with some form of value.

I would easily give this book 3 1 2 stars Why don t they let us do half stars Oh, I got so caught up in this story I just spent the last hour or so reading so I could finish this This book has it all mystery, thrills, religion, romance, and archaeology So many good quotes in this book, too I recommend it to anyone Oh, and this book is way better than the Da Vinci Code.

Well I managed to read to the end for the simple reason that once started I try to finish a book It is a long time since a book left me with such a feeling of dis satisfaction Truly a book of myth, belaboured to the end Totally unconvincing Definately not a pleasure to read Will avoid Babara Wood like the plague in future.

I picked this book up because I had so enjoyed The Dreamming and Green City I enjoyed this one, but it was much religious than I expected It is a story about finding the Sabina scrolls but the ultimate theme is that any belief is what determines your afterlife and the way to it is forgiveness, respect, and acceptance.

There were some interesting questions raised in this book regarding how the canonization of the Bible really took place and I felt challenged to read and discover some answers for myself This was a very interesting look into computer savey as well.

Before Davinci Code, there was The Prophetess a mystery that takes the reader to the heart of religious experience around the world Plus, a significant portion of the story takes place on IRC internet relay chat It s out of print but worth searching out.

Unos papiros del Siglo I dC son hallados en el Sina Contienen la clave de la fe cristiana, pues demuestran que el Evangelio es un pout porr de otras religiones paganas Se convierte en una novela polic aca global.

  • [PDF] The Prophetess | by ✓ Barbara Wood
    249 Barbara Wood
The Prophetess