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A Parrot in the Pepper Tree #(2022)

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree

  • Title: A Parrot in the Pepper Tree
  • Author: ChrisStewart
  • ISBN: 9780953522750
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
A Parrot in the Pepper Tree By ChrisStewart,

✓ A Parrot in the Pepper Tree ☆ ChrisStewart - A Parrot in the Pepper Tree, A Parrot in the Pepper Tree Chris Stewart continues his account of life on a remote Spanish farm in this sequel to his biography He also takes a look back at his previous lives drumming with Genesis shearing sheep in Sweden an

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I read the first book in this trilogy years ago Driving over lemons and enjoyed it, so I am not really sure why it took me so long to read this second one.Very easy to read Stewart has that lucky talent for being able to tell a good tale in a relaxed, often amusing way that makes me convinced he d be great company.I m definitely not a fan of we escaped the rat race and bought a run down property books but this is than just one of those Stewart has a fascinating past including a stint with a ver [...]

Once again Chris Stewart has written an entertaining novel about his life in Spain After reading his first book, Driving Over Lemons, we decided to move to Spain ourselves His vivid descriptions of the stunning landscape, interesting people, and frustrating bureaucracy is right on He clearly loves his adopted country, his family, and his neighbours This is a laugh out loud book that will also warm your heart and make you wish you were there.

You know, some people just have a knack for writing they can make even the most boring things seem interesting partly because they find it interesting and probably don t give a damn if you think it s boring silly lame And maybe it s just me, but I prefer people like that I think the main reason I liked Chris Stewart s Driving Over Lemons was because he has this way of writing that makes you feel like you re reading an old fashioned, handwritten letter from a really good friend you haven t seen i [...]

No big trips for me this summer Not by plane or train anyway Instead, I ve traveled by book A Parrot in the Pepper Tree carried me to Spain, to the mountain home of Chris Stewart and his family With the Stewarts, life is always a degree or two west of normal, with all the odd Spaniards of the world apparently living within walking distance of the Stewarts home Don t expect a big rollercoaster adventure Pepper Tree is of a hike through a quirky human zoo.

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Following in the footsteps of his first book, here we have another delightful sojourn at El Valero, in the Las Alpujarras in Spain at the eco friendly home of Chris, Ana and their five year old daughter Chlo also present are the dogs, the sheep and their eccentric parakeet Porka Under the warm, funny and self deprecating writing of Chris Stewart, there moves a man of granite Life at El Valero ain t for wossies Whether he s describing the climb to admire the fields of gentian flowers on the on th [...]

Not as good a story as Driving Over Lemons, but seriously enjoyable nevertheless.

Despu s de una aceptable primera parte con Entre limones esta segunda vuelta al cortijo alpujarre o resulta menos sorprendente, menos humor stica y menos hilvanada Cap tulos inconexos, el loro, el chaparr n, la bronca, el reba o, el invierno sueco, la presa, se suceden sin acabar de convencer ni de hebrar un relato ordenado Chris es un tipo simp tico, un escritor regular y un ecologista encomiable Con todo, el relato es solo pasable El estilo tosco y, desaparecida la novedad de la iron a educada [...]

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2nd in the series of life in the alpajurras in southern spain Thoroughly enjoyed and onto the next

I loved Chris s journey from a sheep shearer to an author Its really interesting to read the little details he writes about the sheep or how the parrot found them and its antics.

Not as good as the first one but still a fun read

Interesanti un izklaid jo i Sniedz ieskatu autora dz v El Valero Ceru, ka latviski b s ar tre da a.

Enjoyed this but not quite as much as the original book Driving Over Lemons A easy to read and enjoyable holiday read

This is a wonderful continuation of Driving Over Lemons It s humourous, affectionate, a true portrait of the place and it s people I love this author s books.Back Cover Blurb Chris Stewart s Driving Over Lemons told the story of his move to a remote mountain farm in Las Alpujarras an oddball region of Spain, south of Granada Funny, insightful and real, the book became an international bestseller.Three years on, A Parrot in the Pepper Tree follows the lives of Chris, Ana and their daughter Chloe, [...]

Lovely easy read of everyday life, a family who decided to make their home in Spain and took the rough with the smooth.Most enjoyable to read the whole trilogy together sitting in the Mediterranean Sun on an extremely hot day This book is for anybody interested in rural Spain.

This is the second book in a trilogy, chronicling the move out to Spain of former Genesis musician Chris Stewart It was nice to catch up with Chris and El Valero again, find out about how things are ticking along in Spain It was also fun to read about how the success of the first book made things slightly different at home.That definitely makes a difference in this one, I think It s less about how to get up and running on a remote Spanish farm, and about how to create a life There s still the [...]

Bought this to follow the author s story after I read Driving over Lemons I though, If it s as good as that I ll be pleased And it is, though varied as it encompasses some of Chris Stewart s earlier recollections He has the ability to paint a very vivid picture in a very few words His neighbor s explanation of why their new telephones don t work The satellite has a broken wing, you know seems perfectly reasonable when one is sitting on the stump of a fig tree next to a gently flowing stream, wa [...]

Neatceros, par ko bija runa pirmaj gr mat , bet patika, ka par to pa i neatg din ja un uzreiz r s kl t jaunai inform cijas devai par El Valero Manupr t, las anas sec bai pa as ja vien neesi hronolo ijas fans noz mes nav.karte savu funkciju pild ja tikai pirmaj gr matas pus , p c tam notikumi bija tik da di, ka par to aizmirsu un par to nemaz neuztraucostiec b uz humoru man ir augsta lati a un gr mata neizvilin ja pat smaidu but that s me, not you , bet visam par sp ti, vienalga bija interesanti [...]

The second in Chris Stewart s trilogy sees the Alpujarras home of the ex Genesis drummer threatened by a dam being built in the valley As we were once asked by a neighbour here for permission to site an electricity pylon on our land beside the river so that he could have mains electricity at his weekend cottage, I can identify with the turmoil You move to a remote place purely for its beauty and tranquillity, then someone threatens it Our neighbour thankfully agreed with us, and his wife, after [...]

This is the sequel to Chris Stewart s Driving over Lemons in which he continues the story of life at his farm in rural Spain If anything I enjoyed this even than Driving over Lemons I loved hearing about his time as the original drummer with Genesis before Phil Collins came on the scene , his time with a travelling circus had me in stitches as did the tales of his days spent in Seville attempting to learn to play Spanish guitar, not to mention his underwhelming experience at the Hay Literary Fe [...]

Although this is now about 10 years old or it still rings true The idea of moving to the middle of nowhere to farm is very brave but is written in a very entertaining style I loved that in this book Chris went back to the early days, mentioned his connection with Genesis and his love of music and where that had taken him His life sounds idyllic in so many ways but perhaps that s me surrounded by a complex pile of paperwork, meetings, accounts, kid commitments etc and virtually never setting foo [...]

Una scelta un po estrema, quella di Chris, perch non andato a vivere in un bel paese romantico e pittoresco, ma ha scelto invece di ristrutturare un antica cascina, immersa nella natura, lontana dalla civilt , a cui mancano anche le seppur minime comodit ed i servizi pi elementari Eppure ce l ha fatta e si portato dietro anche la moglie ed una bimba piccola Ha imparato a farsi apprezzare dalla gente del posto, ha ristrutturato la sua casa, riuscito a gestire piante ed animali, il tutto con gran [...]

First, the book isn t really about the parrot in particular I suppose the author chose his title because it has a certain felicitous ring to it.This is the sequel to Driving over Lemons, and it s not bad It s a bit eclectic than the first book it runs around time and place in Chris life and generally tells less about life on the farm.Even so it is an easy, pleasant read Most readers probably end up hoping things turn out well for Chris and his family as they scratch out a life in the dry hills [...]

This is a second time I ve read this book the first time was many years ago, during a sleepless night on a passenger ship in the Adriatic, and I liked it very much After a second reading, I m so happy I found it in the library.Wonderful and affectionate book, many different witty stories expertly tied up in a multicoloured mosaic Lovely and relaxing read.Just a tiny warning if you happen to stumble upon other books by Chris Stewart with military planes on the covers it s not the sheep shearing g [...]

I enjoyed this second book by Chris Stewart about his farm in Las Alpujarras in the hills of Spain I would probably give it 3.5 stars I enjoyed the first book a bit Perhaps it was because he had just discovered the lifestyle He does make me want to board a plane although, I must say, that I m not drawn to buy the farm with all its ups and downs I d love to meet the writer who knows how to take the mundane and make it come alive on the pages of a book He does homage to his little corner of the w [...]

I have really enjoyed all of Stewart s books thus far He is very much an optimist and I find his attitude towards life very refreshing Even when he faces trials, the books never wallow in self pity or go to dark places There is plenty of humor and he makes you feel like you ve traveled to Andalusia and gotten to know all his neighbors I am looking forward to reading the third and final book about life on his farm.

I hadn t read Driving Over Lemons before reading this sort of sequel I ll only know if it mattered if I read Driving Over Lemons, at any rate I found this book perfectly enjoyable without It was a fine ramble a series of anecdotes about Chris Stewart s life, not just on his Spanish farm, but with some forward momentum to them Amiable is a damned with faint praise kind of a word but I don t mean it that way.

  • ✓ A Parrot in the Pepper Tree ☆ ChrisStewart
    349 ChrisStewart
A Parrot in the Pepper Tree