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Chemistry and Other Stories #(2022)

Chemistry and Other Stories

Chemistry and Other Stories

  • Title: Chemistry and Other Stories
  • Author: Ron Rash
  • ISBN: 9780312425081
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
Chemistry and Other Stories By Ron Rash,

Unlimited Chemistry and Other Stories - by Ron Rash - Chemistry and Other Stories, Chemistry and Other Stories Chemistry and Other Stories A Picador Paperback OriginalFrom the pre eminent chronicler of this forgotten territory stories that range over one hundred years in the troubled violent emergence of th

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As a huge Rash fan, I was not disappointed by Chemistry, a finalist for the 2008 PEN Faulkner Award for Fiction.I will admit that while I really enjoyed the first story, several of the earlier stories had me a little worried as some were less developed and weaker than what I ve come to expect from Rash Yet, by half way I was once again feeling the love Rash s prose are tight and poetic and for the most part his stories are well constructed and feel complete at least as short stories go My favori [...]

Ah, the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation moves South from Winesburg, Ohio where Ron Rash details the sad and sometimes tawdry tales of mostly Carolinians DEEP in the countryside, many of them so down and out it is as if they are from another epoch entirely Unlike Sherwood Anderson, Rash does not feature a common character Rather we get an assortment of tales published in various Southern literary magazines, collected such that the end stories are the strongest.There s a bride from hel [...]

Update, update I wanted to document that my favorite story in the collection is Their Ancient, Glittering Eyes I love it And I use it as often as I can with my students I think it s brilliant.Update I finished the collection and the last two stories freaked me the heck out The story, Pemberton s Bride has been expanded into his novel Serena and the title character has been called a Lady Macbeth of the Appalachian region I would guess so She scared the hell out of me Sooo evil And the last story, [...]

Some grief is like barbed wire that s been wrapped around a tree.The longer it s there,the deeper the barb go,the closer to the tree s heart Chemistry and Other Stories is a gripping collection of stories set in Appalachia, a rural community struggling with the arrival of a new era I liked how the author manages to cover the entire class of the social spectrum, from bourgeois to the lowest class of the society Some people might not like it because it is quite slow paced but it was okay for my li [...]

One of the best short story collections I ve read in a long time I could not put it down.

He may be renowned as a novelist, but his short stories are where I think he shines Ron Rash might just be the finest short story writer alive.

As with Burning Bright, the last set of stories I read by Ron Rash, I have to give this collection 3.5 stars I wish I could give it The stories are certainly entertaining and well written, down deep into some of the good stuff of southern Appalachia, but they mostly all seem too smooth in a sense Often times I feel like Rash s starting point is an Appalachian clicheke hunting that huge, mythic fish or finding your son strung out on meth or digging up a Confederate grave or partaking in pentecos [...]

While Rash s poetic writing is powerful and wrenching, the stack up of one sad story after another just zapped my usual enjoyment of his work The short versions of Serena and The World Made Straight were excellent, but having read the novels at least twice, I was already ruined in their knowing.

Thirteen stories are offered up in this book The last two were later expanded into novels Pemberton s Bride became Serena and Speckled Trout, originally published in 2005, became The World Made Straight Serena, Pemberton s Bride, is one evil woman enough said In Speckled Trout, avarice goes very wrong for one young man Of course, it is not too hard to understand why the unemployed young man did not take the advice of the person to whom he was selling the stolen goods The other 10 stories are sho [...]

Ron Rash writes about my native soil western North Carolina and Lord does he write them well The Tuckaseegee winds through my memories of college like it winds through Cullowhee Their Ancient, Glittering Eyes I grew up hearing stories about a kid from Shelby that was better than Michael Jordan ever was and threw it all away for drugs Overtime Where I grew up, you knew the drug dealers, and you knew their daddies Deep Gap.The final question of Blackberries in June has kept me up late at nights Ch [...]

Ron Rash has written another wonderful book of short stories, most of them situated in Appalachia, the place he is so familiar with Included in this collection is Pemberton s Bride, the first chapter of his novel, Serena, which I loved.Their Ancient Glittering Eyes is a great fish story Some boys see a huge fish as long as a leg and the old men in town, seasoned fishermen, don t believe them until they see the fish themselves The fish is over six feet long and bigger than any fish ever seen in t [...]

This is a master storyteller of the South and writes about the Appalachia of western North Carolina He has written many popular books of fiction, novels, poetry and short stories I have been to many of his author book signings in the past This is a collection of short stories representing the old and new south Rash is so familiar with this region so his writing really portrays the lives of the people and culture In Chemistry , a teacher suffers from severe depression for which he is hospitalized [...]

Okay, I loved it These stories shed beautiful, poignant light on tragedy, and the book has some incredible lines I live for great lines , like in The Projectionist s Wife, when Rash writes about the projectionist in an old time movie theater At age fifty four I see him as I could not at fourteen, not so much an ill hud wizard as a weary clockmaker god threading the stuff of dreams through the projector s metal maze, then onto the second reel so he might watch in impotent solitude as his work sho [...]

Old men in overalls sitting outside country stores Giant fish A scene in an emergency room Mountain life captured so beautifully in a series of short stories There are stories that will make you laugh out loud like Their Ancient Glittering Eyes Most speak to the human condition that is always hopeful in the most hopeless situation Rash knows the mountain life of Western North Carolina A way of life that is going to be gone Taken over by tourists and foreigners as my family reminds me every time [...]

Chemistry and Other Stories by Ron Rash Picador 2007 Fiction , which is a collection of author Ron Rash s short stories, is excellence on the written page There are thirteen stories presented here, and there is not a bad one among them These tales capture the essence of the mountains of western North Carolina Particularly noteworthy are Their Ancient Glimmering Eyes on a prehistoric water beast , Chemistry Pentecostalism , and Speckled Trout marijuana poachers I submit that Ron Rash and Annie Pr [...]

I love Ron Rash and I enjoyed this collection of stories I find that I do prefer his historical fiction rather than his modern stories I also tend to enjoy his novels overall than his short stories While Rash is not a happy ending type of author, I appreciate his real life situations and people The people he writes about are people that I can relate to.This collection was entertaining and easy to read, while providing a depth that is not found in many authors Rash seems to understand people an [...]

I m also a fan of Ron Rash s novels and short stories, set in the Appalachians I really enjoyed this batch of stories and looking foreward to many Mr Rash is a gifted writer, and has a deep understanding of people living in poverty and raised in these mountains He writes in the dialect of his characters, some humor, but mostly gritty and tragic From Blue Ridge Country He s collected an intense set of short stories in Chemistry, creating characters that walk a narrow edge between dark and lumino [...]

Ron Rash s collection of stories from Appalachia is a worthy addition to what one critic has called the literature of place Some of these stories are a little, dare I say it, obvious for example, in Honesty, Rash overplays his hand with characters that might as well be named Self Doubt, Desperation, and Arrogance, a la John Bunyan but when they aren t, they hit home Rash s O Henry Award winning story Speckled Trout appears in this volume it s stunningly rendered and every bit as powerful on repe [...]

Ron Rash is an excellent writer The stories are mostly kind of back wooded theme tales of love, life, etc but he manages to the entire social spectrum, from aristocrats to marijuana growing hillbillies I d say the main theme of his works at least this collection is coping with change Timey Appalachian villages continually redefine themselves with the encrochment of the outside world and pretty much everything is set in the Appalachia s in North Carolina can anyone guess where he s from.

Loved all these stories, which is amazing, usually I get stalled somewhere in the middle of a book of short stories but not these The stories are rich in the ways of the world and of family, all wonderfully written and gut wrenching and most of all real All the stories were great, none were tiresome, none were confusing or made me wonder at the end now just what was that story about anyway I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading great stories.

Ron Rash s collection of short stories sketches out the ethos of Appalachia, from the late 19th century to the present day, mostly without succumbing to the gritty melodrama of meth infused narratives The highlights of this collection, Pemberton s Bride the starting point for Rash s novel Serena , Speckled Trout and Chemistry rise above by showing essential human truths, regardless of place of birth or class.

I bought this book in Asheville at the recommendation of the local bookstore staff I was not disappointed Mr Rash has a way to grasp you in the hollow of your chest with his writing This book reminded me of another collection by Donald Ray Pollock, Knockemstiff Mr Rash s writing is refined than that of Mr Pollock, but they both do a great job of capturing the reader I can t wait to start Serena.

This is an exceptional collection of short stories that capture the Upcountry of the Carolinas Appalachia comes to life in these eclectic stories of rural life with universal themes Two of the stories were the genesis for 2 of the authors novels The World Made Straight Speckled Trout winner of the 2005 O Henry Award and Serena Pemberton s Bride Any book club looking to discuss a short story collection would do well to select Ron Rash s collection of stories.

As I ve said before, Rash can really write, but I was a little disappointed with this collection Many of the stories are a bit one note, and several of the stories end a little too early It seemed to me the real conflict and tension was just beginning when the stories came to an end I felt a cheated, and that the characters were let off the hook That said, though, it won t keep me from reading of Rash s work.

This book is a gem When I bought it, I knew I m going to enjoy it because its written by Ron Rash.Its a book of short stories and though I m not from the region where its based or also not from America, I could in a way imagine the stories and characters, because they are similar to folks back home One should read this book if you are a fan of Ron Rash s writing or you enjoy good stories well written.

The best short story collection I ve read since Hannah s Airships Every story resonates Rash writes the peoples of Appalachia at different times and places, but all ring emotionally true This collection deserves than just a nomination for PEN Faulkner I ll reread it, which I rarely take the time to do.

I agree with Pat Conroy that Ron Rash writes like a prince I couldn t put down this book of short stories The story settings are in the Piedmont of South Carolina and the western part of North Carolina, the area to which we ve recently retired Stories of the Old and New South, written by one who is familiar with its history and people, are absolutely mesmerizing.

I have fallen in love with Ron Rash s writing Each story pulls me into a world he has created, and I instantly become the voyeur who is silently observing the characters lives Love them or hate them, beguiled and bewitched, I read on, totally engulfed in the tales he spins The only downside with this author is that his stories inevitably end

I really liked most of these stories The only thing was I wished they would continue on I know they are short stories but I wanted the stories and characters to develop further That being said, the stories, characters, and especially the atmosphere Rash creates are amazing, if tragic and disturbing at times.

Plain spoken and straightforward, which is not to say simplistic these precise, carefully honed stories mask deep humor and irony, and abide mysteries aplenty The one about the reporter who goes out with the woman from a personal ad wanting an article and getting than he bargained for is just brutal.

  • Unlimited Chemistry and Other Stories - by Ron Rash
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Chemistry and Other Stories