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Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator #(2022)

Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator

Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator

  • Title: Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator
  • Author: Rebecca Eckler
  • ISBN: 9780812976403
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator By Rebecca Eckler,

ä Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator ã Rebecca Eckler - Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator, Wiped Life with a Pint size Dictator Pregnancy was a minute massage compared to life now After her little bundle of joy Rowan aka The Dictator arrives Rebecca Eckler wonders when the promised rewarding part will kick in She wasn t s

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Ok I shelved this one on couldn t get through, however in actuallity it was didn t care to get through My time is pretty valuable these days I was looking for a book that was fun, easy to pick up, and made me laugh I was thinking something like Belly Laughs or Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy both of which I thought were hilarious and something that everyone could relate to even though McCarthy is a celebrity I found when I was ready her books that I would shake my head, laughing, saying Yes I tot [...]

I had high hopes for this book, as the author is focused on the same stage as my own life I really wanted to relate to her, and have a voice for my experiences However, this author nearly goes out of her way to alienate other new moms with her whining and ridiculous search for sympathy Post partum depression is something I can empathize, but moping around while the nanny cares for your child and taking a 2 month vacation in Maui just makes you look obnoxious.

This book made me laugh, made me panic being pregnant and getting ready for motherhood, myself , made me irritated and well, it made me FEEL Any book that gets my emotions up scores with me I found myself mostly being annoyed with the author She just seemed so spoiled I would love to have a nanny, take two months to spend in Maui with my new baby and take the nanny , and afford an 850 stroller But I m rocking the no nanny, no Maui, cheap ass but safe stroller thing And she complains about all th [...]

Honestly, how can someone with a full time nanny find parenting this difficult

This review appeared in The Peterborough Examiner on March 24, 2007, reprinted from Today s Parent, Special Edition.Wiped Life with a Pint Size Dictator by Rebecca EcklerPaperback 320 pages Publisher Key Porter Books 1 edition Mar 28 2007 ISBN 10 1552638278 ISBN 13 978 1552638279 Review by Ursula Pflug488 wordsRebecca Eckler s new book Wiped Life with a Pint Sized Dictator, brought back vivid memories of having a newborn, including that of going to the bathroom whilst holding a baby I still have [...]

I was looking for a light hearted memoir about life with a baby, filled with funny anecdotes that most of us who d been there could relate to While there are snippets of that, for the most part this author doesn t get it She is a self professed bad mom She complains of life with a new born and her changed figure but has full time nanny care while being home on year long Canadian maternity leave late nights up with the baby are followed by lazy mornings days while the nanny takes care of the baby [...]

Poor, poor new mommy with her rich lawyer fiance and nanny and fancy Maui condo Continued whining from Knocked Up about how fat her ass still is I know PPD is very serious and can hit anyone, no matter how good they have it, but I d love to read a book about a real new mom with real problems A mom with an overdrawn checking account who just realized she s out of diapers whose paycheck just got garnished by the IRS because she can t afford the payments on her back taxes AND daycare I m still in t [...]

I too thought this would be a funny book I was mistaken I was furious that she complained so much about EVERYTHING I stopped reading it and I wish I could have gotten my money back from the book store What a waste of time and money

Okay, I made it 3 pages before I realized she has a nanny, at which point I shut the book I have a hard time reading someone complain about how hard it is to be a mother when said mother has a full time nanny I m sorry, but I am taking care of a 2 week old and a 2 year old, without any help, so I am having a hard time feeling sorry for her Don t waste your time.


This book is an autobiographical look into the first two years of her daughter s life I enjoyed how honest and funny it was She didn t pull her punches She also addresses her post partum depression, which can be so helpful for others who have felt similarly As a mother of two almost three I can really relate to this book.My only two problems with this book are First, there is a lot of cursing This is understandable because it is the unfiltered thoughts and words of someone who curses I, however, [...]

I feel bad saying this, especially since this is a work of non fiction, but the main character just wasn t likeable at all I understand PPD I ve suffered it, I have friends that have suffered it,it s terrible So let me be straight about that But she s just so whiney about everything Every Little Thing And she s so stressed out about taking care of her baby even though they have a nanny 5days a week that basically does everything I don t understand They also have a housekeeper And enough money to [...]

i would have given this book 0 stars if that was possible, because this book is an absolute waste of paper it is a collection of the whiniest, most self centered, self indulgent, selfish reflections on becoming a mother that i ve ever had the displeasure of reading it is hard to believe that this is packaged as a humourous memior, because it is not funny at all when i finished the book, i actually felt sorry for the baby, who has to grow up with such a shallow, vain, ego centric mother.

I read this book during the first few weeks of motherhood I really appreciated Eckler s humorous and honest look at motherhood, and it was very honest she could have easily tried to paint herself in a positive light However, she didn t and what the reader gets as a result is a no holding back account of Eckler s journey from being a spoiled, reluctant mother to someone living with post partum depression, to a woman who would do anything in the best interest of her child This book is a great rea [...]

This book was good but I kept getting aggravated with the author It seemed like she had done no preparation during her pregnancy about what life with kids is like So during the entire book she and her fianc have moments when they have no clue what they should be doing with their baby They seem to be the most unprepared parents on earth Going to the doctor without a diaper bag Not knowing your child is teething I don t have any children but I m an elementary school teacher and have taken care of [...]

This was a quick read to offset all the parenting how to books I ve been browsing There are some really good parts and I liked her honesty about wondering when being a mother would start to be rewarding but I wanted to throttle her when she made all these complaints while having a full time nanny

I found Eckler s view of motherhood highly entertaining and funny I liked her honesty, aspecially about post partum depression On the other hand she had a nanny, cleaning service and vacations that I only dream of It was hard not to find her a tad annoying The humour, though, did make up for the annoying whining Overall, it was a good read and I would recommend it to others.

Pretty cute, it wasn t as good as Knocked Up but it was still interesting I liked the way she wrote and it was quite real even though a lot of what Eckler has most people won t eg Nanny, cleaning service, etc it was a good point of view for the book It was pretty quick to read and I liked that it was done in a diary journal style of writing.

I am all for witty commentary on the day to day life of mothers but this was a bit over the top I thought the main character was selfish, whiny, and immature I just couldn t connect To read her going on and on and on and on you get the picture, right about how terrible motherhood was just not worth my time.

I think I am too far along in motherhood to have appreciated this one This is baby days and when I am reading these kinds of books I like to read them ahead of the age that my daughter is about to turn, kind of like a sneak peek into what to expect I did laugh a bit and of course nod my head in agreement at parts I just like to not think about those days

I m glad this book was a bargain book, I felt it was the rantings of an immature person I could not relate to her or her parenting ways and thoughts, was hoping it would be funny, but only chuckled a couple of times but finished it out of stubbornness I won t be picking up any of this author s books.

Laugh out loud funny in parts Authors semi autobiographical account of the first two years of mother hood Written in diary form it s quirky, funny, candid, a bit cynical in places but worth the read.

thought this was funny and found it by accident I d loved Knocked Up too so was presently surprised to find it Liked that it was Canadian, she was far from perfect and the Cape Breton characters and references were dead on.

I was looking for a light book that would give me a few chuckles and that I could pick up when I had a quite moment , which is not very often these days This book was just that and I enjoyed it very much.

Even though I am personally opposed to almost every parenting choice made by this writer she scheduled a cesarian because she s afraid of childbirth Come on , she is very amusing to read It was a fun, light read.

I really wanted to like this book, but Eckler s spoiled attitude ruined it for me The fact that she couldn t be bothered to heat up frozen homemade baby food Really And the constant complaints about the nanny Ugh Poor little rich girl, boohoohoo.

Although most new moms can t afford to hire a nanny or fly to Hawaii for a few weeks break I found this book to be so entertaining, and I find her honesty about unplanned motherhood interesting hilarious

Had it s funny moments and some insightful questions to which any new mother can relate but Eckler comes across as a bit too self absorbed and whiny for my tastes Perhaps too much of her stream of consciousness and not enough about the Dictator Kind of like reading a journal or blog.

This book was fun and light A perfect read for a new mom with a baby girl who did not like to sleep The story of a mother dealing with new motherhood while trying to keep her pre mama identity A cute perspective, that made me laugh even while sleep deprived.

I liked this book better than the author s first book I think she matured through this book I give her credit for her honesty, I think she writes what many parents are thinking and probably afraid to say for fear of getting judged.

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Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator