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The Plainswoman #(2022)

The Plainswoman

The Plainswoman

  • Title: The Plainswoman
  • Author: Irene Bennett Brown
  • ISBN: 9780786227754
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
The Plainswoman By Irene Bennett Brown,

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The Plainswoman Best Download || [Irene Bennett Brown] - The Plainswoman, The Plainswoman Amity Whitford dared stake her own claim on the plains of western Kansas She built her own homestead with her bare hands and tamed the wild lands Then she set her sights on politics running for elect

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Amy moved out into the plains built her homesteadunusual daring for a woman She wanted to eventually raise cattle She is tortured by an unclear incident in her past as a governess for a little girl She falls in love with Chalk , the local newspaper editor lawyer but hesitates to marry him because she doesn t understand her role in the incident with that girl she feels Chalk should know everything about her if she can first find out for herself She becomes the school superintendent a series of pr [...]

Amity is tossed onto the street because she supposedly committed a crime, of which she has no memory After some struggle, she homesteads in Kansas, and we get a good view of the what a homesteader s life is like The toil, the passion, the gamble, and the relationships among the settlers Irene Bennett Brown is excellent in showing us such frontier life Amity pushes the borders of her station in life by running for school superintendent, traditionally a man s position She has good reason for pursu [...]

This is one book you HAVE TO ADD to your to read list Miss Brown is a spot on writer when it comes to not lacking on details wether historically speaking or making sure you become one with her characters I so loved Amity s strength against so many obstacles , this lady just keeps on truckin She has real fortitude when and where it was needed most.I know you will quickly grow to love her and her story as much as I do

One of the few love stories that didn t go over board with the lovers Plus a minor mystery as Amity tries to remember what happened at her job as a governess while trying to settle a home stead in western Kansas.

  • The Plainswoman Best Download || [Irene Bennett Brown]
    222 Irene Bennett Brown
The Plainswoman