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Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind #(2022)

Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind

Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind

  • Title: Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind
  • Author: James Clavell
  • ISBN: 9780340654163
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind By James Clavell,

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Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind Best Download || [James Clavell] - Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind, Escape The Love Story from Whirlwind The Shah is thrown out of Iran and the nations s turmoil becomes world headlines Caught in this shifting world of fanaticism ambition duplicity heartbreak and violent death are the foreign helicopt

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Bullet Review I FINISHED With it being nearly 600 pages, I am SO PROUD.What a whirlwind Full review to come.Full Review Erikki Yokkonen is a pilot with a S G, a helicopter company working in Iran Azadeh is his wife, the daughter of Abdollah Gorgon Khan, the leader of the Gorgon family and a leader in Iranian Azerbaijan The Iranian Revolution is taking place the Shah has been forced out and Ayatolleh Khomeini is now in power With this, the entire S G operation is at stake also Erikki and Azadeh k [...]

A very interesting Narrative and I really enjoyed it.

This was a re read of a book I first picked up many years ago, when I was ill and bored one weekend, aged 10 It wasn t actually my book it was my father s but back then I had a propensity to grab adult fiction, having exhausted all the children s and teen s books available to me I was gripped by the hard hitting drama and tension of Escape this was an action thriller I had never read the likes of before In recent years I ve seen the book catch a lot of flak for not being as good as Whirlwind Esc [...]

The book is a good read in the first half as the tempo builds.But the ending is like all hindi moviesfairly insipid and hurriedly finished.Like Clavell s style of writing though.

What a huge disappointment This book is quite simply an abridged version of Whirlwind It seems that all Clavell did was pair down the book it was basically scene for scene, word for word identical to Whirlwind I bought both books, as Escape is described as the love story from Whirlwind , so I assumed that it would expand on one of the couples love stories from the preceding book Whirlwind It did not, and I feel ripped off If I could get my money back I would Don t waste your time with this Just [...]

i read only half of it , cuz it became boring , with many details and minor actions written in detail , but i enjoyed very much knowing about this mysterious country iran , very obscure to us in egypt

Escape is billed as the love story from his book Whirlwind James Clavell tells the tender and moving love story of Erikki, the blond Finnish pilot, and his beautiful high born Iranian wife, Azadeh whom he protects with his life and would indeed would give his life for in a second The worldwide oil industry depends on helicopters and Iran and other Middle Eastern companies depend on foreign companies to supply the technology that they lack at home The oil rich Arabs, in this case the Persians Ira [...]

I was confused what I worked out, it happens at the same time as Whirlwind I couldn t relate to characters Not one if his best

I really enjoyed this book It took me a bit to get into it, but once I did it was fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable.

It was basically a condensed version of Whirlwind I would not recommend spending money on it as their is not that much new material in the book.

  • Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind Best Download || [James Clavell]
    103 James Clavell
Escape: The Love Story from Whirlwind