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Feather Boy #(2022)

Feather Boy

Feather Boy

  • Title: Feather Boy
  • Author: Nicky Singer
  • ISBN: 9780007177202
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
Feather Boy By Nicky Singer,

Free Read Feather Boy - by Nicky Singer - Feather Boy, Feather Boy Robert is the class victim the guy who s never picked for the team So no one is surprised than Robert himself when a strange old lady sends him on a quest to solve the mystery of derelict Chance Hous

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This book is one of my absolutes favourites I read 180 pages in one day non stop This book is about a boy who is never picked to any thing He is always last in everything So when Robert goes to The Old Home he is surprised when Mrs sorrel picks him Robert works on project with Mrs Sorrel but Robert mainly does all the work as Mrs Sorrel gets ill This is brief review as I don t want to spoil it so all in all I loved this book so much I also recommend it for all my friends

As often with books I buy second hand for really cheap, I didn t know anything at all about this book I was convinced to buy it when I saw it got the book of the year and Book I couldn t put down awards in the Blue Peter Awards and that it had been reedited in the Essential Modern Classics collection Very naturally, this book tempted me even though I didn t know what it was about We follow the little Robert Nobel, a 12 year old student who doesn t really have any friends His class is involved in [...]

Robert Nobel is the type of kid most of us were in school, not picked first for sports, dorky, but with a sense of humor Feather Boy by Nicky Singer is Robert s story of coming of age Robert s class is asked to participate in a project where they are paired with an old geezer, and must connect the past with the present Robert is pair with a woman who tells him, You look like a boy who could fly if he wanted to He gets fairly obsessed with the Elders project.Read the rest of my review here

Reason for Reading I was immediately drawn to the story involving a derelict house and a mystery surrounding it Then I noted the book had been published under the Essential Modern Classics list This is a list of books chosen by the publisher s UK house and is a collection of outstanding books for children From looking at the titles I d say the age range varies anywhere from 8 to 15 Four new titles are to be published in 2010 under the Essential Modern Classics list and I think the authors chosen [...]

When i was younger at school this was a novel that was part of my studies and i was so thankful to my current English Literature teacher at the time, because it was one of those books that really had an impact on myself as an avid reader I found myself really able to relate to Nicky Singer s main charicter in how they were feeling and their thoughts and emotions because i was also of a similar age and understanding The writer had got it spot on for children of a certain age to be able to read th [...]

Feather Boy depicts the type of boy who everyone knows remembers from childhood the one who could not be accepted, who seemed to be funny looking and who was persecuted in some way, shape or form The description of Robert matches the feat he must accomplish at this point in his life Feather Boy is a beautifully written story about elders and youth, about commitment, about beliefs, about life and death.This is the type of book I would wish most YAs would read and find intriguing, but I also think [...]

New favourite book Absolutely loved it, extremely well written and a book I literally could not put down It was so well written, that I could really feel the emotions, I could feel it being expressed so well that I started to take the book much too seriously and acted as if it were real Loved it, I think it would deserve than 5 stars, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant Too good for words.

Nearly a 5 It is a Young Adult book, but the story is excellent It covers some typical growing up issues bullying, parent separation, identity etc but all wrapped up in a great story and it is quite emotional I liked the characters, particularly the main character At times it is slightly cliche but this does not detract from the story, messages and emotion I would recommend this book.

Beautifully told, by a true storyteller I love the way that the concept of storytelling, growing up, growing old, life, change, urban myth and connecting come together to mold Robert into a boy who can fly, who ultimately makes a difference in the lives of those he cares about.Surprising, intriguing, touching.Ages 12

An impulse buy at a train station in London has turned out to be a lifelong favorite Nicky Singer s story of loss, friendship, and overcoming ostracism is profoundly memorable.

It is absolute madness But the key question is why Edith Sorrel wants Robert to check Chance House

a boy named Robert Nobel, aged 12 was selected to participate in the Elders Project, where selected children visit Mayfield Rest Rome, to find out about the elderly residents and interact with them Robert assigned resident was named Edith sorrel he found out about her past and how she had a divorced husband that often came to visit she she had a son also that had died the same age as Robert and in the place where Robert most dreaded visiting he went on a quest to solve the mystery and find Edith [...]

Feather Boy by Nicky Singer centres around Robert Nobel, a quiet, sensitive and reserved boy who is still coming to terms with his parents divorce He is also the main target of Johnathan Niker, the class bully.When Robert begins a class project at the Mayfeild Rest Home, he meets Edith Sorrel Edith has a deep secret within her past, which she has hidden from everyone, until she meets Robert As the two begin to connect, Robert begins to realize he can do anything even go to the Top Floor Flat at [...]

Quite easily one of my favourite books ever, and my favourite stand alone book This book is filled with some many great messages for children as well as many sub plots that all add up to the big picture The story certainly darkens the deeper you venture into Chance House and the novel Without spoiling too much, the Fire bird legend was my favourite part of the story and leads to the best sub plot in the book, in my opinion.I first read the book when I was 13 years old for my English class and in [...]

I loved this book I picked up Feather Boy based on a discussion had during a Children s Literature class regarding censorship, where FB was used as an example of a book that was questioned for publication in the U.S It angered me then and it angers me now, because the scene in question the Grape Incident is such a small portion of the book Singer has written an engaging tale weaving together myth, elder child relationships, fr enemies, and self discovery She created a thoroughly creepy atmospher [...]

I first read this novel when I was ten or eleven and it s one of my absolute favourites that I read as a kid I read so many books in my childhood and I can t say that I aimed for quality, it was to just pass the time that very few of them have stuck with me until this day This one, however, really stood out and it was just as good when I read it five years ago again.I was very much impressed as a kid by this book and by the realisation of what reading can be at its best and how much of an impac [...]

Oh.This one is emotional It reminded me of A Monster Calls it s about grief, and life, and making sense of it inside your head It s also about stories, and how they can overwhelm you, particularly if you have OCD or similar If I do this, that ll happen I know the feeling of getting so wrapped up in a routine or a project that I can t deal with it being interrupted.This book is a little young for me, perhaps it s aimed at readers of around 12 But it s a story that has plenty of meaning for anyone [...]

I m 18 now and I read this book when I studied it at school when I was around 11 years old, so you can understand that I don t really remember the story I got rid of it and bought it a few months ago when I started buying books I read as a child, for memories Anyway, I remember really enjoying this book I could relate to the main character despite the fact that he s a boy and I m a girl because he s bullied and I was being bullied at the time One thing I d like to warn you about though, is that [...]

A lovely story How many young people lack confidence in themselves and, as a result, end up being bullied Wouldn t it be great to find the person inside you and be able to stand up to the world on your own terms In Feather Boy Robert is this young person who, through a class project involving the local care home, finds the spark within himself, uncovers the truth about a yarn his elderly resident tells him and manages to ease the passage of her life through the cancer she has The process of maki [...]

This was the second time I read this, and I still enjoyed it just as much The suspense is gripping, the characters relatable and highly realistic, and the ending heart breaking and happy all at once I went through so many different emotions in this unease, sadness, sympathy, fear, horror and marginal joy Told by a boy who something of an odd one , this is a really moving, really dramatic, really suspensful book, and one I highly recommend.

ITS SO BEAUTIFUL and I cried and it s one of my all time FAVOURITES Read it if you are looking for a very nice story that will leave with a feeling of awe after you ve finished it It has alot of nice messages and life lessons and is perfect for any age, the characters are relatable and again it s a REALLY great story

Ecco cos l a Lasciar volare coloro che ami Le pagine conclusive le ho scorse con occhi velati da dolci lacrime Gocce di pianto che scendono sulle mie guance mentre penso, pochi minuti dopo l aver ultimato il libro, che nessuna parola pu illustrare quello che provo Limpido, naturale e autentico Leggetelo.

Read it for class I came across an excerpt in an English lesson, and found it quite intriguing, so I picked up the book I loved the plasticity of it, the pain of an adolescent boy, set off by the dramatic encounter with an elderly lady in an old folks home The suspense kept me going to the end Difficult to put down.

It s a great book When I first saw it I didn t expect it to be like this when you think of Feather Boy you would think of something else but it was a great story I liked the book overall Never expected some things to happen and other s felt like cliche I liked the book once again to end.

awsome book it s about a little boy went on a adventurre for a old lady and was force to do things that he actullly don t want to do ,at last he found a jacket of feather and know that jacket was the granny s life read this book to know the ending

I came across this book looking for birthday gift for a cherished niece 12 years old I try to read every book I gift I still like juvenile fiction occasionally and I enjoyed this story, I even felt that emotional rush you get at the crescendo of a good book.

The class scapegoat discovers courage when he meets an elder in a class project and helps her in a mystical quest.

just love it

I really enjoyed this book An easy read with humour about a young boy who learns about himself through helping others Contains bullying themes and friendship.

this book is amazing and really interesting to read

  • Free Read Feather Boy - by Nicky Singer
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Feather Boy