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The King's Pleasure #(2022)

The King's Pleasure

The King's Pleasure

  • Title: The King's Pleasure
  • Author: Norah Lofts
  • ISBN: 9780752439464
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
The King's Pleasure By Norah Lofts,

↠ The King's Pleasure Û Norah Lofts - The King's Pleasure, The King s Pleasure Katharine of Aragon was a proud Spanish beauty who became Queen of England From the moment of Katharine s betrothal to Arthur Prince of Wales she looked upon herself as the future Queen of England A

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Good, solid, factual historical fiction concerning the King s Great Matter Early glimpses into Katharine s life build the foundation for her later actions, and Henry is correctly portrayed unlike many fictions I ve seen Sandra Worth Sandra Worth Sandra Worth as being stubborn and conceited, but ultimately generous, in youth, and only beginning his descent into paranoid and disgruntled at middle age.

I thought I had several of Ms Lofts books on my shelves but this turned out to be the only one I vowed I would finally read one of hers, thanks to G reads friend Autumn, so here I go So far it s pretty standard stuff The prose is serviceable and easy to stay with Didn t get to read much yesterday what with the NFL and a six hour work shift and an hour of driving One of the things I appreciate about good hi fi is how an author can inform the reader of lives in different times and still stay focus [...]

I really enjoyed this I read the Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory some time ago, and I thought this one was much better Whether fiction or fact, Lofts had a lot of interesting anecdotes about Katherine of Aragon Everyone is most familiar with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII second wife because of her rise and fall from glory in a violent manner I think Katherine s story is often portrayed as the whiney wife who would not move out of the way for the new mistress of her greedy selfish husband In real [...]

This novel is a look at Katherine of Aragon, a person to which I ve given little thought since high school history classes I was surprised how interested I became in her story.The title may suggest that it, like other books of it s kind, concentrates on the scandalous and tawdry aspects of King Henry s dealings with his first two wives Although Henry s obsession and marriage to Anne Boleyn is included, the story almost entirely focuses on Katerine and her battle to uphold the legitimacy of her [...]

I love novels about historical figures and this is one of my favorite books It s a fascinating look at Katherine of Aragon, wife to Henry VIII, who was cast aside in favor of Anne Boleyn Katherine responds with amazing grace and dignity She is a woman to be admired.

I have read this book several times like all my books by Norah Lofts.

I am completley fascinated like so many with the Tudor Era Perhaps than any other epoch in English history, we come across a vastly populated and interesting world Although this is a rather old book, it reads well gives lots of historical and background data, and portraying the main characters, overall, in a symptahetic light.My sympathies have long been with Katherine of Aragon although for what it s worth, I m inclined to be in the camp who believe her marriage with Arthur to have been consum [...]

I read this many years ago in the hardcover version and it still remains one of my favorite books I love the story of Katherine of Aragon The portrayal of King Henry VIII shows his gluttony in every aspect of his life.

This story was so familiar to me from so many different sourcesA Man for All Seasons, Anne of a Thousand Days, and Shakespeare s Henry VIIIbut I still learned much about Katherine of Aragond the people who loved her It ends with her death.

This is a historical novel about some of my favorite figures to read about, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn I ve read a lot of books about this Lofts focused on Katherine, Henry s first wife who failed to give him a living male heir causing him to separate from her and the Catholic Church Lofts attributed Katherine s immobility on the question of the validity of the marriage and her unwillingness to really fight Henry on it to her great love for Henry I liked parts but it was told in 3rd person and j [...]

Katherine of Aragon is marries young Prince Arthurt to be the new Princess of Wales but tragedy strikes leaving her a widow shortly afterwards She finally marries his younger brother Henry, who becomes King Henry VIII when he is 17.Years of happy marriage follow,despite the constant pain of stillborn births,miscarriages and dying babies.Even the birth of their daughter Mary cannot satisfy the King,who in his quest for a son decides to divorce Katherine to marry his mistress Anne Boleyn.Katherine [...]

3.75 starsKatharine of Aragon came to England from Spain to wed Henry VII s oldest son, Arthur Arthur died only months into the marriage, and a few years later, she married Arthur s younger brother, Henry They were married about 20 years and had one living daughter, Mary, before he set her aside to marry Anne Boleyn This is Katharine s story It was quite good As far as I know, I think that the author pretty much stuck to what really happened While I was reading, it seemed that the time it took f [...]

Review I was slightly disappointed with Norah Lofts s novel The King s Pleasure I felt that it dealt with the emotions well enough, but that Anne Boleyn seemed like a far away figure, and although the novel is based around Katherine they were both at court at the same time and Anne served Katherine, though they don t seem to have any contact It just seemed unreal at times In examining the people and personalities involved it was lacking For example, Maria de Salinas Lady Willoughby, although I p [...]

The writing takes a while to warm up, but once it does Wow Up against some very stiff competition I now rank this as the best version of Catherine of Aragon I would be willing to give this book 5 stars based on 3 pages alone where Norah Lofts captures Catharine going from a state of nirvana level happiness to a level of despair that s worse than death, showing what Catherine went through in an amazing microcosm But, not only that, Norah Lofts captures not just the character of the Queen, but als [...]

While the title indicated that this would be a terrible travesty of a book it was interestingly dreadful in an entirely unexpected way Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIIIs first wife, is always provided a passive victims role and so I found the premise of reading a book from her point of view intriguing Ah but it is a boring dull story leached of any warmth or humanity or interest Without these virtues I could not bring myself too care her obstinacy just seemed another irritating trait amongst many. [...]

I liked it, and then I didn t This is the story of Katharine of Aragon one of the many spellings I really really really wish Lofts didn t use such heavyhanded foreshadowing like saying things like, But Prince Philip of Spain wasn t born yet, so it NO I know this book was written in the 1950s, but so was Katherine, Anya Seton s novel of the English Royalty And that was far, far interesting and imaginative than this retelling of Katherine s saga.If you really want a good historical novel on Kathe [...]

This book is centered on the Life of Katharine of Aragon mostly after she is put aside by King Henry the VIII It is a fascinating story as most books just say she is put aside and move on to Anne Boleyn The book was written in 1969 and I found the language structure did not flow easily and many times I had to re read a sentence a couple of times for it to make sense.

an interesting one a bit typical and outdated catherine of aragon was a saint, anne boleyn was an evil, ugly social climber , but still a good read, from a perspective you dont often get usually these books are written from elizabeth, anne boleyn, or an outsiders point of view interesting to hear catherine s voice.

A fascinating, altogether excellent read Anyone interested in Henry VIII s first marriage should not miss this It s beautifully written, a wonderfully rendered story packed with accurate detail Katherine of Aragon was a courageous, brave, faithful woman truly inspiring One can only imagine what she could have gone on to be had she produced a male heir for the king Great reading.

very good telling the story of Katharine s early years in Spain and also of the early years of her marriage to Arthur and in due course to Henry I felt it became too bogged down with detail of the divorce proceedings and too depressing so have left it for time being.y go back to it, which is a shame as I have always been interested in Katharine as an individual.

This is only the second novel I ve read that s fully about Katherine of Aragon, so I wasn t sure if her life would be interesting enough to carry the book But I ended up really enjoying it The writing was very vivid and descriptive.

3.5 I really liked the first part of this, and the last part, but I got a little bored with the middle It s an interesting perspective on Henry VIII s first marriage, and his reign in general, through the eyes of Katherine.

For a review please see my blog theidlewoman 2016 07 20 t

it wasn t bad it wasn t really memorable It was well written and a good story.

Very competent book about catherine of Aragon life.

Well written historical fiction of Katherine of Aragon Loved reading it.

I read this a while ago and re read it recently Maybe because I know the story so well, it dragged and seemed ponderous.

Also found this one to be way too dry

It was okay, but didn t contain anything that I haven t read before.

It was interesting to read the story of Katherine of Aragon from a different author s perspective Still, I would have to say that I liked Philippa Gregory s novel better moved quicker.

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The King's Pleasure