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Lost Boys #(2021)

Lost Boys

Lost Boys

  • Title: Lost Boys
  • Author: Orson Scott Card
  • ISBN: 9780061091315
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
Lost Boys By Orson Scott Card,

Unlimited Lost Boys - by Orson Scott Card - Lost Boys, Lost Boys For Step Fletcher his pregnant wife DeAnne and their three children the move to tiny Steuben North Carolina offers new hope and a new beginning But from the first eight year old Stevie s life th

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Lost Boys is by far the slowest paced horror novel I ve ever read.I don t know why everyone said this story was so emotional The only emotion I experienced was boredom.I d recommend Ender s Game over this any day of the week Lost Boys Pass.

This is an odd bookIt doesn t really seem to be about anything in particular until you get to the very end, but it s also somehow a very gripping page turner For most of the book, it s just about a bunch of random, disconnected stuff that happens to this family, but Card makes the family so real and lovable partly because a lot of it is very autobiographical , that you just have to keep reading And then the ending comes along and stomps you right in the gut with steel toed boots.

I generally like Card s work despite being uncomfortable with some of the opinions he has espoused outside his fiction , and I loved the short story on which this book was based, but the novel, alas, utterly failed.The short story was told in the first person, with the main character going by Card s name and most of the family members accurate to his family That story is about a son who grows increasingly distant from his over busy parents the first person father and his wife while we hear as as [...]

As far as Mormon authors go, Orson Scott Card is by far the best That in itself doesn t say a whole lot, since he is the only one I can stand This one is pretty different from his other books not much of a sci fi aspect to it, and not a religious book either, though the family the book is about is Mormon It s a very compelling read though, and be prepared to not be able to put it down Also be prepared to cry your guts out I finished this book during the middle of a workday because I just had to [...]

I bought this book second hand in hardback, without a book jacket I read it blind, completely ignorant of what it would be about After seeing the title, I just sort of crossed my fingers and hoped it wasn t about vampires It wasn t.I must say, I was absolutely captivated by the story of this family I loved it Orson Scott Card has a way of well, saying a way of humanizing 10 year old kids would sound all kinds of wrong but I what I mean to say is that he has a way of elevating his child character [...]

For some reason I m rereading this book At one point this was my favourite Orson Scott Card book but I m noticing tons of problems.Orson Scott Card constantly switches from third person to first person and it s extremely annoying Characters instead of asking other characters what is wrong make assumptions.The worse crime is what is going on with the son is extremely interesting, but OSC chooses to focus on the mundane details of Step s job You don t even get to find out what is going on until th [...]

So let s say you ve read the stuff Orson Scott Card is most known for You ve gone through the Ender saga, you ve read it s companion storyline the Shadow saga, and maybe you ve even read some books from the Homecoming saga, the Worthing series, and the Alvin Maker story Let s say you re looking for something else to read from Mr Card Give Lost Boys a try I did And I fell in love with the story and the lost boys But first, a caveat, if I may Lost Boys is not for everyone It s slow moving It s set [...]

I have strong mixed emotions about this book On the one hand, I enjoyed Card s writing style, his character development, and the twists in the plot I also enjoyed seeing regular, everyday Mormons and their day to day lifestyle being portrayed favorably in a mainstream novel On the other hand, the very subject of the book, child abduction and murder, plus the gut wrenching, parents worst nightmare ending, gave me nightmares I also thought the end was cheesy in addition to being tragic The novel a [...]

For my wonderful LDS friends out there Orson Scott Card may be a member of the LDS church, and I understand that he has written some very compelling apologetics for the same however, this does not, in any way, mean his fiction is something that you would enjoy Let me begin by saying that I felt the book was very well written, and that Card is able to create some very realistic characters throughout the story In the end, though, it was just too creepy, and if you have children or have any strong [...]

Lost Boys has just enough surrealism in it to make it slightly creepy, but at the same time it is completely believable The depiction of family life is warm and real and sometimes quite funny, as in the first chapter when the two year old throws up all over the car This is definitely something every parent can relate to The story s believability serves to make the end even shocking, and terribly poignant I learned a lot about the Mormon faith from reading it as well Peopled with various odd cha [...]

At the writing workshop I attended, Orson Scott Card said that Lost Boys was his most autobiographical novel He also mentioned that he deeply regretted putting a prologue in this book, and recommended skipping it I skipped it and then read it afterwards and I agree His regret and description made me curious enough to buy the book and then read it.It s been a long time since I read a book that I really wanted to get back to a finish reading quickly The relationship between the husband and wife is [...]

Orson Scott Card is quite a prolific author, and despite his position as a fixture in science fiction world, many of his novels transcend that genre Lost Boys is an unusual little book well outside of the Sci Fi genre As it was put in another review I read, nothing really happens in Lost Boys until the end, but despite that, it s a thoroughly gripping read right from the very beginning It s difficult to discuss the plot of this book without giving away too much, but the story follows a young fam [...]

When I found Lost Boys on the shelf at the library, the synopsis on the back of the book was intriguing enough that I decided I was willing to try one of Card s non Ender novels The book s plot summary gives a creepy description of a child s imaginary friends and vague promises of terror and evil I haven t done a good horror novel in a while, so I was looking forward to reading it.Except it s not really a horror novel For about 500 pages, it s really just about a family I read about their move t [...]

This book is the first of only two horror novels I ve ever read I don t count the audiobook presentation of Stephen King s The Mist I heard in jr high , and it is definitely the best that s not a knock at the other one at all, though Card throws a very unique and interesting twist into the mix by creating a Mormon a.k.a LDS family for use as main characters He manages to treat Mormon doctrine pretty fairly without getting the slightest bit preachy, but Lost Boys is hardly a novel about the Mormo [...]

I wasn t a big fan of Lost Boys, even though I seem to love everything OSC writes.The family unit in this story is strong After I while, I just wanted to scream at the book I get it This is a strong family Can we move on with the story, please I understood the family dynamic after the introductory car ride, but I had to sit through DOZENS of small and sometimes large arguments or conflicts, with the same result a strong, reasonable family decision It got to the point where I couldn t understand [...]

What a horribly written book The back cover says, As Stevie retreats into himself, focusing and on a mysterious computer game and a growing troop of imaginary friends, the Fletchers concern turns to terrorAnd as evil strikes out from the most trusted corners, it s suddenly clear Stevie s next on the list However, for 400 pages NOTHING HAPPENS Oh sure, we get Card belabouring the reader with the point that Mormons are average Joes just trying to have a job and raise their kids and be a part of [...]

I was wondering when the story was going to get to the scary part I was wondering when the story would actually change from a Mormon commentary I was wondering what the twist would be Now I m just wondering why I read that book I loved the other stuff I ve read by Card He is an amazing author, but honestly, this book was one thing, and that one thing was depressing This book made me want to cry not a good cry, just a i want to clean my brain out from ever reading this Honestly, a book should lea [...]

I had some friends who raved about Card s science fiction, which I ve never yet picked up, but instead, I read this book I have never had a book hit me with such completely contradictory feelings On the one hand, I found the main character s description of everyday life in the Mormon church, how it worked, and the movement of the plot, all to be interesting, much so than I would have imagined On the other hand, the delving into child molesting and murder was so upsetting that I had to force mys [...]

Orson Scott Card has rarely delved into horror among his work, the only three vaguely horror novels are this one, Homebody, and Treasure Box Of these three, Lost Boys was the first, and almost certainly the best.Other reviewers have often commented that Card s work lacks in specificity Card has displayed impressive prowess with things like genetics such as in Wyrms and Treason , but otherwise he s refrained from engaging in detailed depictions of his science throughout most of his work Lost Boys [...]

I love most of what Orson Scott Card writes, despite my repulsion towards several of his personal beliefs and quotations However, this one really tested my waters than his sci fi works It was interesting to learn about how Mormons live day to day, but extremely frustrating how every part of the book was laced with religion and every choice every person made was motivated by religion Also, I became annoyed pretty quickly at the fights between the husband and wife Maybe this is because I was lis [...]

Orson Scott Card is a fabulous storyteller I can t pinpoint what it is, but he has a way of writing that draws you in, tells a story that moves, and doesn t let you go until the end I absolutely loved this story, especially the way he writes about the lives of this Mormon family This book is in no way LDS fiction I m not a fan , but he writes about Mormonism that presents it in it s reality in my opinion Card depicts real life real people with real struggles, and there s no glossing over the ugl [...]

This is one of the Mormon books by Orson Scott Card That is the reason I picked it up as I wanted to get myself acquainted with this side of his talent.It is a strange book, with an element of mysticism which I am not often in favour of , but it certainly works The closer to the end the heart wrenching it becomes.The details of Mormon family and comminity life are interesting and thought provoking.For those interested in what are Card s books like, apart from the Ender series, this is quite rec [...]

I listened to the audio version of this book Read by Stefan Rudnicki, who reads a lot of Orson Scott Card audio books I also recently finished listening to The Lost Gate Rudnicki does a good job with the characters and emotions.Quick overview Step Fletcher moves his family to Stuben, North Carolina in early 1983 to join Eight Bit as a manual writer for their computer programs, even though he is a successful software developer himself, having written a popular game HackerSnack His pregnant wife D [...]

The Short of It A touching, moving, all around great read A perfect package.The Rest of It Set in the early 80 s, Step Fletcher and his wife DeAnne move to Steuben, North Carolina to begin his new job as a technical writer With them, are their three kids, Stevie 7 , Robbie 4 and their toddler sister Elizabeth DeAnne and Step are expecting baby number four and life looks promising Except, that the job isn t all that it s cracked up to be, and Step s real passion is designing video games Having pr [...]

This is my first review on It s also my first book review ever Actually, for full disclosure I may have completed a book review assignment in second grade, but I m almost certain that it has no bearing on my current review efforts First off, I m a huge fan of Orson Scott Card s books I have read Ender s Shadow 40 times, and would give both of my pinky fingers to be able to write like him I like my thumbs, though I wouldn t give my thumbs they re so useful.Having said that, something prevented me [...]

Wow This book was amazing, and nothing like I expected It made mecry and disturbed me, but I also found it beautiful and touching.The book is about a young Mormon family that moves from Indiana to atown in North Carolina Step, the father, is a software developer Hiswife, DeAnne, is a stay at home mom They have three children, Stevie age 7 , Robbie age 4 , and Elizabeth age 2 , with another baby onthe way Stevie has trouble adjusting, and has a teacher that is quitecruel to him Soon, he begins ta [...]

Orson Scott Card You little fink.I always have a hard time with Card because I want to like his stories But he has a way of writing that makes the uncomfortable turn yucky and the odd turn yucky I don t know why It s not like he writes filth He just takes honesty one step too far into weird I don t know how else to say it You know, that awkward friend everyone has that ruins the joke by taking it one step too far This book was odd I am a Mormon, so I understand his Mormon references, but I think [...]

Throughout this whole book, I knew OSC was playing with me And yet the brilliance of it is that I was completely enthralled about it.This book starts out very creepy, and you already know what s coming And then for almost the whole rest of the book, I was completely on edge Even though I had read the other reviews that said the plot happens at the end The whole time, OSC is spinning this magnificent web of suspense, filled with his beautiful characterizations okay, I have to gush here the charac [...]

I did not really care for this book at all The mystery of the lost boys and Stevie s connection with them was not what this book was about in fact it was barely mentioned at all until the last chapter The whole book was pretty much about day to day life of a mormon family Dad hates his job and is always being either rude or sarcastic to anyone he feels better than, mom is busy doing church work and along the way they run into some weird people who have nothing at all to do with the mystery of th [...]

WAY too much mormonism in this one The story was ok and I still like his writing, but the preachy elements started to overwhelm any enjoyment of the book Near the beginning, it was mildly entertaining to see how their version of the church works, but that got old FAST I totally agreed with the analyst s interpretation of religion and its effect on the kid so much so that I was laughing as she delivered this to Step I knew where he was going with this, but still found it hilarious Barely a 2 star [...]

  • Unlimited Lost Boys - by Orson Scott Card
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Lost Boys