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Stardust Dreams #(2021)

Stardust Dreams

Stardust Dreams

  • Title: Stardust Dreams
  • Author: Marilyn Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780451404138
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Stardust Dreams By Marilyn Campbell,

[PDF] Stardust Dreams | by ☆ Marilyn Campbell - Stardust Dreams, Stardust Dreams She was an actress in an alien fantasy theme park in Innerworld He was a sensual rogue space tracker When she witnesses a murder the pirate kidnaps her for her own protection Thrown together in a swe

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I really enjoyed this book It has adventure, sex, different planets and aliens.Enjoy

I was given this book free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest review.I loved this book I ve not been reading paranormal, fantasy romances for long so this is all new to me I always read just romances but now I ve got a Tate for fantasy paranormal I can t get enough Gallant is a brilliant character with so many layers he s great Cherry sees an incident while playing her acting role which leads Gallant to take her as a guest until he can find out some information [...]

Interesting paranormal romance read I received a copy from eBook Discovery and voluntarily review it Gallant is an agent following tracks of a witness that is murdered after he whispers his last words to Cherry, a cheerful actress who works for other s fantasies come true Under the excuse of protection, Gallant kidnaps Cherry, determined to pry out of her what the witness had told her But Cherry does not trust him and is really annoyed to be taken out of the Innerworld at a time when she should [...]

synopsis cherry was an actor in the innerworld world gallant was on the trail of a witness when the being that gallant is tracking is killed, and gallant sees him speak his final word to cherry, gallant kidnaps her and takes her off planet for her own protectiond so that he can find out what the man said to her as their travels take them deeper and deeper into space, with no return in sight, gallant and cherry get on each others nerves, and rev up their libidoes what i liked the world building, [...]

First off, the girl on the cover looks familiar Second off, the description of the H had me picturing at various times George Hambleton in Love at First Bite Or a character out of Carpe Jugulum Pratchett Yeah he sounded like a vampirate.This was actually pretty entertaining The h was not happy at being kidnapped, and the H unlike those goody two shoes Noronians was amazingly human, in an alien sort of way Sparks flew regularly The plot well, a wild goose chase is a pretty good description Heck, [...]

  • [PDF] Stardust Dreams | by ☆ Marilyn Campbell
    359 Marilyn Campbell
Stardust Dreams