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The Bunjee Venture #(2022)

The Bunjee Venture

The Bunjee Venture

  • Title: The Bunjee Venture
  • Author: StanMcMurtry
  • ISBN: 9780590403962
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
The Bunjee Venture By StanMcMurtry,

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Ah, the Internet It s like a big, barky tree to an itchy bear You know, if you go back in time just a few years ago, we wouldn t have this wonderful resource and I wouldn t have been able to scratch all these itches I first read the Bunjee Venture when I was 8 years old It might be the most beloved book of my childhood, and unlike many of those memories, this one holds up McMurtry tells a wonderful adventure, and it s a shame he never wrote anything else Somewhere along the line I lost my copy W [...]

A fun time travel adventure for kids An old favourite of my husbands, he said I should read it It s an action packed tale full of prehistoric animals and plants, and the mysterious Bunjee an animal with suckers for feet and an inflating trunk to fly Great book that any kids will enjoy.

I adored this book as a kid It was so much fun to read, since the Bunjee puts no spaces between his words A grand adventure to an 8 year old.

I remembered this from an ABC afterschool special, the Great Bunjee Venture When I saw this, I had to pick it up Unfortunately it s average Not bad, not good.The father of two children invents a time machine, which of course, blows up and strands him back in time His two children rebuild it to find him, and then encounter a Bunjee, a woolly mammoth like thing with suction cups for feet, a love of eggs, and THATTALKSLIKETHIS The three deal with man eating plants, pteranosaurs, and other things ba [...]

One of the first books which ever made me laugh completely helplessly I remember chasing down my siblings then probably two and five and insisting they listen to me read it aloud, but I could never make it through than three or four sentences without collapsing into hysteria I re read it many times as a kid before losing it in, I think, our first interstate move, but I can t bear the probability of ruining my memories by re reading it as an adult.

A read aloud story for me now First read as a kid, then read over and over again Story of two kids who go back to dinosaur era to rescue their dad Amidst all the expected too big and scary stuff, there is a hilarious, friendly, hairy mammoth type creature that is extremely intelligent, can float by puffing up its trunk, and climbs cliff faces with its suction cup feet My kids love it too.

I was mad about the Bunjee TV series as a kid Imagine my delight when I found the book, so many years after watching it Didn t quite make up for wanting to see the TV series again, but still brought back lovely memories.

This was one of my fav books as a kid Have been trying to find a copy for my son as he loves reading The cartoon series did no justice for this great kids adventure book Recommend to any kid.

Loved reading this book with the kiddos They laughed and laughed

a kid s book, but one of my favorites of all time from childhood Featuring time travel, family ties, prehistoric maneating plants, and a great woolly mammoth like creature who can speak

I read this in 4th grade It was a Christmas present from my teacher Awesome Book

Two kids travel back in time to find their father, who has invented a time machine that really works They meet Bunjee, a long extinct creature Loved this one

i was read this by my teacher when i was about 10 years old, i remember it very fondly and couldnt wait for story time a must goodnight read for children, just a little each night

Painful Unless you enjoy random nonsensical ramblings Perfect for a five year old.

I give this 5 stars because I remember being gaga for it when I was a kid.

  • [PDF] The Bunjee Venture | by ò StanMcMurtry
    100 StanMcMurtry
The Bunjee Venture