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A Pale View of Hills #(2022)

A Pale View of Hills

A Pale View of Hills

  • Title: A Pale View of Hills
  • Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
  • ISBN: 9780679722670
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
A Pale View of Hills By Kazuo Ishiguro,

↠ A Pale View of Hills ☆ Kazuo Ishiguro - A Pale View of Hills, A Pale View of Hills The story of Etsuko a Japanese woman now living alone in England dwelling on the recent suicide of her daughter In a story where past and present confuse she relives scenes of Japan s devastation i

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This is a beautiful novel that calls for patient and careful reading I admire the way it s constructed The cares and concerns of three pairs of mothers and daughters are refracted off one another The first two pair live near a resurgent Nagasaki sometime toward the end of the American Occupation of Japan, about 1951 52 Here the pregnant Etsuko, who narrates, lives with her husband Jiro, in a new concrete residential building along the river From her window, across a stretch of wasteland, Etsuko [...]

Every once in a while, a book surprises you on the way to its ending After the first few pages of this book, I figured I knew what to expect a well written realist novel about a displaced Japanese woman in England who reminisces about her youth while contemplating the choices her children have made And for most of the book, that impression is borne out It nicely describes the two countries, how people act and react, and what life has been like for this character throughout her time in both place [...]

This book was so creepy and confusing that I opted to read it again Not just because it is short, but because it is well written and it weaves a very intriguing mystery Our narrator Etsuko s oldest daughter recently hung herself in her apartment Nikki, Etsuko s daughter with her second husband, visits Etsuko at her home and Etsuko recounts to her a brief friendship she had with a single mom named Sachiko back when she still lived in Nagasaki I believe that Etsuko is an unreliable narrator and sh [...]

I have a friend here on who reads the books of the authors he fancies chronologically I admire his tenacity and discipline Even if I have all the author s works in my bookshelves, I still always pick first his most famous work My reason is that if I die soon, at least, I ve already read the author s masterpiece.I think I liked Ishiguro s The Remains of the Day 4 stars and Never Let Me Go 4 stars that almost all of his other works seem to be mediocre It s like that I ve fallen in love with a beau [...]

Surprise, surprise The brilliant mind that concocted Never Let Me Go which is, by the way, indubitably on my top ten list first brought this masterpiece to a readership whose last brush with this is no exaggeration PERFECTION was reading Mr Graham Greene The Quiet American The novel is tight, 75% dialogue, exquisitely concise, devoid of flowery sentences descriptions, no bullshit and beautiful Ishiguro is a n enviable genius, a poet, one capable of expelling tears and tugging at heartstrings Now [...]

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Cooooooool Gro britannien in den Achtizgern Seitdem die Japanerin Etsuko Japan mit ihrem inzwischen verstorbenen britischen Ehemann Japan verlassen hat, lebt sie in England Sie bekommt Besuch von ihrer gemeinsamen j ngeren Tochter Niki Die ltere Tochter Keiko, die aus einer fr heren Beziehung mit einem Japaner stammt, hat sich k rzlich das Leben genommen Vor dem Eindruck ihres Todes und des Besuchs ihrer Schwester beginnt Etsuko, sich an ihre Zeit in Japan zu erinnern.Damals kam das von der Atom [...]

Ishiguro s Japan is located on the same planet as Kafka s Amerika, a place where the imaginary masks and unmasks the real, just like the two women in this astonishing novel

My first Ishiguro This is such a quaint and quiet novel Inane to the point of enjoyability I look forward to monotony.

On the surface, Ishiguro s characters are in control They have repressed their emotions and unknowingly in that attempt, prolonged the process of healing after loss The war has left them numb and bereaved of loved ones And in this remarkable debut, we listen to one of these survivors.Etsuko s daughter hanged herself in England Etsuko, our leading character is somewhat in denial, but nevertheless means to develop intimacy with grief, with her old wounds Through her recollections, we go back to a [...]

4.5 5The English are fond of their idea that our race has an instinct for suicide, as if further explanations are unnecessary for that was all they reported, that she was Japanese and that she had hung herself in her room.I had forgotten what an Ishiguro novel is like Of course, it is customary to treat first works as trial runs in the vein of Icarus, so I wasn t expecting another The Remains of the Day or Never Let Me Go While my star rating for this doesn t match up to the other two, it is my [...]

I m Japanese and I have read many books about WW2 so far However, I haven t read a book like this one before one that follows the life of people AFTER WW2.Overall it was a wonderful book, beautiful, mysterious and intriguing The plot itself isn t too complicated either a Japanese woman called Sachiko is dwelling on her old memories in Nagasaki after her daughter commits suicide The story goes back and forth between then and now , but that doesn t get too complicated, either.Ishiguro managed to w [...]

This is my third Ishiguro and at the risk of sounding presumptuous, I think I m beginning to detect a pattern His works so far have been mysteries and thrillers, but not in the traditional who dunnit sense As a reader, the mystery lies in trying to figure out the true motivation of the narrator, since one is never really certain whether to trust them or not because they appear to make such odd choices The mystery also lies in figuring out what the it is, ie, the nugget, the game changer, the rea [...]

Interesting from a historical point of view, this novel is set in 1951 2 at the end of the American occupation of Japan post WWII It shifts between then and the 1970s when the main character, Etsuko, is living in England So many questions about the storyline are left unanswered but somehow it doesn t matter Its main point is, I think, to show how times change and how generations mourn the passing of their old ways.Conversations between the Japanese characters is so controlled and couched in poli [...]

What an utterly tender, moving, lovely book Even astonishing is that Ishiguro was so young when he wrote it Such emotional depth and confidence as a writer.

I ve been thinking for 24 hours now about what to say about this book I m still not sure Not sure how I feel, not sure exactly what Ishiguro was saying or intending with his characters, what the point of the entire narrative was.Well my decision is displacement The novel introduces us to a Japanese woman who has lost her older daughter to suicide and is being visited by her younger, very independent daughter She lives in a bucolic setting in England but flashes back throughout the novel to her l [...]

First, if you haven t read Kazuo Ishiguro, go and do it Right now One of the best writers working right now, I can t recommend him highly enough Start with The Remains of the Day, a quiet, haunting novel that packs a punch and will have you thinking about it long after you ve finished its pages.Second, A Pale View of Hills confused me What the hell happened Don t get me wrong, Ishiguro is a master storyteller and has an eloquent way with words This novel was lovely, absorbing, and immensely read [...]

Dieser Roman von Ishiguro erinnert mich sehr an Murakami, es ist alles etwas mysteri s mit vielen wagen Andeutungen und auch sehr japanisch von der Pr gung der Figuren her Frauen m ssen sich sehr unterw rfig darstellen, tun sie es nicht, sto en sie auf komplettes Unverst ndnis und auch M nner k nnen das selbstgew hlte Korsett der gesellschaftlichen Konventionen nicht ablegen, selbst im Streit und in der Konfrontation werden noch h fliche Floskeln ausgetauscht und gleich einem Eiertanz wird um da [...]

Kasuo Ishiguro bilindi i zere Japon k kenli olmas na ra men ngilizce yazan, ngiltere de ya ayan ve ngiliz vatanda olarak hayat n s rd ren bir yazar Haliyle bu durumda asl nda ngiliz Edebiyat yapmas beklenebilir Ancak ngiltere nin, malum tarihi politikalar ndan dolay , eskiden beri sahip oldu u ok ngiliz olmayan gayrik kenli yazarlar mevcut Bu yazarlarda ilgin bir ekilde, ngiltere de ba ar l olma yolunun, farkl l n kullanmak bundan beslenmek oldu unu d n yor san r m Bu er evede Kasuo Ishiguro nun [...]

This was a really strange book It is a story of a Japanese woman now living in England, whose eldest daughter has recently committed suicide, recollecting her days in Nagasaki after the atomic bomb and the end of WWII, although surprisingly little is said about the latter and almost nothing about the former I love love love Ishiguro He is a fantastic writer and he does his usual unreliable narrator whose recollections gradually reveal something dark and hidden However, this is the second of his [...]

With simple, yet solid writing and being finished within a few hours, A Pale View of Hills surprised me by its feel throughout it left me with an eerie and suspenseful feeling for the majority of the book, leaving me expecting to happen More does happen, but slightly under your nose I went back a couple times to a point where I felt a bit confounded and I m glad I did Ishiguro pulled the wool over my eyes and made me smirk in acceptance and satisfaction As I wasn t the biggest fan of Remains of [...]

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Pale View of the Hills is a short, easy read that is spooky in a way that I could never quite put my finger on Much is suggested, little is told.It is this trait that is both a positive and a negative for the book It begins with the suicide of a Japanese woman s eldest daughter, which occured in her current place of residence in England Much of the novel, however, deals with the woman s recollections of her life in Japan, near Hiroshima Nagasaki, shortly after being devastated by the atomic bomb [...]

As part of our Summertime in Japan project in The World s Literature group, this book was on the list for Ishiguro I had only read Never Let Me Go by this author, and while the stories don t have much in common, both are told in a non linear fashion and contain a lot to think about.In fact, I m still thinking about it So much of what I will say is a spoiler, so I ll go ahead and stick it behind a spoiler tag view spoiler When you get to the end, there is a scene on a bridge where Etsuko s narrat [...]

Un bel rompicapo questo libro del recentissimo Premio Nobel Ishiguro Inizialmente sembra tutto semplice e lineare, bench drammatico e solo parzialmente suggerito Ma ci che la narratrice ci racconta vero E, soprattutto, chi lei Si potrebbero fare diverse ipotesi e ciascuna spiegherebbe qualcosa, anche se non tutto Intrigante.



A deceptively simple book I think it s important to pay attention to the narrator when she reminds you repeatedly that her memory may be faulty Perhaps it can t be trustedMy daughter read this one first and wanted me to read it to compare our thoughts and theories I was surprised on reading the reviews that there were so many people who took this book at face value and thus missed the full effect I personally believe there are a few different ways it can be interpreted and all of them are equall [...]

G nden Kalanlar ve Beni Asla B rakma dan sonra okudu um nc Kazuo Ishiguro roman Uzak Tepeler oldu Yazar beslendi i Japon K lt r ne bir par a tan k oldu umuz roman da otobiyografik izlere rastl yoruz Diyaloglara ok a yer veren anlat m beni biraz yordu, daha nce okudu um iki romandaki tad alamad m Ayr ca YKY nin, yazar n her eserini ba ka bir evirmene evirtmesi bir kar kl k yaratm bence Duygu yoksunlu u hissettim romanda Konuya detayl girmeyece im Hen z okumayanlara nerim arka kapak yaz s n kitab [...]

I really hesitated before doing a review of this book it left me out of my depth in so many ways but then I thought heck I really want to do reviews of the books I ve read So I am going to crack on.This is a story about Etsuko, a Japanese woman who experienced the horrors of Nagasaki when the bomb was dropped, and who is now living in England The daughter of her second marriage to an Englishman comes back to stay with her mother for a few days This is her daughter Niki Her older daughter Keiko a [...]

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