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Jay's Journal of Anomalies #(2021)

Jay's Journal of Anomalies

Jay's Journal of Anomalies

  • Title: Jay's Journal of Anomalies
  • Author: Ricky Jay
  • ISBN: 9781593720001
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
Jay's Journal of Anomalies By Ricky Jay,

Unlimited Jay's Journal of Anomalies - by Ricky Jay - Jay's Journal of Anomalies, Jay s Journal of Anomalies One of the New York Times Notable Books and a Los Angeles Times Best Book of the Year Jay s brilliant excursion into the history of bizarre entertainments is now available in paperback

Recent Comments "Jay's Journal of Anomalies"

A love letter to old playbills and an extinct era of sideshows, carnivals and conmen, this is the quaintest and coolest creation.Originally published as a small, quarterly newsletter now compiled as a single volume, Jay reproduces old handbills and digs up buried texts to examine a range of curiosities from past centuries Flea circuses, early automata, and the seedy origins of bowling are just some of the strange subjects that he dives into with obvious gusto.Jay reproduces not only the look of [...]

Truly unique amd utterly collectable, this volume is so crammed with info and ephemera, I didn t even try to absorb everything on my first read It s defintely worth revisiting Jay is obviously passionate about his subject matter and his entertaining and informative text is loaded with affection for the material The book itself is a work of art Indirectly, it brings fascinating dark corners of the human psyche to light in chronicling our search for enterainment but its done with such a deft touch [...]

This book was chock filled with different things about magic and everything under the Sun With old fashioned pictures and stories about things like hoaxes, tricks and whatnot, it gives you the history of how things were and how they came to be Very wordy, though I had an edition from the library with fold outs of different things that were explained.

The title explains pretty much what this book is about, a compilation of Jay s self published magazine devoted to off beat performers of history Carefully documented and written in a wry manner, worth checking out of the library.

This will be the first in a string of library books about hoaxes, frauds, and cheats A fascinating exploration of a half dozen types of fraudulent sensations, from the chess playing mechanical Turk to nose amputating magicians Lots of fun.

A coffee table book with nice illustrations I skimmed most of it.

Beautiful and informative tome detailing esoteric exotica form expired eras.

A delightful glimpse into a world of oddities.


Lots of interesting tidbits beautiful illustrations This would make a better coffee table book then a straight read through though.

BestCoffeeTableBooks BestGiftableCoffeeTableBooksThis collection of illustrated curiosities along with Celebrations of Curious Characters and Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women by celebrated magician and magic historian Ricky Jay are must have gifts for anyone with a left of center and slightly macabre sense of humor Drawn from his own massive collection of books and materials on magic and curious characters, each entertains while actually contributing to magic scholarship.

  • Unlimited Jay's Journal of Anomalies - by Ricky Jay
    233 Ricky Jay
Jay's Journal of Anomalies