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Shattered #(2021)



  • Title: Shattered
  • Author: Sloane Kennedy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Shattered By Sloane Kennedy,

[PDF] Shattered | by ✓ Sloane Kennedy - Shattered, Shattered I failed Caleb once because I was a coward And he ended up paying the price Never againTen years of war and the loss of nearly his entire family have left thirty four year old former sniper Jace Chri

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Finally Caleb and Jace I know I am not the only one who has been anxiously waiting for their story and I am very glad to say, that the wait was definitely worth it I have been a fan of these two, since they were introduced in Forsaken , which was Eli and Mav s story Caleb was Eli s, then 17 years old, stepbrother It was pretty obvious Caleb and Jace had something magical between them, but I also agreed with Sloane, that Caleb had some growing up to do first Normally I would say, that all Sloane [...]

Lovely new addition to the Protectors series It has all the ingredient Sloane Kennedy is known for So it s no surprise I ate this up.19 year old Caleb thinks he is broken He feels shattered beyond repair because of the things he has experienced He has been abused by his father for many years and that only stopped because his stepbrother who was abused too finally tells the truth See Eli s book, even though smart to read that book first, it s not completely necessary for the story Jace rescued Ca [...]

YES another winner from Sloane Kennedy This is the 11th book from the Protector series, which I tag as a real saga.For all the fans, no worry all the ingredients are there endearing characters, scorching chemistry, scalding sex, angst and this time, even though it s not an easy issue to write about, it was carefully handled and without going too overboard and a reliable support group from the Protectors and the Barrettis.Caleb, Eli s stepbrother, and Jace were introduced in Forsaken Caleb was th [...]

4.5 stars for this great episode of The Protectors I love this series the flow, camaraderie, and the awesome characters This being Caleb Jase s story which was beautiful While there were terrible traumas and abuse associated to this story it was handled with compassion and empathy Jase was stunning as he slowly became undone and his vulnerability began to show all the while Caleb helped put him back together and allowed himself to heal, one small piece at a time Even though Jase was the protecto [...]

Shatter is terribly angsty, but I expected no less Please read the trigger warnings and the author s note, as this book deals heavily and vividly with sexual abuse As an adolescent, Caleb was repeatedly raped by his father This is the same monster who abused his stepson, Eli I remember Eli and Mav s story from the fourth The Protectors book, Forsaken, so I was happy to see them get their HEA here Caleb and Jace get a HEA too, but not before barely escaping with their lives than once What I real [...]

A sadistic, despicable man, Caleb s Dad, has caused so much pain This story tells of the abuse, so brace yourself for these re tellings Jace, ex Marine, sniper extraordinaire, fierce warrior,has always wanted Caleb, but he was too young Caleb now 19, has been found, rescued by Jace, 34, and Caleb is in need of protection, and they ll be thrown together We see Jace s impressive sniper skills in the rescue These characters are flawed but deeply caring, and sturdy The action is intense, with lots o [...]

Another happy coupleIt took me a while to remember everything about Jace and Caleb since I didn t have time to reread anything This was pretty good but had the disturbing matter of Caleb s past and Jace s sister Much like most of the books, there s danger and trauma and reluctant admissions of love That all happened a little too fast and not very smoothly in the narrative One minute Jace is being a jerk, icing out Caleb, even knowing how Caleb handles stress which Caleb somehow avoids Then one s [...]

Another great addition to this seriesThis book could have been a train wreck given the sensitivity of the subject and the age of one of the main characters but Sloane Kennedy answered all fears with an assured hand.There was no magic dick cure for Caleb, it took time and patience and conversation and a creation of trust with Jase for the relationship to develop.I m not sure it needed the secondary dramatic plot with Jase s sister if I m being brutally honest, there was enough drama with Caleb s [...]

3.5 not my favorit, maybe I had too many Sloane Kennedy books this year

I m finally all caught up with the series I must admit that the sheer volume of Protectors books I ve read back to back prompted me to check who the MCs were but I figured out who they were by the checking out the series map Moving on, Caleb s history with the monster that was his father and the lengths he went through just to cope made for some somber reading I was happy when he finally started to get better though his final conversation with his father was a bit difficult to believe because of [...]

I think this is probably the one I have liked the most It was a little grittier and darker than the previous books in the series.This was Jace and Calebs story who we had previously met when we met Eli.The book is not for the faint hearted as it deals with child sexual abuse and self harming.Once I started I couldn t put it down.

I knew going into this book that it would be hard to read Mav and Eli s book was very rough and this continues the story with Caleb, Eli s brother Jace has stayed away for two years But he can no longer do that Caleb needs him The trial for his father is fast approaching and someone wants to take him out Jace helps Caleb heal He makes him feel safe and shows him that he is not the product of his past and has the rest of his life to find all of his missing pieces He has a family to stand by him a [...]

4.25 stars I didn t want to live, but I was too afraid to die.You guys, this book absolutely destroyed me It s not for the faint of heart and it s definitely not an easy read If you do read this book, read the trigger warnings and the notes the author put up This book deals with stuff not everyone will be comfortable with.Caleb and Jace have had a rough life, especially Caleb Dealing with abuse is never easy Especially when it s supposed to come from someone who s supposed to love and protect yo [...]

This is another solid installment to the series that follows along the same path as the others Caleb is 19 years old, though we met him a few years ago when he was 17 He is a bit beyond his years due to the things he s been through you can get of that background reading Eli s Caleb s brother book He continues to suffer the aftermath of his past, and when it starts closing in on him, he crumbles a bit and goes on the run.Jace hit it off with Caleb back when they met when Caleb and Eli came into [...]

I want to say That was sweet but then again Caleb story is really really hard to read.This is the thing with SK She find the most traumatized men and put them together and make the sweetest romancesIt baffles me sometimes that I love those books so much because I AM NOT a family person and babies tend to make me flee Yet, here I am, rushing to these books as soon as they re out and I really love them.Completely OTT Often over emotional A lot of the stories are similar But again Always a big win [...]

Not my fave Protectors story, but not bad The melodrama was strong with this one, Jack Cortano having fingers in pies than Mr Kipling, but I was a tad disappointed at the nature of his comeuppanceI m sure Jace, Mav and others could ve thought of several creative and extremely painful ways to end his useless existence 3.5 stars.And yes, who couldn t have foretold that Silver would get together with Dalton at some point in the future, it was just sooo obvious, but that s the way the cookie crumbl [...]

How much bad shit can happen to one person According to Ms Kennedy a lot of shit Caleb poor damaged Caleb finally gets the life he deserves Jace and Caleb are a long time coming and I was so happy to see their relationship play out Classic protectors series and classic Kennedy, if you are fan this one did not disappoint It s filled with crazy circumstances, action, sex, passion, and all those crazy circumstances surrounding these group of men Next we will get Alexs story, which if the sneak peek [...]

4.5 Stars

Not sure if I was expecting much beyond a delightful age gap and some steamy moments but this was definitely than that I ll be honest, I don t usually read these sort of books to be that sucked into the plot, but I couldn t help but be here It has me itching to go back and read the others, if only to get all the names right and read their steamy bits as well Well written, believable, but no joke with the trigger warnings If you think it might bug you, skip it That said, all of it was written we [...]

I decided I should go back and skim Eli and Rav s story before starting this one because my memory is not the best So glad I did I went into this one fresh off the other and it was freaking fantastic All these men are so fucked up in different ways and going along on their wild rides is my favorite kind of book Now I m pissed I don t have something up next to read that s going to compare Damn

One awesome book by Sloane Kennedy

4.5Painful and brutal and all kinds of raw But also sweet and even empowering This story dealt with an issue so close to home that I almost can t find the words to express what it meant to me I m not going to try It was sad than sweet for me although I loved Jace and his love and understanding for Caleb was shown constantly that alone made this one worth the read

Loved loved loved Jace and Caleb Can t wait for the next story.

I don t know what to say about this addition to the Protector series I want to say that this is my favorite of all 11 of them but every time she comes out with a new one it becomes my favorite All of Sloane s men are damaged in some way and by the end of the story they find true love and a way to forward When I started to read this one, I knew I would need the tissues from the beginning What a life Caleb had and you will have a hard time reading what happened to him and wondering how he is goin [...]

The Protectors 11Shattered by Sloane Kennedy is the 11th book in her highly addictive Protectors Series, which is part of the A Family Chosen universe that includes three of her other series The Escort, Baretti Security and Finding Shattered is an excellent addition to this series Enjoy Recommended Chronological Reading Order for the A Family Chosen Escort Finding Security Protectors Universe 1 Gabriel s Rule m f The Escort Series, 1 Gabriel Gabe Maddox Riley Sinclair2 Shane s Fall m f The Escor [...]

I just want to lock this author in a room and keep her all to myself Give me all the stories I don t know how much praise I can give this author It s just plain and simple, Sloane Kennedy is a phenomenal writer and she kills it in this genre I can t really say I ve been dying to read Jace and Caleb s story because I think I say that about every book of hers, lol I like crave the next book no matter what or which character it is I just need a Sloane fix and then I crave the next one and so on I [...]

The Blogger Girls First off, what an extremely difficult subject matter this story covers Child sexual abuse by a parent is so taboo, but Sloane Kennedy did a fantastic job of handling this intensely egregious act of horror I think the fact the topic was so well done, I was easily able to overlook the age difference between Caleb 19 and Jace 34 Normally, the ick factor would be sky high, but in this case, Caleb needed a man who made him feel safe and loved Although on the surface, Jace was the [...]

I am often eagerly awaiting the next release by my favourite authors but sometimes there are those books that I feel like I m counting down the days and desperate to get my hands on Shattered which is Caleb and Jace s story in the Protectors series was one of those books for me Ever since we met them in Eli and Mav s book I have WANTED and NEEDED to read Caleb and Jace s story.That kind of anticipation is a lot to put on both a book and an author but with Shattered Sloane did not let me down.If [...]

What a truly and remarkable book Although, at times I wanted to curl up and cry from some of the cruelty which surrounded these two powerful characters their strength is what captatived me Caleb a lost and destroyed soul just barely clinging to his sanity after years of abuse from a loved one Trying to understand the reasons behind the abuse and the reasons for his delusional denials of the why s of his conflicting feelings about what happened Seeking for that achor in his life That one person t [...]

I have to ask does this have any view spoiler rape hide spoiler toward the ending the way Vengeance did with what happened to Brennan That aggravated me to the point where my rating plummeted, just because they were SO close to the HEA and THAT happened I am willing to read through almost anything sometimes some of THEE darkest plots, as long as the HEA is a glorious one That s why with Vengeance, it just felt contrived and completely manufactured for torture angst shock value as if the MCs didn [...]

  • [PDF] Shattered | by ✓ Sloane Kennedy
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