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Fear: The History of a Political Idea #(2021)

Fear: The History of a Political Idea

Fear: The History of a Political Idea

  • Title: Fear: The History of a Political Idea
  • Author: Corey Robin
  • ISBN: 9780195189124
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
Fear: The History of a Political Idea By Corey Robin,

[PDF] Download ☆ Fear: The History of a Political Idea : by Corey Robin - Fear: The History of a Political Idea, Fear The History of a Political Idea For many commentators September inaugurated a new era of fear But as Corey Robin shows in his unsettling tour of the Western imagination the first intellectual history of its kind fear has shaped

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Corey Robin s Fear The History of a Political Idea is a curious little book Its title promises something far comprehensive than what is actually delivered A partial treatment of what is potentially a vast subject can be defended What cannot are the bizarre omissions and strange choices of emphasis which plague Robin s analysis of the place of fear in liberal political thought Robin does offer several interesting insights on this issue, which is his real subject, but they are diluted by an incon [...]

Both an intellectual history and an intervention into current political and theoretical debates This is very worth reading, at least the first half What Robin does seems obvious now that I ve read it, but I never would have thought of it he traces the role of fear and, to a lesser extent, anxiety in modern political thinkers, notably Hobbes, Montesquieu, Tocqueville, Arendt His point is that the current invocations of fear terror, as an attempt to unify a putatively disintegrating society in the [...]

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O carte din dou p r i Prima parte comenteaz i critic lucr ri fundamentale ale tiin ei politice interesant mai degrab pentru cercet tori i speciali ti dec t pentru cititorul amator, care ar vrea s accead rapid o vedere de ansamblu Destul de des te love ti de referiri la teorii obscure pentru un neavizat i de concepte insuficient definite cum ar fi anxietatea social Nu tii dac sunt lacune ale tale, sc p ri ale autorului sau erori de traducere.Partea a doua ncearc s aduc conceptul de fric n concret [...]

This book consists of two parts In the first, Robin traces the intellectual history of fear and terror, and the role these concepts play and have played in political thought, culminating in a very interesting discussion of Hannah Arendt s The Origins of Totalitarianism and Eichmann in Jerusalem A Report on the Banality of Evil In the second, he talks about the role fear plays in American politics and civil society, paying special attention to the problem of civil society repression I found it a [...]

Complicated, uneven, and probably the most important book I ve read in a long time The book can be thought of as made up of three sections In the first, we re given a tour of the treatment of political fear by several major political thinkers with particular emphasis on Hobbes, Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and Arendt The second is a close look at McCarthyism and how, contrary to what is usually assumed, the very liberal institutions meant to protect freedom can be used with startling success at cre [...]

Not yet read al of this book but is an excellent one and esp much needed as reviewers say, in our present today situations FEAR ht elanguage of fear the fear of thought fear of wors fears of difference fears of the econmy now added onto pof al this rathcehting up the fear continuallybecuase thereisnothing like Fear to increase the repressivess and aggression of as coeity agiunstits own citizens and agsintthose of anyhone it can point to and projectits paranoia and evil aspects on to everyday wha [...]

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Ironically enough I finished a last night Corey Robin s Fear The History of a Political Idea New York Cambridge, 2004 The book is one of those increasingly rare, well written and argued geneaologies of an idea, tracing the concept of political fear through Hobbes, Montesquieu, Tocqueville and Hannah Arendt The book has been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple of years waiting to be read and as I had no other reading from the library I found myself scouring my shelves for something to read After [...]

Fear is a treatise on the place of fear in American life It goes through time looking at different philosopher s conceptions of fear, finally ending with Hannah Arendt s philosophy on the totalitarianism of the 20th century Corey Robin talks about an incredibly complex topic and helps to clarify its place in timed how it has morphed and yet still controls us in the modern age Must, must read.

Part I, in which Robin develops a comparative analysis of fear in the political theory of Hobbes, Montesquieu, Tocqueville and Hannah Arendt, was really rather insightful A compelling presentation of the role of fear through the respective authors and what The turn in Part II, to mostly US and mostly 20th C issues had its entertaining moments, but to be honest I skimmed through some of the detail.

Or why you wouldn t want to live a society of heroes.Cowards worry about mortgages, social standing, and retirement packages they plan for future, and that s what holds society together A society of heroes cares only about history and will prefer to die than yield to anyone and make lousy neighbors.Think about it.

Robin has written an interesting, thorough and increasingly relevant book on the use of fear and moral panic as a social governor by political actors.

The author raised plenty of excellent points By combining what I have learnt this year so far and the information in this book, I can relievedly complete my paper

The book transcends all ages and help us to understand why there is a rise and effective control of people in powerover society.

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Fear: The History of a Political Idea : by Corey Robin
    427 Corey Robin
Fear: The History of a Political Idea