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Freeing Jasper #(2021)

Freeing Jasper

Freeing Jasper

  • Title: Freeing Jasper
  • Author: Riley Edwards
  • ISBN: 9781978103085
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
Freeing Jasper By Riley Edwards,

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Freeing Jasper : by Riley Edwards - Freeing Jasper, Freeing Jasper The moment Jasper heard Emily Jenkins sultry voice he was transfixed An instant and heated reaction that wound its way through his soul and warmed his skin The inexplicable connection was broken as fa

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I knew when I read Free that I was intrigued by Jasper and I knew there was story What I wasn t prepared for was how gut wrenched I d be at the end of this book as I ugly cried until I FINALLY got my happy back This author pulled you in and took you on a mission that is beyond your imagination The innocent first meeting of Emily to Jasper to the way he comes to her rescue time and time again As Emily is crawling in deeper and deeper under his skin Jasper is making every excuse he can Can t wait [...]

Love this story A realistic look at men in special operations and the women who love them Full review on Badass Bloggettes badassbloggettes.wordpress

Jasper is part of a black ops team A team for all purposes that doesn t exist As a matter of fact, on the books Jasper was listed as working at the 707 research battalion where he tracked supplies and inventory When he meets Emily it doesn t cross her mind that he would do anything else, she believed her late husband and friends when they told her what happened around the army base, so why should she believe anything different, that all changed the day Jasper decided to take over her life.Jasper [...]

What a way to start a tale It is like a shootout at the OK Corral then gets nerve wracking from there Then the action really heated up in all ways Love it Freeing Jasper is my first book by Riley Edwards I need like now There is nothing better than a group of Black Ops, hot alpha men to make my day Freeing Jasper is Jasper Walker s story and the second book in the Black Ops series Jasper is a fascinating guy He is a man who is emotionally scarred but learned through his training how to push ev [...]

4.5 stars This was a fantastic book Life got in the way so it took me longer then it should to read but in all honesty this could be one of my one trip reads This is the second book of the series but can be read as a stand alone, which I have done But now I am super curious about Lennox and Lily Ok so this story is about a team of men, for all intents and purposes do not exist, that make up a special ops team One man, named Jasper, is a hard ass man whore but he is sooo good at it Until one nigh [...]

Genre Romance Suspense, Military Stand Alone YesPart of a Series Yes Book 2 of the 707 Freedom Black Ops series Same series, different couple POV Jasper and EmilySteam Level Quite Warm4.5 5I love Jasper I loved him in Lily and Lennox s book and I loved his book Jasper is a sexy playboy with hurt lurking in his soul A hurt we know about from reading Free but come to know and understand the depth of in his and Emily s book Emily is a widow and a single mom who puts her son first and doesn t have t [...]

I am digging the Black Ops series Freeing Jasper will get underneath your skin We met Jasper in Shane and Lily s story He helped the two figure out that they needed each other and not push each other away Now is Jasper s time to tell you what demons he has to face everyday Emily blew into his life and he was ready to make a move, until he found out Emily has a son They battle that these two go fighting against their attraction The danger lurking around with Emily s past coming in full blast The [...]

This is the second book in The 707 Freedom Series This series covers the men of a black ops unit that deploys at a moment s notice with missions of utmost secrecy and the women that love them Another smoking hot roller coaster ride that had me on the edge of my seat I loved every minute of it.I fell in love with Jasper in Free, and couldn t wait for his book, and let me tell you this book didn t disappoint Jasper is an outrageous flirt and is known as a man whore The women that he is with know f [...]

A wonderfully written novel, Freeing Jasper is every bit as good as Free , book one of the Black Ops series If you don t instantly fall in love with Jasper I d be surprised But I call dibs so y all can take a seat Seriously, though, Riley brings such life to her characters that it s nearly impossible to not get fully sucked in While this book doesn t have as much high stakes, adrenaline spiking scenes you re still going to be biting your nails and holding your breath Wonderfully written story, w [...]

The Black Ops men keep tugging at your heart and you cannot help, but want to free their pain as you read their stories These men have seen and have done some bad stuff to protect our country, but we all know these strong men hide the soft side of their personality and feelings They let you see what they want however, these girls are showing these hot and strong men that they can still be the fighters and love at the same time We got to meet Jasper in book 1 Shane AKA Lennox and Lily s story and [...]

Jasper Walker works for a Black Ops secret division and has no problem walking into danger He avoids relationships at all costs and is known for the women he goes through due to an incident in his past.Emily Jenkins is a widow and mother to a young boy named Jason Her husband died overseas and she does her best to raise Jason alone.When Emily and Jasper first meet they are immediately attracted to each other but Jasper runs the moment he hears she has a child But 6 months later Emily and Jasper [...]

kfforeverReviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFFThis is the second book of A Black Ops romance featuring one of the characters from the 707 research and development team The first book was about Lily and Lennox and book 2 is about Jasper, the playboy of the group and Emily, Lily s friend.Told in dual points of view, the reader is introduced into Jasper s revolving door of women and his all consuming guilt from his dark past Jasper s charismatic and brooding character is what draws Emily, a milit [...]

In his professional life, Jasper Walker is a highly trained assassin, but in his off time, he keeps a revolving door of women that he will never get close too, which makes him the player of his team But the day that he meets Emily for the first time, he s hit with a powerful connection, but when he finds out that she has a son, he bolts as fast as he can, not to be seen for several months later See, the demons from his past had him making a vow that he wouldn t have anything to do with any woman [...]

Freeing Jasper is many things I like Riley Edwards writing style, it is effortless, and the flow of her stories is marvelous Freeing Jaspers makes no exception here, I loved the story.The story has a heartbreaking backstory that is the reason why Jasper Walker is 100% committed to his team and work There is no room for love, he gives his women seven days and then they re out No time to develop feelings Not until he meets Emily at a barbecue.She s a widow and a mother to six year old Jason Men ho [...]

Jasper and Emily beautiful FREEING JASPER is book 2 in Riley Edwards Black Ops series Just like FREE, the first novel, Ms Edwards has managed to capture my heart with both Jasper and Emily.Jasper Walker is a man who carries a vast amount of guilt over events from his past He turned his life upside down in order to run away from a situation that has always haunted him A self proclaimed man whore, his world is rocked on it s foundation when he introduced to Emily Jenkins Emily too, has secrets fro [...]

This is the second book in the 707 Freedom Series I do recommend you read Free first I m a sucker for a great special ops read And both of these have been great The characters are loveable and the men are alpha s with a heart Now, you don t have to read Free first, but there is an arching storyline that does continue in this book After the first book, I really liked Jasper After reading this, I absolutely love him.I have to say, I love that Riley Edwards used the term dependapotomus in this stor [...]

I was so excited to read this book the synopsis description drew me in and I knew this was going to be a book that I couldn t put down And I was not let down There was so much going on in this book Both Emily Jasper have secrets that they are keeping from each other, and hurts that make them hesitant to try a relationship with each other There are a few times that the author had me wondering if they were going to work out or just keep their walls up You ll have to read and find out if they can o [...]

Another hot, suspenseful book filled with hot Military Men by Riley Edwards How can one go wrong with a Bad ss, Alpha Man in the Military You honestly can t Jasper captured my heart in book 1 Free and I was so happy to get the rest of his story in Freeing Jasper My heart ached for him just wanted to jump into the book and give him huge hugs Emily took care of him for me though He is 100% swoon worthy Jasper and Emily s story is one filled with guilt, hope, denial, faith, love and An emotional r [...]

I was so excited to read this book the synopsis description drew me in and I knew this was going to be a book that I couldn t put down And I was not let down There was so much going on in this book Both Emily Jasper have secrets that they are keeping from each other, and hurts that make them hesitant to try a relationship with each other There are a few times that the author had me wondering if they were going to work out or just keep their walls up You ll have to read and find out if they can o [...]

Good one I read this in one sitting The story is touching, filled with action, hot guys, intrigue and I want .Jasper is part of a special team directed from the very top.Meeting Emily at a team BBQ he knew she wasn t the kind of woman you left after And he wasn t the man to make promises Still, she captured his attentionuntil she said the one thing that could pull him back from pursuit Her son He didn t do women with kids.He should have been able to forget her He couldn t just like he couldn t f [...]

4 Stars Freeing Jasper, was my first time reading anything written by Riley Edwards, and I wasn t disappointed I love a military romantic suspense so was immediately drawn to this title Although Freeing Jasper is the second title in the Black Ops Series, it can easily be read as a standalone This is an emotional story of friendship and forgiveness, full of twists and turns and elements of danger, action, intrigue, suspense and heart I found the characters of Jasper and Emily to be endearing The [...]

4 starThe story has laughs, secrets, suspense, and heartbreak Before reading this story please read the below books firstFREE A Black Ops RomanceThis is Emily and Jasper s story Jasper wants Emily from the start, but he does not want to be with someone with kids He does not pursue her When Emily lost her husband, she thought that would be the hardest thing she ever had to deal with but as her life spirals each new day brings and pain She is desperately trying to raise her son and get on with h [...]

This is book 2, in the Black Ops 707 Freedom Series This book can be read as a standalone novel For reader enjoyment, and to avoid spoilers I recommend reading this series in order.Emily has been through so much in the past She is actually surprised to find herself attracted to Jasper in the first place With her future looking uncertain, she is cautious in her reaction to him.Jasper is made of protective alpha male Even if he didn t work in a dangerous field, he would always want to serve and pr [...]

FREEING JASPERI just love these badass alpha men They don t plan on settling down at all, but they do fall fast for the women in their lives Jasper has a a secret that Emily doesn t know about He blames himself for the death of his baby girl She thinks that he doesn t like kids Emily has a young son and they are in big trouble Jasper is protecting them, with the help of his team At last he shared his demons with Emily She knew something was bothering him Darn I love this man Take prisoners Kidna [...]

This was my first book that I have read by this author, and I m hooked This was a fast paced read that had me biting my nails through it all I laughed and cried, but mostly my heart broke for Jasper and Emily The trials they had to endure to find love gutted me Needless to say, this book was awesome and hello, it had military men in it swoon Jasper was the perfect alpha and once he realized that Emily was the one he wanted, there was no stopping him from claiming her as his own.I can t was to se [...]

I don t know where to start I loved Jasper and Emily s story, but i absolutely adore Jasper Jasper is such an amazing character, so beautifully written As a member of a Special Ops team, that fly under the radar, the lengths he will go to protect those he cares about, even if it s protecting them from himself, are incredible Emily is an amazing woman, with a huge capacity for love and understanding She truly is worthy of Jasper, if only Jasper will let her in A great book written about the the m [...]

I loved this story.Jasper is part of a Black Ops group that doesn t exist He meets Emily at Lily and Lennox s place Book 1 and there s an instant attraction between them But he has issues and pulls away from her.This story tells how they overcome the issues and the danger that Lily is placed under.It s an action packed read There s a lot of humour too And a sweet romance.I m looking forward to the next in the series

Ready for a ride This book has all the feels and will take you on an emotional roller coaster.It s a Black Ops romance about Jasper and Emily Both of them have things in their past that they have kept secret When they meet, things get crazy Read the book to find out what happens.This is a wonderful book that you definitely need to read You won t regret it.

Always a good read A very good and fast paced adventure Hot military guys and passionWhew I thought the characters were well defined and strong A few mistakes in the editingbut a book you definitely want to check out

Letting GoA beautifully written story about facing your guilt, finding out the truth, and letting go We all make mistakes and learning to forgive is the hardest thing to do Luckily, Jasper has Emily.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Freeing Jasper : by Riley Edwards
    233 Riley Edwards
Freeing Jasper