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Fair Stands the Wind #(2022)

Fair Stands the Wind

Fair Stands the Wind

  • Title: Fair Stands the Wind
  • Author: Catherine Lodge
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: None
Fair Stands the Wind By Catherine Lodge,

[PDF] Fair Stands the Wind | by ☆ Catherine Lodge - Fair Stands the Wind, Fair Stands the Wind We all know that in Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy is proud and prejudiced because he is a wealthy landowner who believes himself above his company and that Elizabeth Bennet can afford to

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4 stars Review, Excerpt and Giveaway at Of Pens and Pages.Mr Darcy has the privilege of being the first son of a wealthy gentleman But have you imagined what he would be like if he was the second son Would he be a member of the clergy or a military man like Colonel Fitzwilliam In Fair Stands the Wind, the people of Hertfordshire do not meet a Mr Darcy of Pemberley, but they do meet Captain Darcy of the Royal Navy So, kind of like Captain Frederick Wentworth, another Austen favorite Their profess [...]

I read this book on a ff site a few weeks back and now read its finished version since I didn t notice a huge difference I am recycling my previous review aren t I green Here a profoundly ill Mr Bennet is unintentionally influencing his daughter s behavior Mr Darcy is named George and Fitzwilliam Darcy is know as Captain, as in the Royal Navy His friendship with Bingley is explained in a new way He is suffering from an unknown illness that makes Lizzy suspect he is a drunkard However he isn t di [...]

What a delightful new twist to Pride Prejudice This variation also has less pride and prejudice between our beloved characters I would say it s practical and pragmatic However, Captain Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are both dealing with difficult situations Captain Darcy has to provide for his young sister while he is at sea and Elizabeth has a desperately ill father and Mr Collins looming over her What would you do Having Darcy as a second son and a Captain in the Royal Navy, did change the dynam [...]

I enjoyed this Especially the last half It s a def happily ever after you cant resist The letters were lovely I think my favorite part This book would still had been successful if it hadn t been a Pride and Prejudice reimagining as the characters were strong original Ex Darcy was never at Pemberley as he was a second son and a sea captain But I enjoyed this all the same and would recommend to fanfiction aficionados everywhere.

This is a JAFF classic, and for good reason It s beautifully written, with subtleties in characters words and movements that invite you to read between the lines for what s really going on in their heads and hearts Because of circumstances, Elizabeth and Darcy aren t quite as proud or as prejudiced as they are in canon, but these are not big shifts you can see how and why their respective situations would have altered them from canon Mr Bennet s illness has made E patient and empathetic, though [...]

What a delightful bookThis seemingly improbable plot twist is just wonderful I enjoyed it very much and will doubtless read it again That s very high praise as I seldom am that taken with any book Look forward to from this author.

I absolutely loved it A bit darker but not really angsty, it was of the thrill of suspense that kept turning the pages I loved the ambiance in this book and the deliciously emotional moments I want though, would love a sequel In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Darcy is the second son with an older brother that inherited Pemberley Elizabeth s situation was difficult due to Mr Bennet being severely ill.Captain Darcy entered Meryton society as in canon but it soon deviated from the original a [...]

Wonderful new adaptationThis is an entirely different variation of Pride and Prejudice In this version Fitzwilliam Darcy is the second son and had been sent to sea at a very young age Lizzy is dealing with her father s illness and probably having to marry Mr Collins The relationship between Captain Darcy and Lizzy begins very pragmatically, but grows from there through a series of letters I did not want to put this book down, and when I finished it I was left with a warm glow This book is not to [...]

So I went into this story very apprehensive as I had never read this author before and didn t know what her writing style was like This story didn t really seem to have a lot of conflicts which to me made it a long read even though the story is quite short Anything that happened seemed to be fixed very quickly and made the story very fast paced Also at one point, Lizzy bowed to Caroline Um she should have curtsied not bowed This book is worth a read but I m not sure if I ll re read it.

Wonderful I enjoyed this story so so much It was such a wonderful, heartfelt story I love Darcy as a second son, and seeing what that does to his personality Mrs Reynolds said he was such a sweet boy, and without the pressures of society life and early responsibilities as Master, his goodness is less concealed and his sweetness easily accessed He is so good to Lizzy He is rarely present in the flesh in the story, mostly through letters, as he is a Naval Captain, but presence is constant nonethe [...]

Mr Darcy in Uniform Yes, PleaseIt was a different tale with a different but intriguing Darcy Not many details regarding the new characters I.e Mrs Darcy , but an overall good story.

4.5 stars almost 5 stars This book pulled me in right from the start It s a far cry from canon but a great storyline It just seemed a tad too rushed especially the ending A great read

Classic JAFF I will read it again and again.I ve read this story before and I will read it again and again Our beloved characters, personas intact, transported into a totally original, intriguing altered scenario Fitzwilliam Darcy Sea Captain Oh swoon right there A wonderful afternoon of romance.

Why is it the best retelling is never long enough If this story was told in a two or three volumn set it would be perfect Reading it was wonderful and I found myself wanting Darcy as a sea captain and a reasoning Elizabeth without the argumentative persona so often written into her character was a refreshing change Plus it kept me glued to the pages rather than just skimming the same tired old phrases and situations.

Interesting turn Quite unexpected tale, but very imaginative I only wish it could have been longer I would have loved to have read detail in every aspect of the story.One of my favorite parts was reading the correspondence between Darcy and Elizabeth That was especially well done.

Avid ReaderThis is the best book that have read in quite some time I simply could not out of down I actually stopped reading another book in order to read this one I love this adventurous Darcy and intrepid Elizabeth Elizabeth gives Lady Catherine a marvelous set down that leaves her speechless and Mr Collins lake and shaken.

PP, but notIf you are an Austen purest, don t read this Elizabeth is pretty much like herself, as are her family But Darcy is barely recognizable His pride makes an appearance, but mostly he is just lacking self esteem, convinced that he is not lovable However, it doesn t matter It is one of the better PP fanfics I ve read, truly unique.

In this Pride and Prejudice variation what if Fitzwilliam Darcy is a second son, and a naval Captain when he visits Bingley at Netherfiled What if Bennet is seriously ill, how would this affect the plight of the Bennet daughters, and especially Elizabeth.An enjoyable, well written variation.

Wonderful This is the best book I have read this year and my records tell me I have now read 76 this year I just couldn t put it down It is so different from other Darcy books and I loved it all, so much I m sure I will read it again.

Interesting, low angst storyThis book felt a little rushed Elizabeth and Darcy were both okay characters, but Darcy wasn t really Darcy without his fortune.

Stunning So different from any other variation I have read Love that our characters are still true to form but LOVE this turn of events Can t wait for the next book Bravo

Excellent if a bit rushedI like the changes to the characters but felt the story could have been expanded upon There were very few typos.

This book features Darcy as a second son and a naval officer I enjoyed the storyline and the interaction between Captain Darcy and Elizabeth.

Absolutely loved it Delightful Of course, any tale of Darcy on a boat has me hook, line, and sinker Give it a few pages, as the green spectacles gave me a foreboding wince.

Lovely variation My only complaint is that some areas were brushed over e.g the pemberley scenes where I would have liked to have seen It was perhaps rather short but that s mostly a complaint because I was enjoying it so much

  • [PDF] Fair Stands the Wind | by ☆ Catherine Lodge
    358 Catherine Lodge
Fair Stands the Wind