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High Balls #(2022)

High Balls

High Balls

  • Title: High Balls
  • Author: Tara Lain
  • ISBN: 9781635334753
  • Page: 288
  • Format: ebook
High Balls By Tara Lain,

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High Balls Best Download || [Tara Lain] - High Balls, High Balls Though only twenty six single father Theodore Walters lives with his head in the clouds and his feet firmly planted in reality At the center of his life is Andy his seven year old son with whom he

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Tara Lain may have helped me in curing my phobia of snakes I ve finally one that s doesn t want to make me run away This one however is not only pierced, has tats, big, oozes sex appeal and goes by the name of Snake Erasmo.Now I don t want to take the limelight away from the truly wonderful Theo, because he was special as well and of course the adorable Andy, but Snake was the naughty forbidden fruit for me.Now I have to say that at first I wasn t sure about how she wrote the young Andy Are 7 ye [...]

Cover Love 5 MeowsI can just see this young sweetie as Theodore I love this series and each book stands alone though there are recurring characters from book to book.Theodore is raising his young son Andy alone Andy goes once a month to his grandparents home for a visit but Andy hates it, coming home begging Theodore to not make him go again especially to the church, but Theodore is trying to do the right thing and keep peace with the in laws.Theodore is lonely but has sworn off men until Andy i [...]

3.5 starsWhile I enjoyed this, it s not my favorite The writing was good, though there were a few times I thought the language was a little juvenile I also didn t like them keeping secrets I understood why Theodore was hesitant, but I don t know why Snake wasn t forthcoming about his various jobs Also while I loved Andy, some of the things he said you d never hear a seven year old say ARC provided by author

I ve had a soft spot in my heart for this series for years and I was so happy to see that a new book was out One that always stands out are the oddest couples and HIGH BALLS doesn t disappoint in that.Theodore is 26 and raising his young son alone after his wife died The questions are many about when did he figure out he was gay, was it later in life since he has a kid But he s also not have a whole lot of experience because a lot of his adult life had gone in a different path And he wouldn t ha [...]

Theodore and Snake are what a pair From the beginning it looks like a opposites attract story from Tara but you are in a treat.Tara loves to write men who are somewhat lost and looking for love Theodore is trying to live his life while hanging on to his son, Andy, since he wife passed Theodore married his best friend and stood by her while she was pregnant Andy is not his son by blood but make no mistake Andy is Theodore s son He is afraid if he cant provide for him, he will be taken away so he [...]

4.5 StarsLoved it The characters were great and they showed another real life issue for many people I enjoyed seeing the past MCs and how they are interwoven into the whole series not just their books.Theodore Teddy is trying to do the right things for his son by trying to please everyone including his very religious in laws What he needs is put on the back burner until he meets Snake and then things start to get interesting How does a man keep denying what he needs for himself and his son even [...]

Full review available at optimumm 2017 10 04 reviHigh Balls is the fifth book in the Balls to the Walls series by Tara Lain I have really enjoyed reading the books in this series, but for me, this book wasn t one of my favorites I kept feeling like I d read the book before I know that the author has re released some of the books in the series but I did check and this looks like the first time this book has been published So the only thing I can figure is that I have been reading a lot of ARCs th [...]

This is the best of the series so far I continue to enjoy this series and this group of guys but High Balls is the best of the bunch so far Once again, Lain delivers an engaging story with characters who charmed their way into my heart as well as touching on relevant issues such as prejudice against the LGBT community In Theodore, I found a guy I could relate to Not only is he a dad focused on giving his son all he can a son by choice, not blood but he s also finishing up a dissertation on how c [...]

4.5 Stars for this sweet and tender odd couple M M romanceThis is the fifth book in the Balls to the Wall series and reads fine as a standalone.Theodore Walters is a widower and caregiver to his 7 year old son Andy Few people in this world know he isn t Andy s biological father, but Theo married his BF when she got pregnant at the end of high school, and was a rock as she wilted and passed of cancer two years ago Her loony parents, however, are wealthy religious bigots and can t push Theo to fin [...]

This book is very fairy taley If you like fairy tales and updated fairy tales, you will probably like this book Translation this book only works if you can willingly suspend your belief in quite antithetical circumstances.But there are a couple of things I can t let past when your 7 year old son yells that he never wants to see those people again , any self respecting parent will drop what they are doing unless they are driving the kid to emergency , sit down with the kid, and interrogate what i [...]

7.5 Stars DO NOT Start unless you can read all in one sitting.Loved this one It really made me feel good and the ending was just perfect Theodore and Snake Both keep secrets and they are whoppers but not life shattering detrimental even though they think they are This does brings in the all the perceptions of people and who we think they are based on how they look to the forfront of the mind Spent the entire book trying to figure out who Snake really was, I guessed it but figured that was to obv [...]

What a treat this book is I loved the opposites attract story of Theodore Teddy Bear and Snake Then add in Teddy s adorable, precocious 7 year old Andy and it doesn t get any better.High Balls is a fun, romanctic, feel good story The main characters are so well developed that you feel they are a part of your life This is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.d you don t want to miss out on this great read Well done Tara Lain

I was so glad to see a new addition to this series I d enjoyed the series in it s original form and liked re visiting it upon it s re release To find out there was another NEW one, too awesome I think this is probably my second favorite book in the series I really loved the juxtaposition of Snake and Teddy two opposites that weren t so opposite Theodore s son is adorable and I loved how he and Snake bonded so well.While I thought some of the hiding and secrets were a bit far fetched and unnecess [...]

I have read every book in this series so far and this one is the best Why The content and the story as a whole We see a man who is raising his son not biologically and trying to do all he can for him and make their life better He is scared of losing his son a young boy he loves with all that he is and only wants him to be happy A man who will sacrifice his own happiness so that his son can be safe The fear of losing him is one that hangs in the air and really affects all that he does He falls in [...]

I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is another sweet and swishy addition to the Laguna Beach series This time, Theodore, a doctoral candidate at a conservative Christian university, finds himself fighting his attraction for Snake, a biker and bartender Theodore and Snake are one of my favourite couples in this series They present as opposites but they have much in common than Theodore ever imagined The attraction is instant between these two but the romance [...]

I loved this book It is a delightful read about single father Theodore, his adorable son Andy and bad ass Snake I was pulled into the story right from the start and had a hard time putting the book down The writing was so natural and flowing It kept me engrossed throughout the entire book It was funny and light hearted but with rather serious moments I have no words for what Andy had to go through with his grandparents but it still is the reality in parts of the world I loved Theodore He is such [...]

4.75 stars High Balls by Tara Lain is a adult contemporary m m romance that is part of the Balls to the Wall series set in Laguna Beach, California This story centers around Professor Theodore Walters, a young single dad who is just about to defend his dissertation in order to attain his PhD and hopefully earn tenure and a better salary Unfortunately, a combination of bigotry and disdain for his subject may disrupt all of his plans, threatening the security and secrecy of his family life A chanc [...]

m mNever judge a book by its cover PHD candidate Theodore Walters should know this His dissertation is actually a cause near and dear to my heart Why doesn t the romance genre get the respect it deserves Theodore is a 26 year old gay single dad who looks like he is much younger than that He will do whatever is necessary to keep his son even if it means kowtowing to the boys homophobic grandparents But when he meets the tattooed, Harley riding bartender Snake Erasmo his careful world gets rocked [...]

I received a copy to read and review for Wicked ReadsI really enjoy this series and this book was no different I loved Theodore, Snake and Andy I liked how involved in the book Andy was, most of the time children are just an after thought in a book but not in this one Andy was upfront and center and he was also a great character I loved the chemistry between Theodore and Snake I honestly wanted the book to last longer There as a little angst with the grandparents, and a little between Theodore a [...]

This book was hard to follow, there were so many disjointed sentences thoughts Also, everything happened in super warp speed, like instalove on steroids.

Reality seems to be the continuing thread throughout this series, along with amazing characters As a romance reader, I expect OK, demand a happy ever after, that is my right as a reader I don t expect the road to happiness to be easy, because in real life few things worth having are easy Even though we found a few over the top situations as we read along in this series, we loved every minute of it and begged for But, I have strayed from my original thought reality played a big part in each of t [...]

This one fit right in with the others in the series and the men from the previous books played a pretty decent role in this one I love that The dreamy unreality continue in this book where we have Theodore who is a single dad trying desperately to get his PhD in order to give his son a better life therefore keeping himself very busy and very lonely Then we have Snake, the tattooed man of Teddy s dreams who turns out to be quite the mystery Hated the grandparents, loved our boys and adored Snake [...]

High Balls is Book five in the Balls to the Wall series, and continues Lain s love affair with Laguna, California and the gorgeous men who live there While each book is a standalone, there are several crossover characters, as they all live and work in the same universe and are friends For fans of this series who have been waiting for another book to drop that would be me , it is a welcome addition and certainly fits right in with the feel and storyline of the other books in the series As with th [...]

What Happens When a Snake and a Teddy Get Together It is difficult to believe that High Balls is the sixth in this line of books It is a cute story, and though I admit that it isn t my favorite of the series, I enjoyed watching Snake and Theodore coming together.The storyline is a really good one A man who stepped up and married his best friend when she got pregnant, and then to raise her child following her death, determined to do the very best he can for the boy, all while trying to hide this [...]

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I should preface my review by stating that I have not read any of the other books in this series As it so happens, I was setting up the blog post for High Balls and its blurb snagged my attention Being as the reviews for the previous books in this series by my co reviewers have indicated that the books in the Balls to the Wall series can stand on their own, I decided to queue it up and let the text to speech feature on my Ki [...]

High Balls is a sweet and angsty falling in love story of the bad boy bartender and a twinky nerdy college TA It is a wonderful, easy read It is book six in the Balls to the Walls series, and while the cast of characters from the other stories show up here, it can be read as a standalone But I highly recommend reading the series in order, I enjoyed the books that much You meet the other characters, getting an in depth look at how they arrived at their own happy ever after s Theodore is gay, alwa [...]

Review can be read at It s About The Book3.5 starsThis was the first book I read in this series and I have to say that I enjoyed it I m not sure if I will go back and read the previous books, but for me this was a nice read.I will say though that there were some parts that I didn t believe, like Andy s age, for example He talked WAY older than he was and it kind of brought me out of the story a bit I have an 8 year old and a 10 year old and I volunteer at school a lot, so I m around a lot of kid [...]

This was the first book I read in this series and I have to say that I enjoyed it I m not sure if I will go back and read the previous books, but for me this was a nice read I will say though that there were some parts that I didn t believe, like Andy s age, for example He talked WAY older than he was and it kind of brought me out of the story a bit I have an 8 year old and a 10 year old and I volunteer at school a lot, so I m around a lot of kids and none of them talk the way Andy does And the [...]

Reviewed by The Blogger GirlsOkay, for some reason I d put this book on the back burner Maybe it was because the blurb and the cover just didn t do it for me Lesson learned If a series and author consistently puts out stories that grab you and keep you vested, don t judge a book by its cover I ended up really liking this one, a lot And it was especially nice reconnecting with the characters from the first five books Big bonus points there.Theodore, the PHD student and TA, and Snake, the tattooed [...]

5 5 StarsLike always, Tara Lain was written another wonderful story in one of my favorite series, actually one of the first mm series I read This is a powerful story, it shows that sometimes doing the correct thing is not something we like, that appearances are not what they seem and that love can be found in the most unexpected person There are some ups and downs that they have to overcome first and others that could have been avoided at all but the plot runs smoothly due either way and it mana [...]

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