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Snow Sisters #(2021)

Snow Sisters

Snow Sisters

  • Title: Snow Sisters
  • Author: Carol Lovekin
  • ISBN: 9781909983700
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
Snow Sisters By Carol Lovekin,

Free Download Snow Sisters - by Carol Lovekin - Snow Sisters, Snow Sisters Two sisters their grandmother s old house and Angharad the girl who cannot leave Meredith discovers a dusty sewing box in a disused attic Once open the box releases the ghost of Angharad a Victorian

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Once again, Carol Lovekin has created a novel of lyrical beauty that sweeps you along, enthralls and delights in equal measures Having read her previous work, Ghostbird, and adored that I was eagerly awaiting the release of Snow Sisters and I ve not been disappointed This is a story that focuses on ghosts of the living and the dead It also features heavily the complexities of female relationships, be they mothers, daughters or sisters and how even the bond of family blood can be tested and pushe [...]

Verity has returned home to Gull House after many years, to look for something We re not sure quite what, and nor is she But in beautiful and rich flashback, we are not only told, but we experience how she came to this moment As children, in Gull House, Verity and her sister Meredith were haunted by a ghost A ghost who was terribly betrayed And only in setting her free, will they too find their own truths Snow Sisters is a mesmerising, haunting novel, full of description that makes your heart ac [...]

I think this will probably be on the short side for one of my reviews as I m absolutely convinced that any words I use to convey the beauty of this book won t match those used by author Carol Lovekin and the gently flowing fluidity of her beautifully crafted narrative I just wanted to cry with the sheer joy at how perfectly the poetic prose brought this story to life giving it an ethereal quality that enveloped me from the very first page.This ghostly story unfolds over three timelines the prese [...]

When I read Carol Lovekin s first novel Ghostbird, I was absolutely blown away, not only by the magic of the story but also the depth and beauty of the writing.With Snow Sisters once again it didn t take long for me to become drawn into yet another wonderfully crafted story It s a book to take your time with there can be absolutely no rushing Carol is brilliant at weaving the kind of backdrop that bring all five senses into play and makes you feel you are actually there Gull House on the Welsh c [...]

Gull House holds secrets and an attraction that those who live there cannot leave behind.I really don t want to review Snow Sisters by Carol Lovekin as I know I have too inadequate a vocabulary to do it justice I found Snow Sisters absolutely mesmerising There s an ethereal quality to the writing that is beautiful, poetic and heartbreaking The different layers of mystery as past and present mingle are so wonderfully constructed that reading Snow Sisters is like having a magical spell woven about [...]

A beautiful, haunting novel filled to the brim with lyrical prose, SNOW SISTERS is unforgettable Bringing forth betrayal, dysfunctional family and coming of age, Lovekin weaves these themes together around a gothic tale of ghosts and girlhood and the terrible wrongs that can be wrought in the name of life and love I loved the setting here of Gull House especially, not to mention fiery Meredith, sensible Verity and their ego driven mother Allegra whom reminded me a little of Adora in Gillian Glen [...]

Full review to come on the tour but my heart sang when I read this book The words read like music, the plot like a melody and it s a wonderful and heartbreaking story with crescendos and a calando of moods that is just lovely to read.A dream like ethereal plot with a sad story at its core but one written with plenty of heart Just wonderful

I had not read anything by this author before so it was an absolute delight to start reading and immediately fall in love with the style of prose, the author s beautiful use of language and her compelling storytelling This book is poetic, mesmerising and lyrical It is haunting and evocative, full of gorgeous imagery making it quite unforgettable and a book that definitely needs to be savoured and reread I knew I would enjoy this book after all it s about sisters, a big house, a dysfunctional mot [...]

Having read and reviewed Carol Lovekin s debut novel, Ghostbird, I was eagerly awaiting the release of Snow Sisters, knowing it would be lyrical, delicately crafted and utterly enchanting I was not disappointed Here is the official blurb Two sisters, their grandmother s old house and Angharad the girl who cannot leave Meredith discovers a dusty sewing box in a disused attic Once open the box releases the ghost of Angharad, a Victorian child woman with a horrific secret she must share Angharad sl [...]

Snow Sisters is the second novel written by Carol Lovekin, her first Ghostbird was published last year I haven t read that one yet, and I must own up slightly and say that I am not usually the biggest fan of stories that contain ghosts, but I adored this book in so many ways, it was actually quite transformative.Snow Sisters is a book that defies genres, nestled in its own niche, if pushed I would say it is literary fiction, with magical realism and feminism It really is a wonderful, absorbing a [...]

Carol Lovekin s first published novel, Ghostbird, will always have a special place in my heart, and I ve been eagerly awaiting this one, her second And I m so delighted that it s absolutely everything I hoped it would be and perhaps even a little Let me begin with the writing itself The imagery, the descriptions, the detail drawn from nature they are just breath taking in their beauty This book took me almost a week to read it deserved to have every carefully chosen word savoured, and there wer [...]

Snow Sisters is a wonderful book, with beautiful writing and eerie and haunting prose.This is a ghost story filled with magic A story of relationships, mothers and daughters and family dynamics A story with a mystery at its heart It ticked so many boxes and I couldn t put it down.Meredith and Verity have had a very unconventional upbringing Home schooling, a dysfunctional mother and an absent father who they know little about , set in an isolated house filled with memories and ghosts This highly [...]

I cannot review this book without first mentioning the beautiful, poetic language which Carol Lovekin uses throughout the book She creates such an ethereal atmosphere as she describes Gull Hall, very much a character in itself The chill in the rooms, the birds wheeling and screeching overhead, the mists in the garden, all were so easy to picture and added to the haunting undertones.The other thing to mention about Snow Sisters is the sense of mystery throughout, mystery upon mystery in fact Ther [...]

My first thought when I was reading this book was that I wished it was winter and I had a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate with me Because guys, this is the ideal book to cozy up with I haven t felt this with any other book this year and I don t think I will Snow Sisters is a truly magical and evocative story.Snow Sisters is a perfect blend of contemporary, historical fiction, magical realism, gothic story, and family drama If you like any of those genres, you will surely love this book This i [...]

Are you ready for the perfect Halloween read A Gothic story, that will keep you reading into the night, and on until morning Good, I have your attention, Welcome to Wakes and to Gull House Go on , knock on the door, and enter Gull , home of Verity and Meredith Pryce , two sisters, who with their beautiful but odd mother, live in the rambling Victorian home, that truth be told, belongs to their Nain Welsh for Gran All is going well, and the sisters find a box, and within the box, is a secret, a d [...]

Dysfunctional family relationships, ghosts, and an atmospheric old house are the connectors in Lovekin s poetic novel Snow Sisters is the first novel I ve read by this author, and I was drawn into the emotive world she conjured up As a writer you re constantly trying to avoid the cliches and say the same things in different ways And Lovekin does this with sublime ease, engaging all the senses The scent of yesterday s ashes hair like an out of control firework eyes reminding her of bluebells A wr [...]

Beautifully written book about two young Welsh sisters and their narcissistic mother who live in an atmospheric old house belonging to their Grandmother Absorbing book with a background story about a young woman named Angharad who lived in the house 100 years before the Pryce sisters.

Review to follow.

She doesn t get it, does she Meredith leaned on the windowsill Why do you love snow, Verity It s like friendly rain softer and kinder Good answer Why do you love it The light from the window turned Meredith s hair to coral candyfloss Snow makes me brave When it snows, the sad part of me goes away Meredith and Verity Pryce live in the beautiful Welsh countryside, at Gull House, which belongs to their grandmother, Mared They live with their eccentric and erratic mother, Allegra, and Angharad, the [...]

This was an intriguing book, not something I would have chosen myself but was recommended by Linda Hill Linda s Book Bag Blog It made me remember instances in the past regarding ghosts spirits and also sister relationships I struggled to like some of the characters but can understand why they were how they were in relation to the story.

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Snow Sisters