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The Holly Project #(2022)

The Holly Project

The Holly Project

  • Title: The Holly Project
  • Author: Kate Sterritt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: None
The Holly Project By Kate Sterritt,

The Holly Project Best Read || [Kate Sterritt] - The Holly Project, The Holly Project Holly Ashton hasn t celebrated her birthday since her mother passed away Instead it s the one day of the year she allows herself to grieve Life is exactly how she believes it must be until her twenty

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5 AMAZING starsI went into The Holly Project having already read and loved Collision and Impact by Ms Sterritt, so to say I had high expectations would be accurate And I can honestly, with 100% certainty say that The Holly Project not only lived up to my expectations, it exceeded them I now have a favourite KA Sterritt book, and couple Ryan and Holly stole a little piece of my heart, and I don t think I ll be getting it back any time soon.The Holly Project follows 25 year old Holly, who ten year [...]

I was happy to discover this book, it is a pure gem This story is about a young woman s struggle to come to terms with her Mother s death that seems to be a taboo subject for her.Holly has had a few relationships in her life, and that is how she wants it Her job is her main priority along with her Dad and sisters.She gets the opportunity to work on a Once in a Life Time project that just could change how she views everything Once Holly has met the debonaire Ryan is there a chance of it all worki [...]

I loved this book so much I could feel every emotion with Holly and found myself holding my breath so many times It s a beautiful story of loss, love, friendship, and finding yourself I cannot wait from from this author

This was a really good debut by an author The tropes were familiar, yet the story was distinct Holly s mom died when she was 15 on Holly s birthday and Holly felt like her father s happiness died with her As a result, for the past ten years, she hasn t celebrated her birthday She takes that day to let out everything she keeps in the rest of the year trying to remain stoic Also, because her mom died of the same type of cancer as her grandmother, she feels like she s a ticking timebomb, and refuse [...]

I love to dive into books without reading the blurb, it s like jumping off a cliff, you never know if you are going to plummet to your death or land in a pool of crystal clear water.Well the prologue of this book hit me full force, right in the gut.Holly could be me.Holly is me.The emotions that the author poured into every word is clearly felt.You cannot fail to connect with the heroine and that connection is woven throughout the entire fabric of the story.Add to that the beautifully descriptiv [...]

I have put off reading this book as I am still struggling with the loss of my own mum and felt it may be too much I shouldn t have worried, her pain is real and you can see the struggles that both Holly, her family and friends have gone though and are still going through but it is done very sensitively Ryan has his own family issues to deal with and watching their relationship grow and develop is beautiful, though not without incident The descriptions of the places are all very enticing, makes y [...]

This is KA Sterritt s debut book and it didn t disappoint at all, in fact it was mesmerising It wasn t all hearts and flowers though, the story held a deeper message, one which many of us struggle with in our own lives, the ability to move on and not get consumed by the past You don t have to forget but life does carry on and we need to live it Ryan and Holly both had their own issues and with other influences surrounding them they found themselves not on the same page This is what gave this sto [...]

I LOVED this book This was one of those books that really tugged at my emotions It s a story about tragedy, loss, friendship, family and love Holly is such a strong character The events she went through hit close to home for me, and Ryan Davenport is totally swoon worthy K.A is an author that i will have no hesitation when it comes to one clicking her future books I just love her writing and stories.

An promising debut from KA Sterritt I enjoyed the setting of Australia and the characters A nice easy read I look forward to reading from this author.

This review was difficult for me to write because there is just so much I want to say about this book, but I don t want to take anything away from readers getting their own experience when reading it The Holly Project is a very moving story about life, death, friends, family, and the journey of one girl to discover that there is a difference between just existing and living.I really loved this book and can t wait to see what will come next from K.A Sterritt Holly suffers a great loss at the earl [...]

Finding oneself 4.5 starsWow I finally read my friend Kate s story and I freaking loved it The prologue made me relate with Holly because anyone who has ever lost a loved one, especially a mother can totally understand the emotions and heartbreak that accompanies you through life after they leave Holly Ashton has never fully recovered from the loss of her mother death There could be a lot of reasons for that but one was the way she passed and so from that day onwards she s decided not to ever le [...]

Absolutely adored this book The prologue alone sucked me in Holly is a strong heroine that has dealt the best she can with her mother s death The author had me right there with her during her thought process Made me tear up I love that Holly was a strong independent woman that didn t have to have Ryan I enjoyed the little sarcasm jabs, the other characters in the book Holly s friends were cute as could be and really support her with sincere female stength Ryan Davenport was a great lead characte [...]

Loved this book Was one emotional read but enjoyed it a lot Holly s journey and they way Ryan s cocky ways Just fell in love within the first few pages.

Fantastic story I adored the Holly Project I knew I would seeing as I love everything else Kate has written Beautiful love story set in my home city was such an joy to read Dealing with grief and accepting love in your life to help you overcome it are fantastic themes I felt were conveyed perfectly An absolute 5 star read


Dnf Not my cup of tea

Maybe we were still on the same page we d just moved on to the next chapter I was really lucky to win this book from another author, having not heard of KA Sterritt before.I LOVE finding new authors and let me tell you, KA Sterritt is one to watch.The prologue of this book really touched me I dare anyone not to be moved by the events described in Holly s teenage years.Those events shaped Holly into the adult she becomes and causes her to close her heart to love and to life to some extent.That s [...]

Loved this book Well hello Mr Ryan DavenportI ve been on a new author binge recently and this is just another to add to my list of great new authors watch this space I really liked Holly she s strong, capable, a career woman , but also stuck in a world of grief after losing her mom 10 years prior.enter Ryan Davenport a wealthy, successful CEO, when they first meet in a cafe, by complete chance they have a connection but little does Holly know when they are going to meet again.Holly decided to fo [...]

This book pulled me in from the very beginning Holly s career as an architect was a central part of the story and very interesting I ve never been to Australia, but had no trouble picturing the skyline and the setting The characters will absolutely tug on your heart strings As I read, I found myself wishing for the kind of friends that surrounded Holly especially Jason and cheered her onward as she struggled to recognize and accept the good things that were on the horizon for her The book was we [...]

This is a love story that made my heart smile A love story about a girl with a broken heart Heck after the prologue, my heart was breaking too Events during childhood that people survive can guide their paths in life It might not always be the best pathbut it starts the journey That is what happened to Holly Ashton Even though she has a career and great friends, she is missing something Something.a, hot and amazing.Ryan Davenport.I truly enjoyed reading how Holly tries to cope with having Ryan i [...]

I heard about this book from Beth Flynn, I have been in a book funk for a few weeks now and nothing was holding my interest I couldn t finish a book and that is not like me So I was gifted this book and thought I would take a chance and guess what it worked I finished the entire book in one day and LOVED it, I didn t want to put it down I wanted to see how Holly was going to pull herself out of her lifetime sadness, I wanted to see how she was going to find her HEA and wow oh wow 2 words Ryan Da [...]

I was gifted a book from the author for an honest review A good romance book to me will consist of several things A strong and sassy female lead character A book boyfriend that s sexy and will make you swoon Great friends They support the main character and bring comic relief Sometimes you love them so much that you want them to have their own story Obstacles and challenges.The Holly Project consisted of all these It is a light read and a sweet romance The characters are all likeable and relatab [...]

I look for books that make me feel and this one ticked all the boxes Every once in a while you read a book that honestly just quietly wraps around you like a warm blanket It s like a welcomed sneak attack This book did that for me I can t pinpoint one specific thing as to why It was told in a way that.well I could just picture the whole thing in my head The story mesmerized me I could not put it down It s a beautifully written story that just made me smile and yep I cried too I got caught up in [...]

Sometimes we close ourselves off when we experience tragedies The trick is learning how to open ourselves back up, and to live instead of just existing The is a story of two people learning to live again and possibly finding their forever love It will pull you and you will feel as if you are there as it all happens You will want cheer, cry and maybe if knock them all in the head to knock since it to them.

This wonderful book came along at just the right time I loved watching Holly grow and find her way back to herself after going through a life changing tragedy She built walls around her heart and as a reader, seeing them crumble away was beautiful I loved Ryan He charmed me just like he did Holly This was such a fun read I can t wait to see what else K.A has in store for us

The Holly Project was named as it should be Poor Holly lost her mum when she was fifteen This created some issues for her as an adult until she met Ryan With Ryan her walls seem to dissolve and her emotions are not so controllable I loved this story and enjoyed my first ever read by K A Sterritt Good work Kate, looking forward to reading some of your books

What an amazing book I was hooked on page one of the Prologue and read this all in one day I just couldn t put it down I kept sneaking a few pages here and there until I had time to sit and devour it Beautifully written story about healing a broken heart after a great loss Very much worth the read Everybody dive on in

Pending Review 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Such a wonderful story Thoroughly enjoyed Loved the characters What a roller coaster of emotions A life lesson and love story at its best Can t believe its a debut novel Hope We get to read about the other characters in future ventures Highly recommend Thank you

Ugh One star for OW drama and three stars for keeping my interest Overall, it s a two star Stupid H gets back together with his ex during a 3 month separation from h and he supposedly was still in love with h Nauseating.

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The Holly Project