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Impact #(2022)



  • Title: Impact
  • Author: Kate Sterritt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 388
  • Format: None
Impact By Kate Sterritt,

[PDF] Read ☆ Impact : by Kate Sterritt - Impact, Impact Since the moment our lives collided I knew you were it for me The impact was a once in a lifetime event Leo Ashlar Leo might still be an undefeated fight club champion but his past has brought him t

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DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT pick this book up until you read Collision I read Collision and have been left on tenterhooks for months Months I tell ya Did KA disappoint No bloody chance She gives us twists, turns, schmexy scenes so hot they will scorch your eyeballs and an ending that will blow your mind.Oh, and the epi it s divine If Collision packed a punch, Impact is a full blown KNOCKOUT

5 emotionally charged impactful ride Received an ARC copy for honest review for Wicked Women Book Blog KA Sterritt has done it again, she has blown me away with Impact, the 2nd story in the Fight for Life series HOLY BATMAN IN GOTHAM What a ride I felt all spectrum of emotions bombard me with this story.Impact starts on the fateful day when the past comes knocking on Leo Ashlar s door step A past that he still struggles to forget, a past that still has the ability to wreck him, a past that will [...]

Title ImpactAuthor K.A SterrittSeries The Fight for Life Series, Book 2Publisher K.A SterrittReviewer MelissaRelease Date April 8, 2016Genre s Dark RomancePage Count 150Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb Leo might still be an undefeated fight club champion, but his past has brought him to his knees When the one person he had successfully avoided for five years is thrust back into his life, the broken pieces he d tried to glue back together shatter in an instant Juliette Sal [...]

Impactwhat a perfect title You ll see why if you read this beautiful book KA once again does an incredible job In fact, it was than I hoped for This author will pull you in with every book she writes and this newest release was pure and utter bliss for this reader I don t even know how to explain how enjoyable this book was for me Just trust me and read it I ve been impatiently waiting for Impact and let me tell you it was worth the wait Leo and Juliette are beautiful They truly are meant for o [...]

I loved everything I can t tell you how hard it was to read that last sentence in Collision and know that I had to wait for answers but Kate did not disappoint Leo is a sexy as sin fighter with a soft spot for Jules the adrenaline junkie I love that things weren t perfect and just work out I love the angst, the twists and turns but most of all I loved the love of these two characters I would ve finished sooner if life didn t get in my way I didn t want to put it down I hope Kate gives us becaus [...]

Two of my very favorite characters from Down Under came back to life for me this week, and let me tell you, they left my head spinning and my heart full After finishing Collision last fall, which left me with a massive book hangover, I couldn t wait to get my hands on book two And let me tell you, K.A Sterritt, did her characters proud, creating yet another masterpiece.Juliette is back from her break and stronger than ever I loved her in Collision, but I was even drawn to the new, revamped ex s [...]

4.5 Impactful stars ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review The end of Jules and Leo s story is bitter sweet I m sad it s over but I m also elated at the way in which their lives turned out From the beginning you knew these two were destined to be with one another Impact begins exactly where Collision finished off The cliff hanger at the end of book one kept me wanting Sterritt doesn t disappoint She gets right back into it and BAM, away we went I loved Jules and Leo s mature r [...]

Impact A Fight for Life Series book two by K.A Sterritt is absolute perfection.Sterritt picks up where Collision ended, and brings Jules and Leo right back into our hearts.Juliette Salinger knows in her heart that Leo is worth fighting for Even though her family and life events keep getting in their way She is determined to fight for their love.However, Leo Ashlar feels he is not good enough for Jules, and continues to let his past haunt control him.Leaving the question, will they both be able t [...]

Impact starts right where Collision ends and the fast paced and action packed story of Juliette and Leo continues.We find out what the secret is that Leo has been holding onto for 5 years and how it s driven his life to the path on which it is now.Juliette character showed growth in this second book and whilst I always liked her, I think her development in stop being a door mat to her mums wishes and revealing her true self made me like her even .There is a lot going on in this book that I didn [...]

If you haven t read Collision, then stop right here Go out and one click that baby Then when you re done reading it, meet us back here Now back to it It s been months since I was left waiting on the edge from Collision s cliffy, where Leo informed us that his mother is alive and well This is after I was lead to believe she was dead the whole time Why would anyone do this Why the secret I would have to wait to find out.Thankfully the waiting is over and I have all the answers to my questions Leo [...]

It was so good to get back in Jules and Leo s world I was swept up in the story and even quit adulting for a day so I could read this book, it was that good Jules is doing everything she can to fight for her and Leo s relationship Will it be enough Will she be the only one fighting or will Leo get in the ring and fight for them too Will he be able to let go of the past so he can get on with his future Leo doesn t want to hold Jules back from doing what she wants and is there for her and cheering [...]

What Sterritt was trying to do here, I think, was focus on the affective force of trauma as it relates to queerness and what Irigaray termed the leaky faucet of lesbian subjectivity This was fine as far as it went, but then it collided with what Derrida called the bolus of contention , and neither idea survived the impact I was unable to finish.I seem to be the first reviewer to notice that the protagoniste Juliette Salinger is based loosely on the reclusive author J.D Salinger, and the protagon [...]

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Holy cow was this book out of this world amazing This is the continuation of Leo and Juliette s story from Collision I absolutely loved the angst and the twists and turns of the plot There were some very unexpected events in this book that kept me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time The ending through me for a complete loop I loved learning aspects of both boxing and cage fighting that I didn t know before I m very curiou [...]

Impact continues on where Collision ended, on that cliffy no less I have waited with baited breath for the conclusion to Jules and Leo s amazing, but at times fraught, journey And I was by no means disappointed It was everything I was hoping for and , this was one huge rollercoaster of emotion The plot twists had me in knots, the scenes between Jules and Leo packed with energy and all the feels you can imagine I couldn t get enough and felt the love as if it were my own, the pull between the two [...]

Holy moly Having just finished this incredible wild ride of a book I am kind of lost for words If you loved Leo and Jules in Collision, you will love them even in Impact My heart was pounding in parts, I shed some tears and was even very shocked about someone I really wanted to give gorgeous alpha male Leo a big hug, he has such a beautiful strong woman in Jules by his side and how things develop for them both is wonderful to see Granted they have some intense drama and we find out certain thin [...]

You can t read Impact without reading Collision first because it starts where the other ends,and if you ve read Collision you can t wait before starting Impact because you re too curious to know how Jules and Leo s story will end I don t think there are right and wrong choices.There s just ways of dealing with the road you take I ve really enjoyed this book.It tells Juliette and Leo s journey to find the truth and lifelong happiness.It was so good and amazingly written We were two souls reconnec [...]

This is the follow up to Collision I was left hanging after i finished Collision, and Impact picks up right where it ended This book was a real page turner, I enjoyed all the twists and turns, the angst and suspense All the secrets and questions you asked yourself while reading Collision are answered in Impact The author did a great job of tying up all loose ends I really loved Leo and Jules and am so happy with the ending K.A wrote another amazing book and I can t wait to read from her in the [...]

I received a arc of this book and it s a fantastic conclusion to Collision I love the story of Leo and Jules, some scenes you never saw coming and will leave you speechless I love Leo Lethal Ashlar and his feisty love Jules, I learned many things about things I love such as astronomy and K.A Sterritt did a wonderful job of making a great story

5 breathtaking stars Review coming up3

This duo took way too long to go so short a distance Jules was bearable in this one having finally grown a little backbone Leo did manage to come out the other side of the lying thing but dear god he was so angsty The major plot points were too drawn out It took one book and close to 3 4 of this one to find out what his deal was which was so long that the story had lost the impact it would ve had it come earlier This author is overly addicted to the drama, adding in stuff that serves no purpose [...]

Can someone really be your future when they don t know your past Does it even matter, does our past have to define our future When you have run so long that you don t even recognize that you are still running, maybe it is time to stop What if running isn t really helping you move on at all Maybe sometimes you have to stop and fight Leo may be a cage fighter, but not all opponents can be locked in a cage.Impact picks up right from the cliffhanger in collision It is definitely not a stand alone re [...]

Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Since the moment our lives collided, I knew you were it for me The impact was a once in a lifetime event After running as far away from Leo as she possibly could, Juliette has made the decision to return She has made the decision to fight To fight for what she wants.To fight for what she needs.To fight for her one true love.To fight for Leo.But on her return what both Leo and Juliette don t expect is to be faced with Leo s past.A secret that [...]

Impact is finally here Picking up from exactly where Collision ended, K.A Sterritt dives straight into the crux of the cliffhanger that left readers with wide eyes and open mouths Slowly unraveling the big secret between Juliette and Leo, Impact is the heartfelt exploration of the fear of loss and fear of love Filled with adrenaline, mystery and suspense, K.A Sterritt writes of a love that is determined to shine amongst all the darkness.With Juliette and Leo reuniting after some time apart, a vi [...]

I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of impact by K.A Sterrit for an honest review and was not disappointed Impact is the second book in the Fight for Life series and should be read after the first book Collision The story had a number of twists and turns in it that left me in shock However, each of these twists and turns in the story I loved and showed the growth that both character has gone through Leo was consumed with anger and pain from a past event that he keeps to himself He chose to fig [...]

I received and ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.HOLY COW I don t know if I can even put into words what I m thinking and feeling after reading this It was everything I was lucky enough to be pretty new to this author and have had recently finished up book 1 Collision as well as getting an ARC of this because I think if it had been different the wait would have drove me insane I can t seem to get enough of these characters and I hope they make an appearance in fut [...]

Wow Book 2 in the Fight for Life series by KA Sterritt does not disappoint, and sees Jules returning from her European getaway straight back into Leo s arms, thank goodness However, it s not all moonlight and roses, there are even hurdles to jump in order for them to finally get their HEA Question is, can they learn to trust each other and make it work This book answers so many questions that both Juliette and myself had following Collision We have all the same characters, plus a few , includin [...]

Impact is the sequel to Collision so once again we meet Leo and Juliette The book starts exactly where Collision finished on the cliffhanger which incidentally left me shouting at Kate and wanting to throw my kindle across the room More is revealed about Leo s background and the story behind his house, but as much as Jules wants to know even , Leo is still reluctant to tell her the whole story Meanwhile, Jules finds out about her mother s background and becomes even stronger because of it.Leo a [...]

Wow Impact follows on where Collison left off and we get answers to the cliffhanger that Collison left us with 5 stars to K.A Sterritt who had me reading well into the night i couldn t put it down This amazing book made my heart race, hold my breath, jump up and down and scream with excitement I loved the conclusion to Jules amd Leo story i know you will too.

Where is the fighting in the series One trip to Perth yep Shallow, the book is a cut and paste in many areas they returned to the apartment in silence, she s pushed against a wall, lunch with her peers at work First book I ve skimmed This is an honest review as in I m not any way related or associated to this author.

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  • [PDF] Read ☆ Impact : by Kate Sterritt
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