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Collision #(2022)



  • Title: Collision
  • Author: Kate Sterritt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 381
  • Format: None
Collision By Kate Sterritt,

Collision Best Read || [Kate Sterritt] - Collision, Collision Their lives were destined to collide Juliette Salinger lives her life entirely on her mother s terms Everything from what she wears to who she dates is determined by what is deemed appropriate for the

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FREE on US today 6 1 2016 Book 1.BLURB Their lives were destined to collide.Juliette Salinger lives her life entirely on her mother s terms Everything from what she wears to who she dates is determined by what is deemed appropriate for their social standing Look a little closer.Juliette isn t cut out for that life She lives for moments of reckless abandon to escape the crushing pressure of never being good enough.Leo Ashlar appears to live his life entirely on his own terms He s a bartending bac [...]

5 AWESOME STARS Kate, you did it again with Collision.I loved every bloody pun indented second of this book.I actively made my brain hold off as long as possible to finish this book because I didn t want it to end I knew the possibility of a Cliffie was in the midst, but I couldn t make myself stopI had to know what happened.And boy.did you leave me wanting , or what Need part twokesterday Leo, Leo, Leoyou beautifully, broken handsome loving soul What happened to you I need to know Your strength [...]

Collision by K.A SterrittWow K.A Sterritt just left me with my mouth hanging open I shock That s how much the ending surprised me And be prepared it does end in a cliffhanger but it s oh so worth it.Collision focuses on Juliette, a young woman with a successful career, amazing friends, and a love for a good fight However, she s also blessed with an overbearing mother and a boyfriend she s not crazy about at all.While attending an underground fight, Juliette runs into the imposing Leo And from th [...]

Juliette Salinger, aka Jules, was born into a wealthy family and lived a life of privilege But her life was nothing like she had planned for herself Instead, she was living a total lie, complete with a boyfriend she did not love, all for the sake of her mother s well being Having to endure her mother s constant control over her life, leads Juliette to a secret life of thrill seeking adventures, where the rush of adrenaline is exactly what she needs to make her feel alive Racing cars and boxing a [...]

Talk about a cliffhanger that makes you go insane just thinking about waiting for book 2 Damn it Loved this one, truly and wholeheartly fell head over heels for this story.Sweet.Dark.Tortured.Deep.Raw.Emotional.Realistic.Sad.Every single time I thought I couldn t handle looking like a blubbering mess, I knew it was worth it to see how the characters will develop on the very next pageWhen a girl who aims to please her parents has a mind that is anything but simple, free and all shades of the rain [...]

CollisionK A Sterritt5 starsWhat happens at Fight Club Will blow your dang panties off, swirl them around and rip them to tiny shreds This is a great book A girl who loves fast cars and fighting YUP But there is so much of course Juliette Salinger has the world in her hands She is successful, beautiful, has friends every corner you turn but this girl loves a good bloody fight something her overbearing mother has no knowledge of Juliette is to be the good girl who follows the rules of her family [...]

After reading The Holly Project and absolutely loving it, I was eager to read K A Sterritt s next book I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Collision and devoured it in 2 sittings Our heroine, Juliette, tries desperately to be what her family wants but has two passions they know nothing about driving fast cars and fighting Meanwhile, Leo, our hero, is a fighter with a past When they meet the chemistry between them is something else This is a beautifully written love story that I will definite [...]

I have had this book on my TBR list for so long and I ve been fortunate enough to meet the lovely author now on 2 occasions I promised her and myself that I would read this book before I saw her again.Collision is a great book with lots and twists and turns, set in Melbourne Australia and penned by a great Aussie author It has taken me a long to meet Juliette and Leo and I really enjoyed being in their world This books ends on what I would call a HFN ending and I have the second book on my kindl [...]

I started this book not knowing anything about the author, I hadn t read the blurb, I just loved the cover and had to read it Well, I m so glad I did This book was fantastic I am normally a reader that reads a couple of chapters a night and it takes me a few days or a week to read 1 book Not Collision I devoured this book in one sitting, I literally couldn t put it down It s one of those books that you fall in love with the characters, they intrigue you and you want need to know Leo and Jules a [...]

Received a copy in exchange for an honest review He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard, tugging at my robe and breaking our connection for only a few seconds before crashing his lips against mine I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body into him 5 huge, huge stars I can t even begin to describe how amazing this book is It s such an emotional and crazy roller coaster ride Their lives were destined to collide.Juliette Salinger lives her life entirely on her mother s term [...]

5 High Octane StarsWellwhat to say How about.Leo, I love you Leo, forget about Jules, I m the one for you Ok, less about me, about the book I absolutely loved the story, loved the characters, the fact that the story was dual POV was a big bonus for me The story follows Leo, a bar and and illegal fighting champ with a past, and Juliette, a society princess with a secret passion for racing and fighting Well, you know what they say Opposites attract, and these two are definitely attracted to each [...]

This is this the longest I have ever spent on a book I started off reading it in a group read and then a little at night before bed I did not want it to end I freaking loved these characters K.A Sterritt is a new to me author but her writing was so on point I was immediately drawn into two separate worlds, Juliette s and Leo s, that is That s where the collision took place, and boy did it rock me to the core My jaw was left hanging, on the floor, at that ending Just wow I need Impact now

Living under the thumb of an overbearing, high society mother, twenty five year old Juliette Salinger has had enough Until now, she s done everything that s been asked of her She s attended a university, maintained regular appointments at her parents home, appearances at their charity events, and she s even carried out an empty relationship at the will of her mother Inside, she s screaming for something She s disgusted with her role of society princess, and bored with a relationship that just d [...]

Two worlds collide 5 stars Received an ARC copy of the book for honest review for Wicked Women This is the story about two broken people colliding and creating a world of their own Will they survive the collision or will they be destroyed.Juliette Salinger is not your typical rich girl, she s gorgeous, not spoilt at all, well behaved, so much so that you wonder if she is real But under the cool fa ade lies the heart of a rebel Every day she fights her to be what her mother wants her to be and on [...]

I revelled in the inevitability of my own demise Some might call that selfish, cowardly and inconsiderate, but I could live with that Juliette and Leo two souls destine to meet and destine to heal each other Juliette is a beautiful shell walking around She is appears to be the perfect poised character of what her piece of society expects of her Leo is an illegal street fighter Unforgiving, punishing, powerful and everything she longs to be They meet as part of Juliette s need to be reckless What [...]

I loved this book that had me hanging on to every word and nuance, keeping me off balance at every turn in the story Juliette is such a contradiction Meek and vulnerable at times, then brave and fighting for her independence She wants to please her mother She attends her mother s charity events, wears her mother s clothing selections, and even dates her mother s choice of men But she tries to assert herself in fast cars and boxing lessons I d never known a girl with so many layers of beauty and [...]

Juliette is held to ransom by her mother s ridiculous emotions and lives for fleeting moments of freedom, in secret.Leo lives his life as he wants Held accountable by no one, he releases his frustrations in the cage.Through a series of coincidences, Juliette and Leo s lives cross and suddenly it s like a veil has been lifted Even though Juliette is feeling differently about her life, it s not that easy to change.I loved Leo He s a great character and with his secret past only alluded to with the [...]

I really enjoyed The Holly Project and knew when Collision was announced that I had to check it out I loved Leo and Jules Their story is perfectly paced and the characters are all very well developed.Leo and Jules come from two different worlds but are both fighting their way through the demons that haunt them Jules is living a picture perfect life She has the perfect apartment, a wealthy family that seems to want the best for her and on paper, a perfect almost fiance Her reality is far complic [...]

This book didnt really work for me for several reasons Spoilerish There was a lot going on right off the bat for there to be any sort of cohesive plot line There wasnt much build up btwn Leo and Jules so i feel their chemistry is lacking The threat of Richard seemed to dissipate, unresolved mind you, rather quickly The mystery surrounding the death of Leos parents was eye rolling than intriguing We can pretty much figure out based on the cliff hanger at the conclusion of this book All in all, i [...]

Collision Packs a punch Jules and Leo are two characters battling different demons We learn all about what Jules is fighting in this first book, but Leo remains somewhat of a mystery A Beautiful mystery.KA Sterritt has done it again I loved her Debut book The Holly Project and was eager to dive into Collision.Trust me, she does not disappoint.It s a well crafted, page turner of a story that will leave you begging for answers in book 2 I didn t know what I was waiting for until I found a lost sou [...]

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This book is amazing It s a great story with two great main characters heart hurts for Leo and the pain of his past Juliette I admire for her wanting to be her own person and not under her mother s thumb At times I wanted to throw my phone BUT that ending has me speechless And I am anxiously awaiting Impact

HOLY SHIT Sure didn t see that one coming I need book 2 like yesterday

Not quite for me unfortunately I liked the premise Liked the heroine and her expertise with car racing and fighting I liked Leo too, but the connection between them lacked something for me.

4.5 starsCollision is one of those books that took me by surprise, I ve had it sitting on my iPad for what feels like forever And even though I ll always regret not reading it sooner, at the same time I also feel like I read it at the exact right moment.I love characters that keep you guessing, and that was exactly what Juliette did She was shy and meek one minute, almost cowering under the pressure of being the perfect high society daughter, and the next minute she s the adrenaline junkie chasi [...]

Copy provided in exchange for an honest review I reveled in the inevitability of my own demise This was the first book I have read by K.A and I have found a new couple to obsess over This book follows Juliette and Leo and we get to read from both of their POV s YES Juliette is a daughter who lives in her mother s terms by day and an adrenaline junkie by night This story shows how much she grows as a person and how much she still has yet to grow She infuriated me some times when her backbone was [...]

Collision is a story that gave me chills The plot along with amazing character development made this story outstanding It played with my emotions and left me screaming literally for Juliette is torn between the facade life she lives and the person she wants to be Does she want to be who she pretends to be for her mother As I read her thoughts, I felt the struggle within her Her confusion is clear until her world collides with Leo Of course this causes new confusion for her, as she still is stuc [...]

What did I just read OMG This book was brilliantly written I was blown away by the events that unraveled while reading this story Talk about a roller coaster ride Collision had me captivated I loved most of the characters in this story Juliette s a strong character, but she was always trying to make others happy Leo was perfect He s just too good to be true Then there s Richard I haven t felt so much hatred for a character in a while, but this guy made my skin crawl Let me just say, you need to [...]

I ve found a new author to love I had seen the cover of this book on social media, and it came up as a recommendation on my kindle, but I just gazed over it, not really paying attention So when I met a mutual book friend that was going to be at the same signing as me in a few months, she asked if I had ever read this book by K A Sterritt I told her no, and the lovely lady by the name of Eli Peters gifted it to me I started reading it the next day and also joined a discussion group on Facebook ab [...]

5 Star ReviewI can t believe I forgot to do my review for this book, I loved this book and I was hooked from page one.This book is emotional, deep, raw, dark and sweetJuliette lives her life on her mothers terms but its not the life she wants , she wants excitement and she loves fast cars and fighting.Leo is a tattooed fighter who uses fighting as a way of escapingJuliette and Leo are destined to meet through a series of coincidences As the saying goes opposites attract and these two have an att [...]

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