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Hunters #(2021)



  • Title: Hunters
  • Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hunters By Aoife Marie Sheridan,

✓ Hunters ↠ Aoife Marie Sheridan - Hunters, Hunters Alternate cover edition for B NLRMJ SAbigail is nineteen Her job she hunts demons Her life so far has been tough Having witnessed her family s death and her mother s suicide she s been taken in by

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What can I say about this book Seriously I am having a hard time doing a review because I don t know how to express the feeling I felt after reading the book It is a good book, I love it, I love how it was written, my imagination worked, I even dreamed of it every time I read it The romance between characters balanced all the story You have to try reading this The complete review of this book can be seen on my blogHome of a Book Lover

Book Talk Reviewsfacebook VampiresBite2012michelle808205 I LOVED this book The story line was fantastic and I really liked the cover,which I think is a perfect fit.The main character is nineteen year old Abigail Abigail was brought but and raised by Father Peter,who trains her and three other to fight demons Abigail and her friend Daniel who is also a Demon Hunter share a secret that they can t let anyone find out about.I just loved this story I think the Author sit the mark with just the right [...]

Hunters is the first book in Sheridan s new Demon series and follows troubled teenager Abigail as she hunts demons alongside a few other interesting characters.I was blown away by how good this book actually was I hardly even know where to start with this review I was still thinking about the story the day after I read it, which isn t something that happens very often for me The book has a pretty dark tone which really made it stand out to me among all the other urban fantasy paranormal romance [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author Abigail is a 19 year old demon hunter Her life until she was eleven had been pretty brutal She was taken in my John, a priest who taught her all about demons, after her parents and brother died I m a fan of the authors, I have read the first two books in The Saskia Trilogy, so I was really excited when she gave me a copy of Hunters to review This book shocked me, it is so much darker than The Saskia Trilogy As I began to read, [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review through Lovers of Paranormal.Abigail is sort of a hot mess, isn t she She s an alcoholic at 19 but sort of has a good reason for it After all, she did see her entire family s death first hand It s hard to judge that That s a difficult thing to get over but she copes through her job Abigail is a demon hunter and has been taken in by a priest who has become her surrogate family, taking advantage of her abilities to see ghosts Her best friend, Z [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 3 3.5ish stars I have never really been a fan of paranormal books Love the movies but I never take the time to actually read stories that involve ghosts This book is an exception It s not just ghosts There s heaven, hell, angels and demons as well I really did like the story line It was a good idea, but there were way too many blank spaces I constantly felt like EVERYTHING was happening at once, but we were given no information Also [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal and here it goes Hunters by Aoife Marie Sheridan is not like the typical paranormal books I usually read First off, it is New Adult which I wasn t expecting and I prefer to read PNR that is very adult so my review may not be as helpful With that said, I thought Hunters was okay I love the mysteriousness of Zee, the hero I am iffy about the heroine, Abigail however She is way too needy for my liking Another minus for me is [...]

Loved this book If I could I would have read this in one sitting It captivates you from beginning to last The story was very interesting with shrouded mysteries plus there s the twist What I like is probably the romance It just fitted everything Not too much but just right I also liked the other characters They fit in perfectly with the Abigail s character Although Abigail s character need to grow up I m hoping that happens in the next book besides that I enjoyed reading Hunters And well, ther [...]

Hunters by Aoife Marie Sheridan was a great book I loved it Abigail is a troubled teen dealing with the loss of her whole family But the love she shares with her friends and her adopted dad is a great story line as well She has some very special abilities and finds things about herself in this book that she didn t know I feel for this character and can understand what a confusing time it is in her life I can t wait to see what the next book has to tell us about all the characters in this book I [...]

Hunters The Demon Series 1 by Aoife Marie SheridanI received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review through the Lovers of Paranormal Group on Abigail is a 19 year old Demon Hunter She is essentially an emotional mess, has a bad attitude and is basically an alcoholic As a child she witnessed the death of her family and was then taken in by a priest who trains her and three others to become Demon hunters This book is very well written but with a very dark tone to it The storyli [...]

At first it was hard to get into the story, the prologue is told from Daniel s point of view and then the first chapter starts with Abigail s and it keeps changing through the book.I didn t like Abigail at first but then I got used to her, she can be a bit annoying, but she has a lot going on.Daniel was my favorite character, and even when I still don t know know what he is, I know that he is good and really cares about Abigail.I was a bit dissapointed at the end, I wanted to know , but I guess [...]

I enjoyed this book There were a few parts that were fairly slow, but overall it was enjoyable I think that the biggest problem that I had with it were the grammar errors I find a fairly significant amount of grammar errors very distracting when I m reading a book and for some reason that is unknown to me, they are even distracting when I m reading an ebook The story was enjoyable though and I found that most of the characters has substance they seemed like they could have been real people inst [...]

This was a fun read that didnt go where I expected it to The plot wasn t the usual, predictable story It was exciting and easy to become invested in the characters The only the thing that stopped me from giving it 5 stars was that the main character, Abigail, has such a self loathing she was hard to relate to since I never felt she was that flawed of a character.

I can t wait to read it

i was provided a copy from Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Readers, Writers and Reviewers in exchange for an honest review this review contains spoilers Abigail is nineteen Her job, she hunts demons.Her life so far has been tough Having witnessed her family s death and her mother s suicide, she s been taken in by a priest, who believes her when she says that she sees ghosts Father Peter trains her as a demon hunter with three other members, one being Daniel, who isn t what he seems.But [...]

Abby has always been able to see ghosts and demons from a very early age As the approaching anniversary of her father and brother s death, demons seem to call her by name and two casualties occur Abby s staunch protector is Zee Daniel happens to also be in love with Abby and letting her believe his an angel Someone wants Abby dead for reasons that are unclear Can Abby continue to demon hunt Who wants to harm Abby Your answers await you in Hunters.

what to say about this book This book is complex, at times weird, but leaves the reader is awe by the end of the book I finished the book last night but I am still having a hard time digesting everything I read The main character in the story is Abigail She has a complicated life full of grief, self loathing, and pain at times she is very cynical and mostly walks around with a bad attitude chip on her shoulder But Abigail has had anything but an easy life It s hard to blame her for being what sh [...]

I received a free copy for an honest review and this is my stop in Aoife Sheridan s October blog tour Ghosts, angels, and demons exist They are not the things from movies They are so much worse p 43 Hunters is the first instalment in The Demon Series by Aoife Marie Sheridan.I enjoyed the novel, loved the characters but the protagonist, Abigail, I hated her It s the first time for me to dislike a central character so much Abigail Thornton is a nineteen year old vodka aholic demon hunter But inste [...]

Hunters is the first book in what promises to be a really intriguing and exciting series Abigail is a young girl who has the special ability of seeing ghosts Not only did she lose her family at a young age but she witnessed their deaths something which haunts her to this day Raised by Father Peter, a member of a secret society that hunts demons, Abigail is trained to use her abilities to hunt demons some of which might have been involved in the death of her family Her closest friend is Daniel, o [...]

This is the first book in the Demon Series, and it s a little part religious, because it s priests who run the demon hunters BUT it s also a little urban fantasy, because it s got a lot of action and whole lot of fun Things like exorcisms and haunting, and possessions And a heap load of sad heart wrenching pasts I m quite amazed at what this book is becoming I won t like it s dark, and gritty, and I have a feeling there s going to be a whole lot of heart ache, than there already is, and it s a [...]

After a rocky start, I was actually pretty drawn into this book, so much so that I would pick it up on my iPhone and read it while waiting at red lights no, Mom, I wasn t reading while driving I was stopped Sheridan has painted a picture of a tortured young woman, one that is riding on the edge of a knife and quite literally may slip off at any moment It was engaging, it was filled with action and suspense, and it was a fun read.Abigail is a demon hunter, and she is paid to go out and find demon [...]

My whole life, after that point, was burying what happened to me under a rock and hoping it would never come back Well, now it was coming back The only comfort I got out of seeing Sam was that I knew he wasn t in hell I never truly believed he was, but sometimes, it played on my mind I needed to go back There must be something he wanted me to find or see Hunters by Aoife Marie Sheridan I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review After the tragic death of her family, Abigai [...]

HUNTERS Demon Series Part One by Aoife Marie Sheridan I received a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review What follows is my unbiased opinion of HUNTERS by Aoife Marie Sheridan SYNOPSIS Abigail is 19 She should be attending college and spending time with friends, but that is not the case Abigail is a demon hunter She can also see and communicate with ghosts.After the death of her family she was adopted by Father Peter who also heads up her demon hunting group.Abiga [...]

this book has you have questions along the way some get answered some are not and in the end are added Daniel is my biggest mystery Love him Sheridan writes him as a mystery though I gentle , lethal adoring mystery He loves Abigail and gave up a lot to protect her and try to get her to see him as than a friend He is faithful and kind and in the end he sacrifices alot for her.Abigail is a stubborn, in a way selfish young lady who has lost a lot She has people looking for her and she can bring g [...]

Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, New AdultAbigail is a nineteen year old whose job it is to hunt demons.Her life has been tough and she has was taken in by a priest Father Peter also believes her when she says she can see ghosts He also trains her to hunt demons with three other members One being Daniel that is than what he seems Ghosts start attacking Abigail after a possession goes wrong It also starts to loosen the tight hold she has had on her emotions Now Abigail has drawn the unwanted at [...]

I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.I really liked this book and can t wait for the second book to come out Abigail became an orphan when she was a little girl Her mother killed herself and her father and younger brother died under very suspicious circumstances Father Peter took her in and raised her, along with other special children like her They all have special abilities Abigail can see ghosts and speak to them Abigail and the other orphans were trained to hunt [...]

This review was originally published by Kurt s Frontier through Invincible Love of Reading.Synopsis When one hunts demons, one has to be prepared for the tangled webs that are woven before ones feet Abigail was orphaned when she was young Her mother committed suicide, and her father seemed to go crazy, killing her little brother After being taken in by a priest, Abigail is trained to hunt demons She can see ghosts and is a great benefit to her team She is especially close to Daniel, though he is [...]

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.I enjoyed that this book was about demon hunters Some of the scenes in which people were possessed I found quite scary It was reminiscent of The Exorcist to me, which I always found terrifying Another part of the book I really liked was when Abigail learned of her true parentage That was an intriguing and unexpected twist that remains unresolved when the book ends This book also ends with a major cliffhanger, which I m certain will encourage reader [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Abigail and Zee have a unique relationship As fellow demon hunters being nurtured and developed by a group known as the REOTE, they work to rid the world of evil Lately, though, it seems like the evil has its sights set on rattling Abigail Her name tauntingly spoken by a demon, a ghost who uses her for its own dark purpose, and strange events all lead the REOTE to take a second look at Abigail and her band of co hunters Throughout [...]

There is always lots going on in this book Daniel is my favourite character in the book He is fierce, sweet and dedicated to Abigail in a way she has no clue about Abigail, at times was a very frustrating character Due to her memories of her family, she is actually a heavy drinker it makes her a little selfish, when there are so many people trying to help her One minute she was as tough as nails, then the next minute crying and drinking he side characters are great as well Cathy was a bitch, but [...]

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