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Caged #(2022)



  • Title: Caged
  • Author: J.A. Belfield
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Caged By J.A. Belfield,

Caged Best Read || [J.A. Belfield] - Caged, Caged This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B MCQSS E If the meek can become deadly the strongest can be weak For Ethan Holloway his mission to find a missing werewolf should be simple Crack a few

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I ve been WAITING for this book since I first read Darkness Light Ethan Holloway is by far my fav Holloway boy and fav book boyfriend.So what can I say about this book I know Ms Belfield nibbled her nails away when ARCs went out, butShe has nothing to worry about.Yummies Absolutely everything.Caged delivers In a BIG way We finally get a glimpse into Ethan What drives him What undoes him All wrapped up in one thrilling ride.I just want you all to know that for a prego woman to sit on the couch fr [...]

I am going to start this review by saying I don t read romance I have read exactly two romantic novels at my wife s recommendation Nothing against the genre, I just usually read things with explosions and other stereotypical guy junk.Okay, that s out of the way The actual review starts here I ve never read any of the other Holloway stories, but Caged was great Sure there was a small romantic part to the plot, but the majority of it relied on suspense and action and werewolves All of which are aw [...]

MY REVIEWI received an E Arc of this one from J Taylor publishing in exchange for y honest review and opinion I am part of J.A Belfield s Blog Tour in September but had to read the book now Everytime I went on my kindle it was there and the Holloway Pack were quite literally calling to me lol So I read it rather earlier than originally planned.So the cover is m eat, we have a hmmmm.picture of the gorgeous Ethan Holloway on it Though on the cover he is trapped in a cage not good I love the byline [...]

WOW, I love my pack Yes, after spending so much time with the Holloway pack, I will claim them as mine Although, I am willing to share because they are so amazing and fabulous, you MUST read their stories This story picks up a few months after Resonance leaves off, except it continues from Ethan s point of view Ethan is the humongous, gorgeous older brother of Sean Holloway Our story starts with a mystery another missing person report Only this one, Ethan has a personal connection to As the stor [...]

Lucky me I got an early look at Caged, and I can promise that you won t be disappointed Belfield hits a grand slam with her latest Holloway Pack novel It s impossible to put down and will leave you jonesing for .

Ummm, I couldn t wait The minute I got that email with my ARC copy, I seriously put almost everything on hold I NEEDED it I m still trying to get Ethan to go on a date with me, and I ve read this book twice I have no hope, but I won t give up yet I knew it would be both different, and just as amazing, as the others in the series, because it s not Jem s point of view any, it s ETHAN Dude, it could be the most horrible book and I d love it, because I LOVE ETHAN Who doesn t LOL So, now, we get to s [...]

I got a copy in exchange for an honest review.As soon as I got the e mail with the ARC of Caged I knew it would be my next read I just couldn t wait to read what would happen And I was especially curious because Caged is from a different point of view than the earlier books in this series.At first I had some trouble adjusting to the new pov, I knew it would be from a different pov, but it was still weird Soon I got a sense of who Ethan was and got used to his pov The beginning of Caged was a bit [...]

Awesome Better than Blue Moon Totally different yet the same like choosing between icecream flavors In my opinion, each of Julie Belfield s books has gotten stronger That s rare praise coming from me as often I find the second, and especially the third, book weaker in some series Not so with Caged I won t say I liked it better than Blue Moon I LOVED that story, but this one is so different it s hard to compare There is plenty of action and suspense in this one, but unlike its predecessor, told f [...]

This was the first book of the series I ve read, and I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed reading it Caged was action packed and held my interest, there definitely wasn t one boring part in this book I like the slight romantic aspect, though could ve always taken a little Ethan is the large, brooding older brother in the Holloway pack The story starts with Ethan investigating another missing persons case, but this one touches a little closer to home As Ethan and Kyle investigate they stumble [...]

I ve been waiting for this one oh have I been waiting I saw this one in its infancy and couldn t wait to see how it turned out I wasn t disappointed Ethan might be a big ass sometimes but he s a good guy at heart It was good to see him settle down so to speak The book has me wondering about a certain vampire they never foundI wouldn t mind seeing something to show a little of Ethan s past since he has this reputation in the book yet I don t recall any show of it in the previous installments Basi [...]

Caged is yet another great installment in the Holloway Pack series J.A Belfield is so good at making you fall for her characters Ethan was loveable in previous books in the series, but in Caged you are really able to get in his head You feel his confusion over a potential relationship, his termoil and desperation in a very bad situation, and his love and loyalty towards his packmates.If you re looking for a wolfy series with mystery, action, romance, hot werewolves of course , and so much then [...]

Wow, was this worth the wait Hell yes I was finally allowed inside Ethan s head I love Sean, but Ethan s right up there now too 0 I loved that we were allowed to meet of the pack this didn t disappoint.Now my wait begins for the fourth book, Unnatural if you haven t done so already, I urge you to go check out the cover and blurb the anticipation might just help the wait If you love werewolves, this is one for you go immerse yourself in their world

I m seriously always excited for Holloway Pack books or novellasor anything Holloway Pack related really, but I ve been EAGERLY anticipating Caged as soon as I discovered it was Ethan s story, and I have to say that it definitely didn t disappoint It was quite a bit different than the other books in the series because they re about Sean and Jem and are mostly from Jem s POV, but it was a really, really, REALLY good kind of different I loved getting to learn about Ethan and seeing all of the lay [...]

Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI love it when a series gets better with each new installment and J.A Belfield s HOLLOWAY PACK is a prime example of that I m glad that I stuck with it after having given book one and two, 3 and 4 stars respectively, because following the evolution of this author s werewolves made me better able to appreciate CAGED for what it is grade A alpha meat Ethan s story is as riveting as his back is gorgeous, and Belfield s mythology surprised me with its uniqueness which is sayin [...]

If you want to love werewolves, to see why they are some of the most splendid physically and psychologically species, then you must read Caged by J.A Belfield.Caged remembered me that for a long time the werewolves were my favorites Forgotten somehow on the second place, because of many other fantastic races encountered, now, thanks to this author they resumed their place of honor.That s because of Ethan, the main character he is all that can be the best of its breed Born and grew to become the [...]

I ll just start out by saying when I first sat down to this book, before I even pulled the first page on my Kindle, I had a nervous feeling in my gut Have you ever fallen for a character, one you weren t necessarily supposed to fall for because he doesn t really have that big of a role in a story, but had so much charm and sexiness, you couldn t help but become enad Yeah, this is what happened when I read Darkness Light The star of the book was clearly Sean And he s the guy J made so damn irresi [...]

This is yet another amazing journey into the world of the Holloway Pack This time everything is told from Ethan s POV which gives us a chance to really get to know him and it also keeps the suspense at an all time high since we don t know what s happening with the rest of the pack, which totally killed me in a good way From the get go the suspense is crazy high I held my breath almost the entire book It s a slow simmer at first you keep waiting for the inevitable to occur, knowing any moment we [...]

Disclaimer I had no experience with the preceding Holloway Pack stories before reading my advanced reader copy of Caged , and I dislike sex scenes and profanity Those obstacles aside, however, I did enjoy the book Ethan is largely to thank for that.I m happy to say that the hype I d heard from those who d met him before me has not proven groundless Ethan s fun and loyal not to mention British and a werewolf, both of which score coolness factor points with me , and his heroic heart had me rooting [...]

This book kept me from getting anything else done all afternoon that is how engrossed I became in the action I LOVED Ethan, big, strong, loyal, and smart he is a hero through and through Even under the direst circumstance he never lost sight of his plan and worked to implement the salvation of an entire group of captives The suspense was woven throughout the tale in such a way that I almost felt the pain and desperation of being forced to become ruthless and unfeeling doing the unthinkable at th [...]

I had the honor of winning Julie s own printed ARC of Caged, which came with red notes in the sidebar, which made this an even better read Dare I say I loved Ethan even than Sean Yes I do It s hot, it s exciting, it s fun, it s action packed, it s my favorite Hollow Pack Story so far I devoured this book, I had to go grocery shopping once, but other than that I read it in one sitting laying sitting again etc, you readers know what I mean

There were so many things about this book that just grated on me I m not sure why, when I enjoyed the previous books but this one was like fingernails on a chalkboard I tried to keep pressing ahead, but ended up throwing in the towel.

This will be the shortest review in history Those 5 stars come for one and only one reason.Ethan.Enough said.

Ok seriously, I can t wait till August Where s my book

Firstly I have to admit that this book has been sitting in my to read books for quite some time, since I downloaded it when it was free I really wish I had read it sooner.It is a well written book with likable, consistent characters The dialogue is realistic as is the interaction between the characters.I particularly enjoyed the fact that this book was set in England and that the author is English I read so many books that are American, set in America, written by American authors and full of Ame [...]

Amazing seriesOf course I d love Ethan s book He s been so deserving of his HEA and I m so glad he got it with this book I only wish I would have gotten to know Shelley as she s not a big player in the story Hopefully I ll get that with cameo appearances in future reads.

EthanWe finally get his story Though I have to say that I was surprised who it was I love how protective Ethan is I really liked the secondary characters as well and hope that some make an appearance in the future And I just have to say that Sean is very strong considering what he goes through in this story.

I was really enthousiastic about readying this book but after reafying the first 10 chapters, I just can t get into it So sad

This book didn t interest me like the other books did There were some good parts but just not enough for me to love the book.

I won this through First Reads Giveaway.

  • Caged Best Read || [J.A. Belfield]
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