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Blue Moon #(2022)

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

  • Title: Blue Moon
  • Author: J.A. Belfield
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Blue Moon By J.A. Belfield,

[PDF] Blue Moon | by ✓ J.A. Belfield - Blue Moon, Blue Moon This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B LYZI BW Someone is watching the Holloway Pack and this time the female isn t the target Life with a group of seven male werewolves worries Jem Stonehou

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I was so excited to finally have my hands on Blue Moon I finished this novel in an eight hour work day No, I didn t get much work done She captured me with the first Holloway pack novel Darkness Light Mrs Belfield has done it again with another page turner Page after page she drives you in with intrigue until the very end She takes you on a journey from past to present with the Holloway Pack men and Jem Her characters continue to grow from being timid to bad ass I fell in love with Jem and Sean [...]

Okay Yes I have been on a string of great reads lately and Blue Moon is no different I loved it I m such a sucker for the triple threat of great action, romance and the paranormal coming together in a perfect storm of terrific writing In the capable hands of Ms Belfield, we re taken on another leg of Jem and Sean s journey together, and it s done with humor, passion and mystery I love how I can see, taste, and smell her writing as if I m right there I ve come to love these characters and miss th [...]

Oh wow oh wow I neeeed the next installmentew to you do NOT want to miss this brrrrilliant book REVIEWI received this E arc directly from J Taylor Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion and review.I like the cover, the blue moon which if you don t know what one is, is actually a second full moon in the same month A Blue Moon is said to be a very magical time and enhance any magic spells done at that time I like the moodiness of the cover, the figure suggests seduction.In this book, we see [...]

Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThe follow up book to J.A Belfield s Darkness Light wasted no time in getting on my good side The first chapter is short, but features Sean and Jem hunting as wolves, and whenever a novel starts off from a were s POV I just know that it s going to be good Stonehouse and I didn t exactly hit it off in the first installment I found her a little too weak to be even considered a heroine However, in Blue Moon she brings her A game and proves me wrong she s now a fully adapted, [...]

Once again, J.A Belfield has blown me away I absolutely LOVED Blue Moon I loved that you get to see Jem as a member of the Holloway Pack, and that you get to see her with Sean D I also really enjoyed seeing her interactions with the other Pack members My one piece of advice about this book though not start it when you have no time to read it You will not want to put it down, so you ll be in trouble P From the moment this book starts, you will want to keep reading, so don t say I didn t warn you [...]

I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.I had some issues with the first book, but decided to give the second book a try because the blurb sounded so interesting And I am really glad I did, in my opinion this book is much better than the first book The plot was interesting and fast paced and there were some nice twists and turns.The focus of this plot is really different than the first book Instead of focusing on Jem and her getting to know the pack and her werewolf heritage, in [...]

I was lucky enough to get my paws on this puppy earlier Nenner nenner nenner Blue Moon is the second installment of the Holloway Pack books Once again we re following Jem and Sean, but this time it s not Jem whose life is in danger This time it s the female werewolf kicking major witch to save her pack.I loved this book Thrilling, fast paced from beginning to end Anyone with brothers and a close knit family will understand Jem s protective nature And this leads me intoYummies The characters and [...]

Finished this in one sitting, the only pause I took was to eat when my own mate came home from work I couldn t and wouldn t put it down Blue Moon is imho even better than it prequel Darkness Light But the main thing, that makes me love all of Julie s books, is the way she describes the bond Jem and Sean have The bond of true love I ve never read anything that describes my feelings as perfect as the Holloway Pack stories do.Blue Moon is another jewel in a series of amazing stories, with lovable c [...]

Jem kicks butt in the latest installment from the Holloway Pack Jem has gotten used to being the only female in her pack of gorgeous, hunky men A new threat has her grinding her teeth to protect them No one messes with Sean or her family Jem will do whatever it takes to save her boys flirt with danger, disobey her Alpha and even leave the pack A girl s got to do what a girl s got to do, and Jem does it all Ms Belfield has written another addicting addition to her amazing storyline I could not pu [...]

Oooh LOVE the Holloway men Man All of em Yummy.More details to come

I really didn t want this to end.

Blue Moon was absolutely fantastic so fantastic I finished it in one sitting J.A Belfield dives back into the lives of the Holloway pack with fierce emotions and tests on the bonds within the pack Jem has adjusted to life mated to Sean Holloway and is quite content being the sole female in the family So when a sneaky woman moves in on Josh, Jem s hackles rise and raise an intense dislike for the woman While the pack wants her to get along with Marianne, Jem s instincts take over and action ensue [...]

Ugh Why did the book have to end I want Review I really loved seeing the pack dynamics and how they all interact with each other, especially when it comes to Jem She is a perfect fit in the pack puzzle and in this book and she finds out how far she s willing to go to protect the ones she loves I m also pretty sure J.A Belfield is an evil temptress She will bewitch you, lure you into her story, and then twist your mind up with jaw dropping twists and heartbreak She will keep you guessing until t [...]

This is another great book in the series I won this book too in a giveaway, so it was free I did run out and buy two of the other books in this series though I will definitely continue to read the series Jem is a fantastic heroine, and I love learning about her, her past, and her love I will always love strong heroines and Jem certainly is one You easily lose yourself to the world J.A Belfield creates The only thing I disliked is the ending and having to wait for especially with the cliffhange [...]

WOMEN POWER Go Jem Blue Moon is much action and stress packed than Darkness Light It has a different vibe that makes it as interesting as its prequel Nobody wants to read the same thing twice which is why this book is so interesting.We also get to meet Jess, the mysterious sister who knows so much about magic She is the pack s life saver, litterally.As for the ending how in earth are we supposed to wait until August to know what s happening with him

Miss Belfield is fast becoming one of my favorite authors Her writing is beautiful, relatable, and leaves you craving for Reading about the Holloway pack is like catching up old friends.

4.5 sGotta say, I lurved this sequel to Darkness Light and the latest threat to the Holloway Pack.I can t really add to the synopsis so straight on to my thoughts.What I liked about Blue Moon was the shift of the focus from Jem to the pack as the potential victim s , we tend to automatically assume that Jem will always be the target with the werewolf community being predominantly male and Jem being the only female but this shows us never to presume you know anything It was easy to assume that Je [...]

3.5 starsFirst off, I love that cover It s so stunning Just wow I dived into this book without having read the first four Holloway Pack series books Instinct Holloway Pack, 0 , Eternal Holloway Pack, 0.5 , Darkness Light Holloway Pack, 1 , Into The Unknown Holloway Pack 1.5 but it really didn t matter as the book does good as a standalone.It s been really long since I read a book about werewolves and mostly because I have been weaning myself off those since I have started to feel they have nothi [...]

Genre Paranormal RomancePublisher Type Indie, Small PrintMy Rating My Review It was super good to get back into the contemporary world of the Holloway Pack I love the historical novellas that I ve ate up over the past year, but I ve been jonesing for the continuation of the Jem Sean story And fan girl squeal it was everything I could even hope for and Life, it seems for the Holloway pack has settled into a blissful rhythm well, until a stranger, Marianne, takes an interest in pack member, Josh [...]

Sleep is an extremely valuable commodity in a house with 3 children under 5, so the fact that once again J.A Belfield has lured me into giving up a large chunk of it speaks volumes for the next instalment of the Holloway Pack story This was a book I both couldn t wait to read and dreaded starting, unsure whether I wanted to know what Ms Belfield was going to put the characters through this time, maybe I was better remaining blissfully ignorant believing them all to live happily ever after I was [...]

As seen on Rabidreads Before I deal too in depth about Blue Moon s content, it is worthwhile to note two well done elements regarding its form and frame The E book I had the pleasure of perusing displayed economical paragraphing many were only one sentence that furthered the illusion that what I was reading occurred in real time like a TV series of some sort The verbs, if I am permitted to geek out a little, and vocabulary were often exciting Don t even get me started on the rather shocking thin [...]

I really liked this one I also like that it seemed to fix what I was worried would become too much for me in the series the massive misogyny.Yes, yes Werewolves, dominant man, rawr But it was becoming too much In the two prequel shorts, I had to continuously remind myself that it was the 18th century, so I didn t get pissed off Had it continued into the modern story, it would have gotten old really quickly to me.Welcome to the 21st century Don t you worry your pretty little head, darling doesn t [...]

So I absolutely LOVED this installment of the Holloway Pack series It took me a bit longer to get into as I would have liked, but I was hooked once I got into it Particularly towards the middle I swear, I was right there with Jem flipping out wondering what the hell are they going to do Seriously, this is very much worth the read The next one in the series can t come soon enough.


From readingandwritingurbanfantasy.At a GlanceI so wanted to give Blue Moon stars because I really enjoyed it, but the plot wasn t very structured and the ending could have been exciting But I still liked it a lot The GoodHere s The StoryJem is in a good place She has the love of her life, Sean, by her side and a male pack of werewolves that adore and accept her Then one of her packmates, Josh, had to go and get a girlfriend and ruin everything Jem thinks this new girl is bad news, while the r [...]

I read this knowing it was a sequel, but I hadn t read the first book I did know some of the back story, because once I started it I realized I had read a short story or something about the characters before The book follows a pack of werewolves made up of two families There is some reference to past events from the first book, but it wasn t a problem in understanding the events of the second Since the book revolves around the romance of the main characters, I would label this a paranormal roma [...]

I liked this book a lot than the first one I thought the storyline was fluid and interesting and they established the pack nature quite a bit The only thing I had a problem with was how Jem acted with some of the pack, especially Josh Perhaps it s a wolf thing, or a pack hierarchy with the lone female of the pack, but how touchy feely she was with the guys other than Sean made me uncomfortable I understand they are HER males since she is the female of the pack, but it bordered on incest for m [...]

This second installment in the Holloway Pack series is a wild romp It is difficult to talk about this book without spoilers, so I will only say that the synopsis description is a great tease There is tons of action and Jem experiences an abundance of frustrations when those around her choose to not heed her warnings Consequently she once again takes off on a tear to save the day, often without thinking things through before hand, which in my mind is her least likable character trait Otherwise th [...]

Ms Belfield delivers again I love the Holloway pack They are refreshing, fierce, clingy, loyal, loving, and sometimes down ride crazy In this installment there are some women infringing on Jem s territory, and her hackles are raised She fights for what s hers in a cut throat literally no holds bar domination, and she sure brings it There were a few grammatical errors and some slow spots that had me putting the book down with little resistance, which is why I have rated this book a 4, but overall [...]

I d give this somewhere between 4 4 s I don t know why I waited so long, but it was than worth the wait Steamy pages with supernatural shenanigans werewolves and More to come, but I really enjoyed this and there are NO troubles if you haven t read the beginning books in the series.I received this eBook from J.Taylor Publishing and J.A Belfield in exchange for an honest review.

  • [PDF] Blue Moon | by ✓ J.A. Belfield
    499 J.A. Belfield
Blue Moon