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The Wolf Within #(2022)

The Wolf Within

The Wolf Within

  • Title: The Wolf Within
  • Author: J.A. Belfield
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Wolf Within By J.A. Belfield,

[PDF] Download æ The Wolf Within : by J.A. Belfield - The Wolf Within, The Wolf Within This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B MR DNUY Jem Stonehouse a housewife with a neurotic husband bent on keeping her in line dreams about werewolves in what she believes to be a bid to es

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3.5 Dark and Light StarsDarkness and Light is a PRN romance novel with elements of a modern day romance Jemma is a housewife living in a loveless marriage She is constantly driven to please her husband and take care of his ever whim I was a happy wife and provider of food and sex At first her stepford wife behavior felt akin to a dystopian lifestyle I almost couldn t believe that a modern women would behave in such a manner And yet, the timeline was in fact in the present and modern world Jemma [...]

At the risk of sounding completely clich OMG If you love Paranormal Romance and specifically Werewolves then you have got to read this book If you love the transformation of a weak submissive woman into a strong willed woman then you have got to read this book.I first read Fated Encounter, which takes a scene from this book and switches the point of view to Sean, and was intrigued to delve right into Darkness Light, and I am SO glad I did Being introduced to Sean and his point of view really hel [...]

I had the awesome pleasure of getting my hands on a copy of this little beauty even before it was released snicker Yeah, I ve got connections This book was a pleasure to read from cover to cover, the smooth as silk writing style, a diverse cast of characters with distinct voices and a great story that carried my interest until THE END.J A Belfield did a great job with Jem She begins as a housewife, mostly resigned to her life married to the ultimate aresehole Once dreamy Sean comes into the pict [...]

MY REVIEWOh Wow I never thought I would say I had found another series of books as good as the Rachel Vincent Shifter Series, or Dee Tenorio s Resurrection Series or Kelley Armstrong s Women Of The Otherworld Series but The Holloway Pack Series well and truly lives up to their standard and at time surpasses them I loved the historical element in the book It s difficult to say without giving spoliers which I refuse to do The same historical element is dealt with in Instinct, so if you have read [...]

4.5 sDarkness Light introduces us to the Holloway Pack and as the series title suggests.we ve got us some werewolves In the beginning, we met Jem a 30something housewife to Peter and to me she is definitely a stepford wife dinner done on time, nice little housework routine going on, lets her husband choose her clothes Basically happy to do her husbands bidding boring But when she starts having dreams involving werewolves, runs through the forest feeling the change from human to animal Things sta [...]

Good Lord have mercy What a rush.Not a huge paranormal romance reader, but Mrs B grabbed my attention with the first line swept me through to a satisfying ending like few can do If you thought Jacob s pack from the Twilight series was hot, well clears throat The Halloway boys will ignite an unquenchable fire for muscles, wolves, gnashing of teeth, , , 2nd time read through review This was my second time reading DL and let me tell you I thought the first time through deserved 5 stars Much bet [...]

I loved the idea of reincarnation which helped the way Sean and Jem connected I also loved the dream sequences which helped Jem to come to terms with what she was experiencing now I understand the title This was a lovely alternative to the usual werewolf type novels, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Looking forward to the next installment of course

Ahhh Jem and Sean I have to say, I really loved this book I am so impressed that this is J.A s first novel,,, it was so beautifully written Jem is a boring housewife in a marriage without sparks Jem is dreaming of werewolves,, one particular werewolf that she finally gets to see in her dreams, and then in reality She finds that she and this mystery dream man, Sean, have a history Although the relationship between Jem and Sean was awkwardly written at first feeling almost forced and unnatural, I [...]

Here comes a book with no rating But a review I have a real problem in giving a number of star to this novel I did not like it, but at the same time I realize it had some real good parts So I was torn between the 1 o 2 star that my experience rated or consider it the better book it surely is At the end I decided to go Pilate And in this instance I think it s fairer Pro A story that read fresh A good plot Above all, a writing style that in same pages was really lyricCons Absolutely no world build [...]

I loved the fast pace of this book Even importantly, the emotional tug of the words was just simply astounding To see Jem transition from a boxed in housewife to living up what her destiny proves, it s breathtaking Through her many trials, one thing prevails Love.Can t get prettier than that.

Reviewed by Rabid ReadsDarkness Light starts off with Jem married to this a hole named Peter Her husband didn t begin this story as a complete jerk but the speed at which he progressed from there s something off about this guy to full out run for your life was staggering I found it weird that it took 8 years for Peter s crazy to surface in their marriage Mind you, Jem seemed a little out there as well but in a wolf like kind of way so I was ok with that Her definition of what it means to be a wi [...]

So I read both prequels, set in the back drop of history and it s about our furry friends the werewolves so when I come to read Darkness Light, imagine my surprise when the book is set in present times No, I don t read the synopsis like normal people What was even surprising was it seemed to be about the same people, Jem and Sean but Jem was married to Peter then, cleverly, the story came to light talk about rebirth I have to admit, reading the prequels kind of set the back drop to the story bu [...]

Darkness Light is a paranormal romance written from the perspective of Jem Stonehouse, a seemingly content housewife, married to a despicable excuse for a man, Peter Life for Jem is predictable Routine That is, until sexy Sean Holloway steps into her world What was once a mundane existence soon becomes shaken and stirred by a rambunctious group of mouthwatering, hot bodied werewolves Jem is forced to choose between her morals and her heart This book is fast paced and engaging from the moment the [...]

OK, so I had heard some great things about this book as well, so I decided to buy it and jump on this band wagon as well Boy this is a good one Jem is in a TERRIBLE marriage, and Lord forgive me, but I would have killed him in his sleep But, she s always had these dreams of wolves, and this one in particular, Sean, and then things get really real when she actually meets him This one has werewolves, witches, prophecies, awesome good guys, scary bad guys, and a seriously nutty husband, with fantas [...]

I finished this novel up over the long weekend, and I have to say I really enjoyed an hour or so each morning getting into Jem s head and travelling with her as she comes to terms with who she is As she comes to believe in Nathan s fairy tale, so do we as the reader.Just a really engaging story and a refreshing break from the glut of vampire tales out there.Heartwarming, fiery, and romantic One heck of a trifecta there.4.5 of 5 stars just cant use half stars here.

I fell in LOVE with this book It s such a beautiful love story.If I did not have to eat or sleep I would have read in one seating.It was great seeing how Jem matured from a submissive door mat to her abusive husband to strong female alpha in control of her life.The fight scene at the end was heart stopping and kick a great.Love everyone in the pack and hope to see books for all of them.

i loved this book it was amazing i can not wait for book 2 in this series i just love sean and jem and ethan and josh.

To say that I m a fan of paranormal stories would be a major understatement I absolutely love them, and when you look at my bookshelf, that love is incredibly obvious as most of my books are of that genre I m not picky when it comes to paranormal creatures I like faeries fairies fey or however else you want to spell it P , vampires, witches wizards sorcerers, and of course, werewolves The series that really cemented my love for werewolves was Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld series, al [...]

Rarely do I read a romance novel, or any novel for that matter, and find myself with a big smile on my face the entire time I m reading it What can I say I have a soft spot in my heart for hunky guys who adore everything about their better half, even when she does silly things, gets herself into trouble, and irritates the hell out of him Jem and Sean have lived their lives together before, and are destined to do so again and again and again Only this time around Jem finds herself already married [...]

Jem is married to Peter in a relationship that he is very satisfied with, but she is not She has a good life, but must bow to his wishes and wants and does not always feel as if she is in control of anything in her life Then the dreams start Dreams that are strange, but at times wonderful, and full of Sean But who is Sean and what does he want from Jem She is not sure but when the dreams become overwhelming, she must find out why Jem is thrown into a relationship and situations that she is not s [...]

I loved this story Honestly, I was a bit leary when I realized Jem was already married when she meets her soul mate Being a happily married girl, I would have a hard time accepting the idea of her leaving her husband for another man, but Belfield does a great job of making Peter, the husband in question, horrible enough that merits Jem leaving him with or without Sean in her life.Jem really grows and develops as the novel progresses The Holloway pack loves and nurtures Jem, allowing her to disco [...]

I have to say I am not a huge fan of werewolves but this story really blew me away It was intense, funny and a delightful read from start to finish The story is basically about a married gal, Jem, who has been having these dreams of this man name Sean Little does she know at the time of her dreams who or what Sean is or how important he is and always has been in her life Her journey to find out is steeped in danger and intrigue and sexual awakening.I had a small issue with Jem jumping out of one [...]

This novel is amazingly written The words Belfield used to tell her story, make you live every single chapter

Just one word WOW I hope there will be .

Okay I couldn t decide between five stars or fouren realized the only reason I was going to put four stars down was because I had stopped reading the book for about four days and wasn t as emotionally involved for the last 30 pages as I had been through out the rest of the book getting so sick that you can t even read is no fun in the end it would technically be 4.75 starsSo anywho, here s my review things I likedThe way the author pulls you into Jem s head and gets you emotionally attached to h [...]

Darkness Light is the first book in the Holloway Pack series Although many characters are introduced, this book is mainly about Sean and Jem When the story starts, Jem is married to a complete a hole named Peter For eight years, she has basically been a submissive housewife catering to Peter s demands and abuse He even picked out her clothing to wearway to controlling Peter is a piece of work and all throughout the book, I was wishing that horrible things would happen to him.Jem has been having [...]

Darkness Light was a very absorbing read, perfect for my travel day I lost track of the plane and was focused entirely on the story It s just one of those books that you can t put down, and I m very glad I read it.However, whenever I did have to put the book down, I had a few issues with it Jem and Sean s relationship didn t seem all that much healthier than Jem and Peter s, although it was definitely warmer and safer For a lot of the book, I had the feeling Jem became the pack s housewife, thou [...]

I was privileged to read Darkness Light as a beta reader almost a year ago Then, in the process of J.A Belfield s road to publication, I got the opportunity to read it again after editing I loved it even The funny thing is I RARELY read a book twice So for me to read it once and want to read it again and read every word I didn t skim EVER is a testament to her ability to keep me engaged.I am a tremendously picky reader, but I fell in love with Sean which is a must for me in a romance and believ [...]

Jem is married to Peter in a relationship that he is very satisfied with, but she is not She has a good life, but must bow to his wishes and wants and does not always feel as if she is in control of anything in her life Then the dreams start Dreams that are strange, but at times wonderful, and full of Sean But who is Sean and what does he want from Jem She is not sure but when the dreams become overwhelming, she must find out why Jem is thrown into a relationship and situations that she is not s [...]

Jemwhat to say about the heroine of the book She s almost your classic abused housewife, bute s not actually abused physically Mentally and emotionally, maybe, but I think it s just from her own desire to please her husband Anyhow I found myself frustrated with Jem multiple times throughout the books from being soooo indecisive to being completely oblivious to things, she s definitely one of those few characters I just wanted to smack I d love to credit the author for making the character that r [...]

  • [PDF] Download æ The Wolf Within : by J.A. Belfield
    238 J.A. Belfield
The Wolf Within