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Deliver #(2022)



  • Title: Deliver
  • Author: Tricia Mingerink
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Deliver By Tricia Mingerink,

Deliver Best Read || [Tricia Mingerink] - Deliver, Deliver Can something broken ever heal Martyn is broken After torturing his best friend he doesn t belong anywhere in Acktar No matter how far he runs he can t lose his guilt Leith is broken While healing f

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UPDATE January 16, 2018Reread for the first time.AHHHHHHH SO GOOD I love Leith and Ranson and Jamie trying to find what normal life looks like after being Blades Kayleigh and Martyn s relationship is absolutely AMAZING This book Just heartpound Let me go scrape my heart out of the dirt before I try to write a cohesive review of this beautiful piece of literature sobs OkayI m back Review Here All I really feel like doing is randomly fangirling over this book, but since that isn t exactly helpful [...]

WELL, IT S OVER The Blades of Acktar is concluded in this book I feel a list coming on because if I try and review this any other way my review will just dissolve into incoherent flailing and besides YOU CAN T GO WRONG WITH A LIST L I K E D UM HELLO EVERYTHING A lot of series endings tend to sag, but this one DID NOT It was one of the best series finales that I have ever read D ALSO MARTYN I looooved him in this book and I was super excited he got his own POV It was super great to get inside his [...]

2nd review CAN I JUST SAY WOAH That s pretty much the only word that really explains the book in a nutshell I cannot tell you how many times I squealed while reading this It Just Ah But I mustn t spoil it for you, and it s driving me INSANE because I want you to know how I feel so we can just squeal together Bother Deliver is the fourth and final book in Tricia Mingerink s Blades of Acktar cries as realization sinks in that it s over While the other three books were focused on Renna, Brandi, an [...]

How to say goodbye to a favorite fantasy series It wasn t easy, especially considering how Deliver tugged at my heartstrings huggles all the characters In this fourth and final installment to THE BLADES OF ACKTAR by Tricia Mingerink, we journey with our dear fictional friends on one last mission for freedom, peace, and healing.Martyn Hamish can t seem to understand being free Forgiven Struggles to grasp his friends irrational faith Has nightmares over the betrayal he s felt and caused.Leith and [...]

So I thought the last book was the final in the seriesbut may I just say I am SO glad it wasn t, because while I thought it was a fine conclusion, THIS conclusion is so much better Either I was just really grumpy or a little overcritical reading the last book or the writing really improved in this oneeither way, I still think this probably her best book since the first one The writing was consistent with time, the character development felt accurate, the humor was timed nicely just all came tog [...]

Wow wow wow This was so amazing A wonderful wrap up to the Blades of Acktar series Well done Tricia Highly recommended I ll write a lengthy review sometime D

Ahhh this ended exactly as it should have in a heart warming and satisfying way This is the final book of a fantastic series, filled with bravery, self sacrifice, heroic deeds, real love, deep friendships, forgiveness and redemption Even though Martyn is the main focus in this book and not Leith and Renna I still loved this And thankfully Leith and Renna are still very present and significant Overall it still is their story since Martyn is so important to Leith Many of the minor characters we lo [...]

So, this book My feelings are so complicated I loved it but there is a lot I wasn t as in love with I don t know I ll just ramble it out.First of all Martyn And Kayleigh The two of them are amazing, and I loved their relationship and their inner struggles I disliked Martyn in the first book he felt underdeveloped and I had no reason to care about him but from that point on through both Deny and Defy I loved him A lot So getting to see his journey was epic.The setting of this book was epic as wel [...]

squealing grinning This is one happy fangirl Martyn totally rocks in this Such a great ending There Are No Words.

5 of 5 stars spoiler warning for those who haven t read books 1 3 When a book keeps me up late, it usually isn t because I don t like I am a night owl, but the book has to especially good for me to stay up into the wee morning hours to finish it And that was Deliver Once I got pulled into the story, I just couldn t put it down According to , it took me two weeks to read this book That s not entirely true, as it was like I started it, set it aside for two weeks only reading once or twice, and th [...]

Best book in this series loved every minute of it

I read Deliver in a day and it was everything I had hoped for It s not all that common that you follow the characters after the battle is over and I wasn t sure how Tricia could top the high stakes of Deny But she did it Once the characters have had their happy ending for a moment, the thought of it being lost is dreadful.And then there is Martyn Leith s best friend from the Blades The guy who should have died in his one heroic moment rather than survive He hadn t got his happy ending I wanted h [...]

Wow That s all I can say about Deliver, the fourth and final book of Tricia Mingerink s Blades of Acktar series This series one of my all time favorites ended on an incredibly strong note I was slightly leery that this book, which I knew would be largely from Martyn s POV, would not live up to the previous books in the series Let me just tell you I was wrong and loved this book Looking back over all my kindle notes I made during my late night reading of Deliver, I cannot help but shiver again th [...]

What I liked Guys, there are not enough tears Like, at all Sorry bout that This is the last in the series, and it was an amazing ending Everything was wrapped up nicely Deliver was definitely an after war book, but there was still enough action And, guys, I m going to ahem admit this, but I ALMOST teared up Like, guys, I can t even.And just how everything was wrapped up, it was very realistic and beautiful A wonderful conclusion to The Blades of Acktar And I promise that it will make you cry Unl [...]

Ahhhh.is book is SO amazing I m soooo afraid I might give away a spoiler, so I m gonna put that alert on just in case Yes, I laughed Yes, I cried And YES, I LOVED IT D Resolved last night to finish reading this book and I stayed up until 1am whispers and I don t regret it at all Learning about Martyn s past was heartbreaking, and then when he finally found well, you know who, and it was all explainedahhhh the tears xD When I first found out that the book followed Martyn instead of Leith and Re [...]

My Review 4 out of 5 starsThis is the fourth book in the Blades of Acktar series by Tricia Mingerink Overall The story was exciting, full of the many characters we have come to know and love over the course of this series and a perfect finish for the series The plot was a little slow at first, but picked up speed and by the end I was staying up late into the night to finish I love how Tricia does such an amazing job of making a medieval country so realistic, with it s political details, down to [...]

I still think things wrapped up pretty well in book 3, but you won t hear me complaining about Leith and Renna I d read a book about them sitting and talking And by the end, I loved Martyn and Kayleigh too, just not quite as much.

First off, I loved one of the main points of this book can they learn to be at peace, when all they ve ever known is war This book leaves right off where the last book stooped, but from Martyn s perspective I was interested to see his view on things, so I was pulled into the story pretty quickly I was very happy to see Leith s story continue, even though this one was a bit focused on Martyn s side of the story Leith s story was very satisfying I really enjoyed knowing that not all his problems [...]

Deliver is a grand finale to the Blades of Acktar series Filled with action from front to back, it doesn t let you down Putting the book aside was like trying to hold your breath for an exceedingly long time While I felt that the plot was slightly similar to some of the previous books in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and that is the only reason this didn t get a 5 star review.As with all the other books in the series, the characters were impossible not to fall in love with They ar [...]

Nothing like skidding into a series in the fourth book, right I hadn t picked up Mingerink s work up to this point because you know me THE STYLE DESPOT I d heard it was the sort that makes me want to break things like my iPad and books and computer screens and dictionaries But but tortured heroes, I had to try, right I found the story to be quite, quite engaging, very likable characters, well structured dialogue and a powerful message Yes, the style was simplistic than I like in fantasy but it [...]

Upon finishing Defy, I was unsure how Tricia Mingerink was going to craft a fourth book in the Acktar series So much was settled in Book 3 that an additional story didn t feel entirely necessary But Deliver is far from a superfluous extension of the series It continues the brilliant handling of Christian concepts that characterized the earlier novels It also continues the journeys of the main cast while delving deeper into the lives of side characters from the previous books particularly Martyn [...]

Loved this book so much Had to be the best in the series, although the others were also great So sad this is the last book, but can t wait for future books from this author Great job Tricia Mingerink

Deliver was a beautiful ending to the series After the climax and resolution in Defy, the storyline in Deliver was refreshing and satisfying I enjoy reading about characters after the big battle, so an entire novel was wonderful Further, Martyn needed this book I loved Martyn in Dare and vaulted between profound sadness and slight frustration with his choices in Deny and Defy In Deliver, Martyn has the time, space, and circumstances to face life s questions not just dodge them His self proclaime [...]

LikeWOW This book Is AMAZING It was so awesome to get back into the world of Acktar, and read about all my favorite characters again Leith, and Renna, and MARTYN He is like, super awesome D OK, Martyn is now one my favorite character ever Anyways enough about how much I loved this book Here s a little about the book The war in Acktar is over, for some it is a time to restart, for others they are lost Martyn only knew life as a blade, and is struggling with guilt Leith spent most of his life as a [...]

From book 1 when Leith mentions that Martyn is the only person who would care what happened to him, I wanted to know his story This only intensified through books 2 and 3 when both Leith s and Martyn s choices threaten their friendship This is finally Martyn s story.We re dealing with the aftermath of book 3 The rebellion is over and a better king on the throne, but for our beloved characters, the hardest part of their journey might be in front of them Please see the blurb for the tragic details [...]

Even thought I m sad to see it end, this is the beautiful happily ever after this series deserves.

Can they ever be than Blades One might think that with the war over and Respen the usurper gone, peace will have settled on the land and everybody lives happily ever after Right Not Quite.The new Acktar has no place for Blades Those who were not banished struggle to find a place in a world where they can t seem to fit, living in constant fear of being discovered for what they are, and killed Rebuilding what they destroyed might take than they can give.Leith, still struggling with healing wound [...]

I was curious how this series would end Would it just be a drawn out finale for the sake of extending it My answer is NO What a great book and series.Tricia has a unique gift She can blend Christian Fiction, without the supernatural, but give the feel of Christian Fantasy.I highly recommend the series.

I am so grateful the author decided to write a fourth book to conclude this beloved series, it was exactly what I wanted with King Respen finally killed and every single character finding their way once the war is over.This story felt longer, which is good, but it started really slow for me before things pick up so it was not the page turner at first I also want to mention that it can be considered a stand alone, but I believe the story and its characters will have MUCH meaning and depth if you [...]

Edifying and realEdifying and real This entire series has been fantastic For once a Christian author isn t shying away from some of the harder things in life I appreciate that everything wasn t sunshine and roses The first three books were really good, but as much as I love the main characters, I have to admit that Martyn and Kayleigh are my favorites I laughed out loud several times because of Martyn s thoughts and words I cried when he came up against his roughest challenges I can t phrase it [...]

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