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Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια #(2022)

Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια

Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια

  • Title: Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια
  • Author: Aldous Huxley Μανώλης Κορνήλιος
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια By Aldous Huxley Μανώλης Κορνήλιος,

Free Read Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια - by Aldous Huxley Μανώλης Κορνήλιος - Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια, In February the New Zealand Rediscovery Expedition reaches California at last It is over a century since the world was devastated by nuclear war but the blight of radioactivity and disease stil

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There are times, and this is one of them, when the world seems purposefully beautiful, when it is as though some mind in things had suddenly chosen to make manifest, for all who choose to see, the supernatural reality that underlies all appearances I was reading Ape and Essence in a sunlit park when I was struck by this line It emitted a beacon of light that folded back on itself and enveloped these words, this book, my hands, my legs, the ground under my feet, the park, the city, its surroundin [...]

Though I adored Brave New World, and therefore considered myself familiar with its famous author, I had never even heard of Ape and Essence before stumbling across it on one of the dustier shelves in the local library Never again will I make the mistake of relegating an author to the one book wonder list This little 150 page book is so utterly bizarre, eerie, beautiful and perfect that from the very first reading it has leapt straight into my list of all time favourites Brave New World makes it [...]

Prvih 50 ak stranica bila sam totalno izgubljena u knjizi, radnji i svemu ostalome, a onda Mra no, ironi no, potresno i genijalno, sve ono to Huxley je.

While I was reading this book I laughed and realized this is where DEVO got all their shit from Huxley, back in the 1930 s said in this brilliant novel that while we technologically advance we will behave and like crazed apes The Truth Behind De Evolution I m sure the Mothersbaugh and Casale Brothers read this book than a few times when they attended Kent State in Ohio Huxley switches time span gears like crazy, veering from a Darwinian 1930 s Busby Berkeley musical to a cold, bleak sci fi fa [...]

Distopija koja je na mene ostavila ne to slabiji utisak od svih prethodnihA i od Hakslija sam imala prevelika o ekivanja nakon to pro itah Ostrvo

Re reading my precious 1st edition page 51 Fear also casts out intelligence, casts out goodness, casts out all thought of beauty and truth What remains in the bum or studiedly jocular desperation of one who is aware of the obscene Presence in the corner of the room and knows that the door is locked, that there aren t any windows And now the thing bears down on him He feels a hand on his sleeve, smells a stinking breath, as the executioner s assistant leans almost amorously toward him Your turn n [...]

Awesome book Heres some quotestually, fuck it, im too lazy to add them Read the book you lazy asss short, so dont worryAlso, usually I agree with the reviews on but most of Huxley works are given three stars here Duh fuck is wrong with you all Dude s a fuckin genius OK, that s enough elitism for today

Two guys from Hollywood are talking about stuff One of them is the first person narrator, the other is a guy who s gotten a mistress despite the fact that he didn t really want one, and now he s in trouble with his wife.I m making it sound way interesting than it actually is I spaced out while reading some of their discussion, which was about Gandhi getting murdered and the nature of marxism and fascism and politics and whatever.In the middle of the philosophy, I shut the book and read the summ [...]

The leech s kiss, the squid s embrace, the prurient ape s defiling touch And do you like the human race No, not much I read this book in high school after I had finished Brave New World Almost back to back Ape and Essence is a story within a story, a screenplay written by one of the semi autobiographical characters The screenplay is rescued from the Hollywood reject bin, and after the finders find the author on his desert hacienda, the screenplay then becomes the novel The quote, above, is Huxle [...]

Take Brave New World 1931 and scroll the calendar to 1948, after World War Two and Hiroshima Significantly, the action begins on the day that Gandhi was assassinated The world that author Aldous Huxley gives us in Ape and Essence is slightly different.There has been a World War Three that decimated the entire population of the world, except for New Zealand, which sends an expedition to Southern California One of the scientists, a botanist named Alfred Poole, is kidnapped by the surviving humans [...]

Well if Hux were around to day perhaps he d be amazed how close we re coming to this less well known than BNW negative Utopia In a world where crotchless thongs are marketed to 9 year olds, college coaches as well as priests sodomize boys not yet men, women advertise themselves via the internet promising no than a cooling effluvia of ejaculata, and countless millions of might have been love stories are food for salt, blood, and tears it might not be such a far stretch to conclude his vision of [...]

After reading Brave New World while still in the public schools, either in junior or senior high, I went into a Huxley phase, purchasing and reading his Brave New World Revisited, Island, The Devils, Heaven and Hell, The Doors of Perception and this one, Ape and Essence Pulling it out of the bookshelf in my room than once during high school, I repeatedly replaced it unread, the theatrical elements of it putting me off Recently, however, several other Huxley nonfiction works having been read and [...]

This is th most original, misantropic, terrorific,grotesque postapocaliptic distopia perhaps ever written.In this book Huxley makes the most corrosive acid satire,with touchs of the blakest humor on the human nature and human civilization i ever read,all is demolished,the ideologies,marxism,capitalism,nationalism,militarism,christianism,the bad use of science and technologie.Is the final victory with our help of the evil over the good in a inverted moral values world,a world where actually Belia [...]

Give me detumescence We are all apes That s the essence.I don t know if Huxley was on psychedelic drugs while writing this, but I surely felt like being on some while reading it.

Un scenariu respins din 1947 este descoperit i este nf i at cititorului.Mare parte din carte este tocmai acest scenariu avangardist, despre un viitor ndep rtat, n care lumea este devastat , post apocaliptic, iar California este condus acum sub auspiciile unui zeu nebun, un fel de diavol, Belial, care interzice cu excep ia a dou s pt m ni din an pasiunea, sexul, diformitatea, libertatea nseamn de fapt sclavie etc Huxley face de fapt o critic acid umanit ii, care se transform n sclav a r ului, toc [...]

A literate neighbor they do exist, I have one left a library bound edition of this incredible novella on the console table in my building s hallway, and I wish I could thank the fuck out of them Holy shit On a scale from The Handmaid s Tale to Rosemary s Baby, this book lands somewhere in the middle, and deserves a place on your shelf next to your dogeared copy of Brave New World Two screenwriters discuss their mistresses and their miseries in Hollywood before stumbling across a rejected screenp [...]

Un romanzo un po datato, poich stato scritto nel 1948, ma attualissimo per le tematiche, che affronta, e gli spunti di riflessione, che offre.Lo stile di Aldous Huxley in LA RIVALSA DELLE SCIMMIE coinvolgente Il libro per lo pi un romanzo breve, considerato il numero di pagine ambientato nella Hollywood del 1948, quando Bob Briggs, scrittore e regista, ritrova casualmente il soggetto scartato per un film, dal titolo omonimo a quello del romanzo in questione La rivalsa delle scimmie Il soggetto p [...]

Two motion picture executives stumble across a screenplay in the lot The majority of the book is the text of that document It is about a future era, post World War III, when the residents of Southern California worship the devil and sex is outlawed except for two weeks once per year The resulting infants are increasingly deformed due to radiation fallout The action of the film seems to be mostly an excuse to espouse the philosophy that human kind, following the Second World War were increasingl [...]

I m honestly not sure what to feel about this book The first thing to note is that it s not nearly as accessible as Brave New World It s much less straight forward, surreal, and sometimes I felt that a thesaurus vomited on a few pages of it It s not an easy book to follow, and there were some parts I really didn t understand until I started reading about it online However, once you get into the swing, and you figure out who s doing what I had to go back and reread a few times to sort some of it [...]

I loved this book So many reasons why, but the most obvious reason being the fact that it took place in a post apocalyptic world where people were supressed and controlled by those in charge I cannot even tell you how many times I have read books with the same theme and I am still enthralled every single time Huxely puts a good small irony at the ending which makes it worth the quick read And the having the story within the story is an excellent difference too I can see the similarities between [...]

Negaliu e u kabinti 3.5 stars vertinimo iai knygai brendau 4 metus Tuos keturis metus ji ir pradulk jo nepaliesta mano knyg lentynoje Ne inau, ar tai sunkiai vir kinamo lietuvi ko vertimo taka, bet Hakslis man s Be d ione ir esme nesu av jo Distopinis istorijos kontekstas su groteski komis detal mis gal ir ver ia skaityti k rin iki pat pabaigos, bet neu kabina interpretacijos prasme Yra ta pavir utini ka gelm galima i r ti simbolin moni pragai ties k nijim religijoje, politikoje ir kapitalizmo g [...]

If you still want to join freemasons, read this and change your mind It s one of the best books I ve ever read.

Ape and Essence Harper and Row, NYC, 1948 I didn t even know that Aldous Huxley had written this Found it on a 25 cent cart at the hospital while at work As per Huxley it deals with utopian or not, approaches to futuristic concepts Not really Sci Fi but take a Brave New World, for instance I personally have always loved Doors of Perception, however this book is short, inspiring and challenging in its picture of human de volution One idea that I had never thought of, within a survivalist context [...]

If you were to ask me what is the one thing in the world I couldn t live without I would say books.I love books.They are my friends, my companions, my addiction I love the way they look with all their different sizes and print types and with their covers and illustrations I love the way they smell, some are sharp and biting, while others are soft and rich I love the way they feel under my fingertips paperbacks with their glossy soft covers and sharp edges, hardbacks with their rough cloth the ra [...]

The leech s kiss, the squid s embrace,The prurient ape s defiling touch And do you like the human race No, not much The above quote comes in the opening pages of Ape and Essence, one of the most viciously cynical works of fiction I ve ever read The setting of the frame narrative is the day of Gandhi s murder, which sets the tone for this pessimistic and misanthropic gem As with some of Huxley s other writings, I get the impression that Huxley is brilliant bordering on mad He clearly expresses th [...]

Ape and Essence is not as well known as Brave New World , and there is good reason for that The narrative is split between a short introduction, in which a Huxley character finds a strange movie script and learns about its author, and the script itself a post apocalyptic story about a group of New Zealand scientists who visit the ruins of America and discover a morally and biologically degenerated human society which worships the Devil In their view, the Third World War, the Nuclear Holocaust, w [...]

Not long ago, I wrote about how, though Aldous Huxley s non fiction never really spoke to me, I always seemed to enjoy his fiction Now I have to go back on my statement.Ape and Essence is half baked nonsense It is warmed over Brave New World without compelling ideas or characters that the reader cares about The plot concerns a world that has been decimated by nuclear war and the totalitarian society that arises in its aftermath Well it s sort of about that It begins in Hollywood, where a couple [...]

Published in 1948, it predates the French novel that became Planet of the Apes by 15 years and it could well have been an influence.The framing story, set at the time of the book s publication, involves two men, one a slightly parodic version of a Hollywood film producer clearly a type Huxley had gotten to know by that time and a reasonable man , one often the foil for exaggerated characters They find a rejected film proposal in a dumpster at the studio, are struck by its highly unusual nature [...]

Imagine, if you will, a Rod Serling adaptation of an Aldous Huxley dystopia in which Captain Kirk falls in love lust with a fetching victim of an oppressive Satanic society in which women are viewed as the vessels of all the filth and monstrosities of a post apocalyptic world Imagine it set in the remains of Los Angeles, which is viewed through the lens of a New Zealander, in turn viewed through the lens of two movie industry employees reading a dead misanthrope s script Yeah, it is that crazy C [...]

Aldous Huxley is somewhat of an acquired literary taste I never cared for Brave new World as much as many of my compatriots But I felt I finally owed myself to read this after promising to do so for decades Ape and Essence has been called Huxley s re thinking of Brave New World in the light of Hiroshima It s a dystopian fantasy of America post nuclear holocaust, presented in the charming form of a screenplay The prelude to the actual story is a sardonic scene involving two Hollywood characters w [...]

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Ο πίθηκος και η αλήθεια