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Endings #(2022)



  • Title: Endings
  • Author: K.M. Shea
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Endings By K.M. Shea,

Free Download Endings - by K.M. Shea - Endings, Endings The thrilling conclusion to the King Arthurs and Her Knights Series Britt has finally settled into her life as King Arthur Her knights know who she really is her lands are peaceful and she has frien

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I have been both eagerly awaiting this book and dreading it Anticipating it because I have adored this series and I absolutely love the characters and story line and what KM Shea has done with the King Arthur legends in the other books of this series Dreading it because I love this series and this characters and King Arthur legends never end happily So far, every King Arthur retelling I ve read or watched tends to end either heavy on the bittersweet or just plain sad As in, everyone dies I had a [...]

A Fitting Ending to an Excellent SeriesI have loved this take on the King Arthur legend Basically Arthur runs off with a shepherdess, leaving Merlin with no king to put on the throne and fulfill his dreams of a united Britain Merlin uses a spell, linked to the sword in the stone, and ends up pulling Britt Arthurs, an American, back to Camelot.Endings is the last book in the series, and I would recommend reading them in order This is naturally where everything comes to a head, and Britt must unit [...]

I LOVED Endings In fact, I have loved this series since the very first book The thing I absolutely admire about this series is how each and every character developed It felt like I personally witnessed all of them grow.It was amazing how even the supporting characters had a depth and storylines that were simultaneously playing out throughout the series They were really enjoyable, thoroughly likeable and truly relatable.I liked and admired Britt from the very first book I liked how strong, positi [...]

Wonderful, wonderful series Amazing characters, genuine relationships, and a memorable plot K.M Shea is amazing and I can t wait to read from her in the future.Recommended to everyone view spoiler Also, I have no doubt that Merlin has already started scheming ways to get Britt crowned as Queen of the World And I have no doubt it will happen, eventually After all, they ve got lots of time D hide spoiler

I definitely have a King Arthur and Her Knights size hole in my life right now It was so great to reach the conclusion of Britt s story I don t want to give any spoilers so I wont say anything about the ending other than it was a good and fitting ending and I will miss all these characters.

In this final installment of the King Arthur series, Shea weaves together the final threads to complete the tapestry of the King Arthur legends Loose ends are resolved and the story comes to a rather satisfying in my opinion conclusion I appreciated that this particular book from the series was longer than the rest, allowing Shea to spend adequate time on the character and plot development, where some of the other books felt rushed She could have gone epic even still, but this one felt comforta [...]

It s a good series I started reading it a while ago and had to stop when I caught up to where the series was at the time Yesterday I saw that the series had finished so I thought I would reread it see if it was as good as I had thought it was And it totally caught me off guard because it was Which was completely unexpected but totally welcome So between yesterday and today I read the entire series and am happy to announce that I liked the ending alot of people tend to end things terribly, but no [...]

This was a wonderful ending to a series that has been so enjoyable to read I was worried that it would end in heartbreak like the BBC series Colin Morgan 3 as I couldn t envision a scenario in which Merlin, Britt and her knights could have a happy ending I never should ve doubted K M Shea though as once again she didn t disappoint even Lancalot redeemed himself This is probably my favourite book of the series I enjoyed the plot in some of the others , however I feel the length of this one made i [...]

OMG this book was better than any ending I could have possibly hoped for I have been with this series since book 3 and I loved each and every one This one was by far my favorite After waiting for what feels like forever for this book to come out I couldn t be happier with it I love that Britt was able to go back to her time I was so afraid that it was going to end there but it DIDN T I caught on much earlier than Britt about Avalon being her friends company I m so happy that they came to her tim [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this series, such an imaginative take on a classic story and I felt like it was a good mix of lore while also adding some new twists Britt, or King Arthur was also a strong character and her actions and personality were perfect for a strong King even if she was a woman.I do wish that some of the books were a bit longer, maybe consolidating so there were only 3 4 books in the series rather than 7, it seemed to get a bit crazy at one point But I really liked all the characters [...]

This is BY FAR the BEST book series I have ever read I will read it again and again I really can t write a description to do it justice but just know that I loved it My favorite type of story knights, kings and princesses, etc and unforgettable, lovable characters I laughed out loud, I cried my heart was fully invested in the story and the characters AAAh I wish I could convey the depth of my feelings about these books 3 3

FabulousFabulous ending to an incredible series Loved it Britt Arthurs changes the world and finds where her loyalties and those around her truly lie and what they must sacrifice fort them I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced in triumphs, and sorrowed in those who are gone Highly, highly recommend this series A girl who becomes a king and changes the world and herself is incredible ways.

Epic conclusionWhile reading this, knowing it was the last book, I worried about what would happen I couldn t help but keep the legends in mind, and of course I care about the characters, so I wanted everything to work out Without spoiling anything, I can say that K.M Shea managed to spin an amazing ending without jeopardizing the basis of the story I highly recommend this entire series.

It was really good Awesome ending I didn t see it coming AT ALL, but it was still REALLY AWESOME I m sad we had to say goodbye in some respects, but I also know that I kind of did I m happy for Mordred and Guinevere That sounded cute I can t wait to read the extras All in all, I m very happy with the way this ended, although I wish there was , simply because it was just so freaking amazing

This one is longer than the others, but still a quick read I love a happy ending, and I m glad things worked out for Britt and Merlin I m sad their story has come to an end, but I will definitely re visit them when I need a happy fix And I m pleased with Lancelot, which I wasn t sure was possible Hurray for Camelot

Once again perfectI had to reread it straight away because I didn t want it to be over I love the story so much, Kitty did just to the Legends and the characters A perfect ending to the series.

SURPRISE ENDING Ever have those twist endings where you re left with a bitter taste Like, wow, that was twist, but why did it have to end that way That doesn t make me happy at all.This book does the OPPOSITE.Wow That was a twist.Wow Wow WOW I LOVE IT THANK YOU AUTHOR FOR ENDING IT THAT WAY.

I developed a sort of emotional attachment towards this book and the series overall, so I m afraid I can t review it without sounding biased That being said, this is definitely the best ending I ve ever read of every book that has had similar storylines, and just overall best ending book ever.

I cant be over I m not ready Its wonderful and amazing and I still hate that its over I cried soooo much I loved this book so much hoping for a new spin off because I m just not ready to let the characters go I recommended this series to everyone who will listen to me and I will continue to do so because this series deserves a movie So please support KM Shea and fall in love with all these fantastic people who cares if they are fictional Many thanks for this series and my hat is off to you K.M y [...]

Loved this I had been waiting for it to come out I really enjoyed the entire series, and this wrapped things up nicely and still supported a lot of the traditional King Arthur Lore I appreciate how it ties up loose ends And the ending wasn t what I expected, which is always fun.

Series had a decent start, the war scenes were terrible, but the relationship between the characters and their adventures made it enjoyable, unfortunately, it was all ruined by the ending,the author just made a series of shitty excuses drawn out of nowhere to give the story a happy ending, everything felt so forced and out of place, after all the hardships that the heroine endured, and all that discussion during the war to make a sacrifice worth it, the universe just seems so orbit around Britt [...]

This was a satisfying conclusion to the series I liked the clever way everything was resolved and how it fit into the mythology of King Arthur.

The best I absolutely loved it Can t believe the journey is finally over but the story was great I loved the ending it was quite unexpected and delivered a great ending I know this is a series I will read again and again.

Fabulous,I read all the books and each one building to this endingwhat a ending just perfect This is a slow burning romantic story Definitely going to have a book hungover after these books.

What a wonderful and creative way to end a series This book made me so happy.

I love happy endings

Nice endingI love all of the books by KM Shea and this series didn t disappoint This book wrapped up the series nicely

Great ending to the series It was a bit bittersweet at the end, but there was a lot to laugh about, a lot to enjoy Pick this one up You won t regret it.

Great seriesTruly well written One of the best series I ve ever read Well worth your time to start this series and see it through to the end

3.5 Stars

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