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Sex and the Single Girl #(2021)

Sex and the Single Girl

Sex and the Single Girl

  • Title: Sex and the Single Girl
  • Author: Juli Slattery
  • ISBN: 9780802416742
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
Sex and the Single Girl By Juli Slattery,

✓ Sex and the Single Girl ç Juli Slattery - Sex and the Single Girl, Sex and the Single Girl A study on sex that goes beyond just don t do it Whereas most sexuality studies for singles focus solely on purity simply offering a don t do it or just wait message Sex and the Single Girl presents a

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4.5 starsVery good read Lots of good information, Biblical wisdom, and real, raw, and redeeming testimonies to share Juli Slattery gets to the heart of the issue Is Jesus Christ Lord of your life including your love life your sexuality Sex and the Single Girl is written in a Bible study format, and I think it would be great to do with a group of close Christian girl friends.I look forward to reading by Juli Slattery.

If you re looking for a sound Bible study from a trustworthy source that helps women discuss and work through issues relating to sexuality and spirituality in an honest, healthy and authentic way, your search is over Sex And The Single Girl is an outstanding Bible study that does not shy away from the issues that women in our culture face today, but teaches them how to make good choices when faced with temptation and difficult decisions This book is structured as a 6 week Bible study with 5 days [...]

This Christian book is designed to be read in daily or weekly increments over 6 weeks, but I read it all in two days It has reflective questions at the end of each section that can be answered alone or in a group study I loved that this book is saturated with Scripture Almost every other page quotes Scripture or refers to a Bible example The writing is thoughtful, and exhorts the reader to think carefully about God s Word, and to examine our hearts circumspectly It really puts a spotlight on the [...]

I m so glad I chose this workbook for review This a 6 week study on a topic Christians tend to shy away from but is in dire need of being addressed This book was exclusively written for the single girl Dr Slattery touches on very important topics about sex that many young girls struggle with premarital sex, masturbation, pornography, sexual fantasies among others With much love and patience, Dr Slattery gently guides the student through misconceptions many girls have about sex Each week consists [...]

Marriage and sexuality were always intended to teach us about intimacy with God Juli Dr Slattery I would recommend this book to every girls and women out there The I read this the I realize our definition and perspective of sex have been twisted by the world.There is a big question of why parents and most of christian leaders never explain about sex and sexuality to young people at church They just simply get Don t have sex before marriage speeches Other than that all the questions and curiosi [...]

I received a complementary copy of this book from I was hoping to read it to be better equipped to provide guidance for others I counsel, and to guide myself if I become widowed in the future, but was disappointed It provides a fundamentalist Christian perspective on sexuality that made me feel excluded It presumes a familiarity with biblical scripture, and does not copy out all of the verses selected, which would have been useful because my Bible version did not appear to be the same as the one [...]

Set up as a six week study, covering five days a week It s comes across as better suited for the college aged but I found quite a bit useful for all ages This is a great book for parents to go through with their teenagers Each days reading is distinctly laid out ending with a reflect and respond section for journaling, reflection and deeper thought or discussion At the end of each week there is a Pulling it All Together section bringing together the key truths from the week as well as answers th [...]

Juli Slattery s Sex and the Single Girl highlights all the ways in which our sexual choices as human beings are also spiritual choices While it s written entirely for the single girl , it s a book that brings together biblical study with reflection exercises for six weeks worth of pastorally sensitive study and reflection Sex and the Single Girl includes topics like the importance of sexuality, expressing the connection between spirituality and sexuality There s a rich discussion about God s des [...]

To be honest, I not yet done completing this study because I am reading it slowly and try to digest all the information It is so rich in biblical truth on a topic I feel needs people to speak biblical truth in Set up as a 6 week study with 5 daily readings, this study provides a thorough background on God and sexuality, as well as applicable truth to apply to your everyday life As a Christian single the truths give me a why to views on sex, relationships and It s a great study to do individual [...]

I won a copy of this book.This book is not for me It s just indoctrination using the bible and God to make us feel bad and guilty If God made me, he also made my urges Why should I feel bad for feeling how I do Week 4 goes into the specifics of sex, like masturbation and oral sex outside of marriage Being gay is okay, as long as you don t act on the urges you have God is just testing you, perhaps, to see if you ll follow the rules And don t worry if you don t follow any of these rules, you re f [...]

Oh wonderful devotional, where were you when I was in my teens I loved this devotional It was perfect for what I have gone through and continue to struggle with Slattery does such a great job connecting our sexuality with our spirituality Sex is not supposed to be some dirty word that Christians don t talk about Christians NEED to be talking about it but in the right ways God created sex so of course it s connected to our spirituality I would recommend this to all women who struggle with what it [...]

I have read countless books on things pertaining to sexuality problems including lust, porn, masturbation, sex, etc But this is my favorite book on the topic Juli Slattery clearly defines terms like sex, sexuality, intimacy all terms we use interchangeably and what to do with them This is my second time going through the book, but I love that it was written to be done in a group with the questions It really helped my accountability group Hands down one of my favorite books I highly recommend

I know it s designed as a weekly study, but I devoured it in a day I discovered this book when it was recommended by Girl Defined Ministry on YouTube and rushed to read it It is a beautiful that allows you to understand the plan God has for you The author does not force you to believe the way she does, but instead challenges you to discover Him on your own I would recommend this book to any Christian girl who is struggling with the aspect of God s plan in your life.

Interesting studyI was intrigued by the title so I grabbed this book while it was on sale I loved reading this the past 6 weeks I think what I loved most about this was the way she explained how to deal with gray areas I highly recommend this to anyone who is single and maybe a little confused about what is okay.

I received a copy of this book from a giveaway This is a work book for the single Christian girl on the topic of sex This book takes a personal approach and is easy to read.

  • ✓ Sex and the Single Girl ç Juli Slattery
    472 Juli Slattery
Sex and the Single Girl