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What Girls Learn #(2021)

What Girls Learn

What Girls Learn

  • Title: What Girls Learn
  • Author: Karin Cook
  • ISBN: 9780679769446
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
What Girls Learn By Karin Cook,

[PDF] Download ↠ What Girls Learn : by Karin Cook - What Girls Learn, What Girls Learn In the most moving and emotionally stirring fictional debut since Anna Quidlen s One True Thing or Mona Simpson s Anywhere But Here Karin Cook gives us a novel about girls and their mothers about si

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ok the book was one about coming of age the ending is very sad

This was a satisfying read in the best possible way Told from the perspective of 12 year old Tilden, this tale of sisters and mothers was a story we have heard before, but told with a fresh voice and interesting, real characters Tilden and her sister, Elizabeth one year younger move from Atlanta to Long Island when their mother, Frances falls in love with Nick Tilden is wary of Nick, nervous about fitting in, and worried about periods, sex, and the typical adolescent concerns She is soon dealing [...]

Kind of slow but a nice story of two girls that lose their mom to cancer If you ve lost your mother to cancer, as have I, the last chapter is a must read.

Contemporary fiction A Little bit graphic, but sincere About a girl growing up, sisterhood, and cancer.

In Karin Cook s What Girls Learn, two sisters are forced to deal with big changes in their lives when their mother moves the family to be with a new man in her life Tilden, age twelve, and Elizabeth, age eleven, have had their mother, Frances, to themselves all their lives The two sisters and their mother are always moving, hoping something good will happen out of it Frances decides to move herself and the girls from Atlanta to New York to live with Nick Olsen, a man that Tilden and Elizabeth ha [...]

In this book a mother and her two daughters, Tilden and Elizabeth have been with each other all their lives and on their own with each other and now Tilden s mom has a boyfriend who they moved in with and something happens to Tilden s mom and she has to go through many things and it leaves the girls with a man that they haven t known for long and that Tilden doesn t really like In this book Tilden has secrets that you can only guess what they are because it never comes straight out and tells you [...]

The title clearly states it all, What Girls Learn When females are young they go through a state of curiousness and paranoia At times Tilden is so worried about not letting her mother find out about the puberty movie the sixth grade girls are required to watch, she tackles her sister Elizabeth when Elizabeth had stolen Tilden s copy of Growing Up and Liking It and began reading out loud to the boys on the bus 88 Luckily for me all of my siblings are seven to eleven years older than me and had al [...]

Tilden and Elizabeth are brought by their mother to live with her new boyfriend, Nick, in his small, New York Town in the first permanent home they ve known in a long time.But heartbreak is on their heels Their mother is suddenly at the hospital alot, and comes home to lose her hair, and her brother, Uncle Rand, comes to live with them and help There s something a bit off about Uncle Rand, and Tilden, already lost in a maelstrom of adolescent emotions surrounding her little sister s popularity a [...]

What Girls Learn involves a mother s fight against breast cancer Frances two daughters, Tilden and Elizebeth, come together during their mother s ups and downs The trio moves across the country when their mother meets a man and their lives change forever The move ends up to be for the best and they gradually appreciate their new father figure I agree that the voice authenticity appeals to teens because it is told from the perspective of a young teen who is going through emotional and physical ch [...]

What Girls Learn by Karin Cook.Now I regret to say that I was not very found of this book, I found it to be quite drawn out Now I didn t hate it in fact I was able to read it without having to put it down I suppose my problem with the book is that the writing style is quite basic and is not the flowery sort that I m used to Also there is the fact that the plot has much to do about nothing The book tried really hard to be profound and compelling but it just didn t win me over There were times I w [...]

I read this book for the first time when I was twelve, the same age was Tilden Admittedly, I didn t get a lot of the messages, and I put it off as something grown up I took another try at fourteen years old and found some meaning, and then I reread it several times when I was fifteen and then sixteenedless to say, I ve grown up a little since I first read this book and I ve read it enough to understand that this is life seen through the eyes of a twelve year old It s imperfect, it s scary, it s [...]

This was just a really good read Despite its heavy subject matter, it was a quick one, too I got through it in one sitting Maybe that was because it was an Alex Award winner, meaning it s a book that was written for adults but that also has a special appeal to teens So like lots of young adult books, this one moved quickly and didn t get caught up in overly flowery writing or other what I feel unnecessary diversions I thought all of these characters were really easy to relate to, especially Tild [...]

It s hard to know what to say about this book Was it a good book Yes well written, yes Enjoyable Hard to call this subject matter enjoyable but it was easy enough to read as observed by the short amount of time it took me to finish it I think it was only three nights and one afternoon of reading.The characters are well done, nice Sometimes such pleasant people surprise me, catch me off guard, are unexpected in such circumstances and raise suspicion I m always a little surprised to find that such [...]

This was a heartfelt story of the nuanced relationships between sister and mother daughter, as well as step parents and extended family Having not grown up with a sister and having a different relationship with my mother than the one presented in this book I worried that I might have difficulty connecting with the characters But this was not the case This story tells of coming of age, of adolescents trying to understand complex life themes like sickness, secrets, love, and womanhood It highlight [...]

A bit slow to start, but it got a lot interesting throughout the book.

This book is absolutely amazing It s so blunt about what it s like to grow up as a girl, as the brushed over sibling, about being misunderstood because you re afraid to speak out, and being so naive you can t really make the right choices for yourself Tilden and I don t have much in common, but I could completely understand her and how she acted with Elizabeth There is a huge plot twist that is introduced, and I didn t think it would follow through, but I cried I sat in class, finishing the book [...]

Though I originally got this one for Dana, I decided to read it first when I realized it was shelved in adult fiction Just a little too explicit for me to pass along to Dana now, but I really enjoyed it Twelve and thirteen year old girls adjusting to new town, new step dad, and then mom is diagnosed with breast cancer Very well written, realistic in portraying the confusion and emotions of that age.

I hate that I didn t love this book It was good, but I didn t look forward to the ending, which made it hard to read It was kind of nice to read through all of the innocent thoughts going through a young woman s head as she matures, but not all that relatable for me I have heard far better stories of families going through this tramatic event that didn t take hours of my time Though I am not regretful for having spent the money or the time, i wouldn t suggest that you do the same

I was hesitant to read this because I don t like sad books It was not needlessly sad It was beautifully written save for a couple of typos, which are distracting to me personally It also portrayed the awkward girl s emergence into adulthood with a grace that makes an adult feel comfortable to have been one.

This 1997 novel tells the story of a single mother with 2 preteen daughters who falls in love and moves them north to start a new life The mother is diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time the 2 girls are dealing with the traumas of adolescence and what it means to become a woman A very moving story.

Meh I knew this would be a depressing book when I picked it up however the molestation situation with the uncle was disturbing I feel the ending left everyone hanging what now for the sisters What Girls Learn To be quiet and take sexual abuse without standing up for themselves I wasn t that big of a fan Basically I was just trying to get through the book.

Wow, what an incredibly depressing book Maybe I found it so soul crushing partly because I read it when I was ill and feeling sorry for myself but it really did bing nothing but misery I won t tell you what happens but if you re feeling in any way emotionally wobbly, my advice would be to give it a miss.

This book, What Girls Learn was definitley heartfelt and was a great story to tell, but the story wasnt written out well I felt like the book was dragged on and didnt have any exciting points The focus was to much on the characters Althogh, this book did have a very good message or theme, the book was boring and I was putting it down after every chapter.

I feel like this was a really good book even though I started crying about 3 4 of the way through and didn t stop until it was over I really liked how well she developed the main character and it was easy to get into but it was just really depressing it made me really sad to think of my daughter going through something like that.

This book is compared to One True Thing , which I read recently and loved.However, I really struggled to get into it and found myself skipping forward to the end, which did move me to tears, but I didn t find anything particularly original or interesting about it.For a MUCH better account of a daughter and her mother s struggle with cancer, I would definitely recommend One True Thing.

This was an interesting book I love that Tilden is the narrator, because we learn about her mom s cancer from her perspective as a young daughter It s a great coming of age at a very difficult time type of story I found the author s writing a bit slow at certain times, so I doubt I will ever re read this book.

Okay, 2.5 stars I liked it sort of You may love it Some parts of the story were extremely poignant Some parts made me wonder what happened to the author when she was a kid Totally unnecessary Weird, even.

I m not sure if this is meant for younger people or what but it seemed to be so for me I did like it however, I can t say I wasn t interested I really wouldn t send anyone out to get it from what I read but it wasn t a bad book if someone is actually looking for it.

I have read this book so many times I think tha I could tell you word for word This book has captured my heart I pick this book off a shelf in a store I didnt even read what the book was about I knew that I had to read it From that day it has been my faviort book.

This was a tearjerker for sure A mother s cancer, two sisters rivalry.just a hard read However, I always like novels with child narrators it gives me an insight into things we as adults overlook or take for granted.

  • [PDF] Download ↠ What Girls Learn : by Karin Cook
    247 Karin Cook
What Girls Learn