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Girls from Da Hood 2 #(2021)

Girls from Da Hood 2

Girls from Da Hood 2

  • Title: Girls from Da Hood 2
  • Author: Nikki Turner KaShamba Williams Joy
  • ISBN: 9781893196285
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
Girls from Da Hood 2 By Nikki Turner KaShamba Williams Joy,

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Girls from Da Hood 2 : by Nikki Turner KaShamba Williams Joy - Girls from Da Hood 2, Girls from Da Hood Girls From Da Hood is the fast paced action packed follow up to the national best seller Girls From Da Hood Girls From Da Hood is the story of Helena Storm and Keyshawn three very different you

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Have you ever felt unwanted, unloved, unattractive, and alone Well don t, You repeat these specific words, I love myself and I don t care what others think of me I am not unattractive I am worthy to be praised Chocoate from girls from da hood 2 does That s what gets her through her days and nights even when she s doing the bump bump with her mom s man Dorsey Dorsey is a good man and it s just something about him makes Chocolate want to give him her womanhood every chance she gets especially when [...]

So far this book is goodSome of the characters in this book will make you go Damn and some of the stuff that happens will make you say that s just WRONG

very mouth dropping

loved this book, great story.

This book was pretty good , 3 short stories combined into one book.The best one I would say was w harmony.Africa was a little Ditzy bitch who made multiple enemies while trying to get loved by a no good ass nigga She was the backstabbing type after ahe had slept with her mother husband Harmony she was a little ditsy white girl that was rich and wanted to be a part of the black community so bad When she gets hooked to a big time hustler named nikko and he gets her to do a couple lines of coke eve [...]

I think That Africa s mom was wrong for choosen her boyfriend over her owne daughter Africa could have made better choices in her life Africa should have stady with her dad when her mom left her all along becaused he was the one that really cared about her Africa was worng for talking to her cusins boyfriend when her cusin was trying to help her out Africa could have done better by chosing a boyfriend that really cared about her because the one shye was with didnt care about her at all he had he [...]

I liked parts of the book, I couldn t get with story about Africa,, Harmony need to get her shit together n stop living a double life, and I see Ms.Turner brought back Unique,you would think that after all she went through n going to jail would ve have changed her ways but not her, Took used her up and took advantage of her then left her ass for dead

it is a good book with alot of true things going on i think who ever wrote this book should get an award because they have a good out look on life and the hood we grow up in most people dont get it but i think this author does.

i really liked the book it was a good read no doubt but unique s part don t want to ruin it 4 n e 1 n tell y i didn t like just that i was waiting to see her gt it popin n it didn t really happ like i wanted to other than that i d give it a 5 star rating

I actually have this novel at home I am IN LOVE with this book It has three stories in one Each one has a very interesting plot and theme I would recommend this book anyone loves drama and street matters, crazy lifestyle situations and much .

Wow the authors who wrote this short story left nothing for their readers to be happy about except the last story, are females that incompetent I didn t read about one smart chick, not to mention they were all gutter snipes.

2.5 stars

A good read

This book had me very angry These women were misled Great read

i liked the last story of the book i did not read part 1 or 3 yet


waiting ob SuSie to return back to me

Very good read I especially liked the 2nd and 3rd stories I didn t care for the 1st story too much because Africa was too naive.

Best book of them all.

OMG the last story in here ended so messied up that i had to even tell my husband to read it Very good book, i finished this in a few days


  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Girls from Da Hood 2 : by Nikki Turner KaShamba Williams Joy
    357 Nikki Turner KaShamba Williams Joy
Girls from Da Hood 2