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Mind Games #(2021)

Mind Games

Mind Games

  • Title: Mind Games
  • Author: KaShamba Williams
  • ISBN: 9780977650729
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
Mind Games By KaShamba Williams,

Ú Mind Games Ü KaShamba Williams - Mind Games, Mind Games Imagine being year old Serenity Wells She s trying to raise two children while living in the basement of her mother s house with her has been husband Kyron who s finally home from a year prison

Recent Comments "Mind Games"

Hustle BunnySerenity was born to be riotous With a serious hankering for the hood life, Serenity was the ultimate, ill bred, rider type hustle bunny As coincidence would have it, Kyron Wells, her first love, not only introduced her to the fast and flashy lifestyle affiliated with hustling, but he molded her to be his Kyron and Serenity s relationship goes way back, like boy catch the girl and get it He got it, and since it s been on and popping Misery truly loves company and the spiteful lovers [...]

Bustlin While I ve never read one of KaShamba Williams s books, I must say that I found MIND GAMES to be entertaining and real Serenity s character can be found in hoods all across America Turn on the television, she s all over Maury Forget the TV she s your cousin, she s that chick you went to school with, shoot, if you re unable to find her, check the mirror, that s you HUSTLE BUNNY While many of us may have been shocked to find that this young woman doesn t have much maternal instinct, or tha [...]

I really did not like this book This couple lived a lifestyle status reflecting married single married to one another, but yet single both of them are extremely selfish immature when it came to the lust of their flesh Even when they attempt to save their marriage, it still seems as though it s spiraling down to hell it would be easier for them to stop an elephant from going down a hill than to salvage their wedding vows KaShamba tugs at the reader s conscious when do you know your lover has cro [...]

Ella s ChildSerenity, a self proclaimed hustle bunny, is all about living a lavish ghetto fabulous lifestyle a lifestyle easily provided by the drug game Kyron, Serenity s boyfriend since childhood, kept her flossy until he got knocked Will Serenity hold him down or will her hustle bunny tendencies direct her elsewhere KaShamba Williams spins her story well The novel zips along MIND GAMES is told with detail the kind of detail that makes readers feel as if they know the characters intimately, th [...]

  • Ú Mind Games Ü KaShamba Williams
    152 KaShamba Williams
Mind Games