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The Trouble with Moonlight #(2021)

The Trouble with Moonlight

The Trouble with Moonlight

  • Title: The Trouble with Moonlight
  • Author: Donna MacMeans
  • ISBN: 9780425221983
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
The Trouble with Moonlight By Donna MacMeans,

[PDF] The Trouble with Moonlight | by ß Donna MacMeans - The Trouble with Moonlight, The Trouble with Moonlight British spy James Locke has seen some odd events but nothing quite as fantastical as when in the midst of a moonlit safe cracking mission he witnesses a ruby necklace being spirited away as if by co

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On a moonlit night, British spy James Locke is on a mission that focus on his safecracking skills, but as he hears and sudden noise and hides, he witnesses a necklace floating on it s on in midair, chasing and later tracking down the necklace leads him to Lusinda Havershaw a nevidimi who becomes invisible when in the moonlight, now Lusinda is part of the Great Game with Locke whom trains her into being a spy, but as their mission that involves russian spies get s heated as to, does the relation [...]

I really enjoyed this book It combined three of my favorite genres historical romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspence Lusinda Havershaw is a nevidimi She becomes invisible when she absorbs the rays from the moon She uses this to her advantage by running a recovery not theft business One night while she is recovering an item from a safe, she is spotted, well not her exactly, but the necklace she is recovering is oddly floating through the air.James Locke is on a mission for The Queen H [...]

I thought the premise for this story was unique, that s what caught my eye I liked the characters, even secondary characters had me hoping I d get to read about them someday I liked how it was a historical without overloading me with balls and gowns and glittering ton everywhere, it was nice to see a somewhat normal lifestyle instead of Dukes and Earls dancing all over the place I thought the love aspect was nicely developed too All in all a good read.

Lusinda Havershaw has inherited the ability to become invisible in Moonlight She has been using her ability to recover goods for people for a fee You could call her a thief, but she prefers what she does to be called recovering One night when she is recovering some jewellery for a client she comes into contact with James Locke He does not quite know what he is seeing when he sees the necklace move around on its own, so he follows it to a house.He sets up a trap to catch Lusinda and gets than he [...]

This book is about a young lady, Lusinda, who becomes invisible when she soaks up moonlight When a spy, James, catches her, he convinces her to work with him to retrieve some documents from Russian supporters It turned to be quite a suspenseful story and fun to read.There is also the romance and at times while sees invisible Quite entertaining The ending was a bit surprising, some things I did not expect which always great to read in a book Being too predictable is not enjoyable and this book wa [...]

While on mission to secure damaging information in the hands of Russian supporters, the hero is astonished to encounter the most bizarre thing he s ever not scene While hiding from the person he imagined would soon be in the safe room, he sees nothing but a floating necklace The thief is invisible Intrigued, he quickly follows the phantom out into the streets of London and to the house where the heroine lives with her aunt and 2 younger sisters He immediately sets a trap for the woman who can tu [...]

I loved this story with its well balanced mix of romance, ethereal ghostliness, intrigue and spying, suspense, family ties and support and tons of twists and turns.It really is very well written with Donna MacMeans painting pictures in my mind that were so real and so vivid that not only was I reading the story but I was also seeing what was happening in this delightful story.Beautiful and clever, this story deserves 5 gold stars and I highly recommend it.

Very enjoyable read Loved the sexual tension Just what this reader needed I m not a huge historical fan any, but I have a feeling I ll be buying the rest of Donna s books shortly paranormal or no paranormal I love her writing.

Read reviews like this at lovelybooksblog I picked up this novel looking for something a little different and while the plot was on the original side I didn t find myself as impressed with this novel as I thought I would be Even though I wouldn t exactly say this is a bad novel I m extremely picky about regency romance and this one just blends in with the sea of other books of the same genre, only it s extreme cringeworthienss making it stand out.I was very unimpressed with the beginning of th [...]

In some ways, I enjoyed this book and in others I did not There were some really well done areas of this book that made me think that this new author has some real potential However, there were some gripes to be had with this novel For example, Lucinda is forced to live with James alone It is highly unlikely that anyone would allow a young, unmarried woman to live alone with a man at that time regardless of the reason I was also annoyed by how many times Lucinda whined about the fact that she wo [...]

This story is cute It had a lot of potential The main heroine and her family are very well developed as well as the hero However, there were a few elements that I just couldn t let go First of all, she moves in with him without a female chaperone This is Regency England She is unmarried woman This doesn t fly First of all, she s so compromised and the servants think of her as a light skirt Yea, yea He gives his reasons why he wants her there but they don t work the cover story well enough and fo [...]

This is the first Donna MacMeans book for me I enjoyed it very much In fact, I enjoyed this book a little too much at times and I found myself skimming ahead to see what was going to happen in the next chapter I loved the paranormal elements, they were fresh and unique I also really enjoyed the twist with the younger sister, I did not see that plot thread coming until the Auntie hinted about it There were a few chapters with head hopping and I had to re read various scenes a few times to figure [...]

The premise is cute and fun Lusinda attempts to support her sisters with the only skill at her disposal She gets caught by James and the plot thickens This could be categorized as a light paranormal historical, which I like because I don t want to have to try to figure out the world and the players and who has what exotic powers Both H H have good chemistry and the romance is realistic Yes, as some have pointed out, she moves in with him, which is probably unrealistic for the time But it is fict [...]

The Trouble With Moonlight was a great story The characters were interesting, as well as the plot I liked that there was a bit of supernatural in it, but it wasn t overwhelming The story centered around the relationship between the characters, and not just their special abilities Portia really surprised me I never would have guessed what happened with her, but I am curious as to how it all turned out.

Eh An average read Nothing sticks out as good or bad It s one of those books you finish, then the next day you can barely remember how you felt about it A fluffy time filler James didn t appeal to me as a love interest I find myself getting annoyed with characters who spend the whole novel fighting their feelings for one reason or another.

Lusinda Havershaw has an interesting gift She becomes invisible in the moonlight James Locke is a British spy and recruits Lusinda to assist him with a case.Interesting concept Becoming invisible in the moonlight It was a cute, witty read with a touch of suspense Not overly doused in paranormal I would certainly recommend it.

I m not usually a fan of paranormals, but this had an interesting premise and captured my interest.The way the heroine loses her virginity was pretty ridiculous, though I ve read a lot of romances, so there are a lot of dumb love scenes out there, but this one ranked near the top of my list for causing a major eye roll.

I do not like paranormal books at all This one I picked up because I had liked her other book I found it quite interesting in the fact that in moonlight she turns invisible She also uses this gift, forms a buisness, and retrieves things that were stolen from her clients.

So the book has everything a Romance novel should have I would have liked to see action not the bedroom kind either but it seemed to drag a bit I already knew who the evil guy was before they revealed it at the end Not sure if I will read another book by this author.

I found the plot, dialogue and romance to be quite weak in this book Also I thought it was quite short in pages It could have been really good the plot sounded great from the synopsis on the back of the book, but the idea was far better than the actual story.

This was a fun read about a woman who goes invisible during moonlight Lots of political intrigue, betrayal, and of course, the necessary falling in love without realizing what s happening A fun read.

Girl goes invisible in the moonlight but her clothes don t so guess what that means yes no clothes So she starts a recovery service and adventures ensue when she and a spy for England go after the same safe at the same time Loved this one, hope there are .

Highly recommend for something a little different.I d read it again Main characters must deal with things to be kept secret to protect loved ones, and with past horriffic happenings, but through love are able to endure and find happiness Happiness being something we all want.

Won autographed copy

Fantastic bool

Good writing, great research I like the historical side of the story, but I m just not that into predictable romances.

This story is unique I had the pleasure of meeting Donna MacMeans in Ohio at a writer s conference She was a delight, and best of all she autographed a copy of her book for me.

Simple book that didn t hold my interest much at all.

I read it in one day This is a classic style, super fun paranormal historical romance Light, enjoyable, and fun.

So far this is my favorite of Donna s books I just love historical fiction with an element of the supernatural that is NOT vamp or werewolf related I keep waiting for the sequel sigh

  • [PDF] The Trouble with Moonlight | by ß Donna MacMeans
    129 Donna MacMeans
The Trouble with Moonlight