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Please, Baby, Please #(2021)

Please, Baby, Please

Please, Baby, Please

  • Title: Please, Baby, Please
  • Author: Spike Lee Tonya Lewis Lee Kadir Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780689834578
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
Please, Baby, Please By Spike Lee Tonya Lewis Lee Kadir Nelson,

[PDF] Please, Baby, Please | by ✓ Spike Lee Tonya Lewis Lee Kadir Nelson - Please, Baby, Please, Please Baby Please Go back to bed baby please baby please Not on your HEAD baby baby baby please Academy Award nominated filmmaker Spike Lee and his wife producer Tonya Lewis Lee preset a behind the scenes look a

Recent Comments "Please, Baby, Please"

Please, readers, please Choose this book if you are a fan of Kadir Nelson s work And if you haven t ever encountered his work, please begin The illustrations are so wonderful I just love the baby s expression on the front cover This is one beautiful, spirited baby The text is just fine, I really enjoyed the variations on the please, baby refrain and felt exhausted just reading about the baby s antics as each hour in the day passes Whew But the illustrations are the star One thing I would have li [...]

This book, now in its third month in pre bedtime reading, still manages to entertain.

Read and discussed this in class Loved it Thought the baby resembled my nephew around 1 at the time , so I bought it and brought it home at the end of the semester He loved it and made sure someone read it to him multiple times before he went to bed African American Children s Lit is important

A super cute story made even cuter by the illustrations My son loved the repetition of baby baby baby because he knows, at this point, that he s a baby, too A very sweet book.

This reminded me a lot of No David And I ve had plenty of parents tell me how much they hate that book, so I feel like people who hate No, David might also dislike this one I, however, like the idea of behind books like this that even though toddlers hear a lot of no s throughout the day, there parents still love them I do wish that the toddler had called to both Mommy and Daddy in the end it s really a bummer when daddies get left out of picture books all the time whenever I try to read one in [...]

Enjoyable story with good rhythm Works well with a group Everyone seems to like the diaper in the toy box page Reading one on one, you can see the clock on each page showing when things happen in Baby s day.

I purchased this children s book years ago for my daughter And it was absolutely wonderful beautifully drawn and humorously written A great family read.

My 20 month old son selected this book by himself in the library As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what is was going to be about just by looking at the wry smile on the little girl s face on the cover a cheeky little toddler just like him We ve read it a couple times in the last few nights and we both LOVE IT First off, the illustrations are very very detailed, beautiful and hilarious It was shocking how closely the events of this little girl s day match our own The text is pretty simple, consi [...]

An accurate depiction of what a day in the life is like caring for a baby I am not a mother myself, but I babysit A LOT Most often, I am with a two year old for the majority of the day It was so funny how I saw so much of him in this little girl I feel like I am always using the phrase, Baby, please with him in order to get him to do something or not do something for me The illustrations were just incredible So much emotion is shown on the child s face and it allows the reader to understand exac [...]

A gift book for new parents of a daughter, or siblings of a baby sister This is a humorous look a the mischief and messes made by babies Repeated words make this appealing for early readers also Discussion possibility Is please really the best way to get baby to learn appropriate behavior

2002, Multi cultural Please, baby, please goes through the daily life of this baby and all they re learning to do as they grow Very adorable, and illustrated very well Good read for a student with younger siblings or a good read aloud.

Cute book about all the trouble a little one can get into, from not wanting to share, to eating things they shouldn t, to trying to wear things they should eat, etc But at the end of the day, all baby wants is love.

In the same vein as The Boss Baby, Go the Fuck to Sleep and Must Push Buttons, this is a book that is true to life If you want to know what it s like to have a toddler, read this book

Fun board book with clocks on each page that coordinate with the baby s activities Sweet ending This is a good book for my little brown grandson.

My little darlings absolutely love this book It has become a genuine staple in our home and read repeatedly.

This book is about some of the surprises that come along with raising children Fun book for children and parents

My toddler s favorite book Used to be his sister s favorite, too.

Beautifully illustrated day in the life of a very active baby.

1 Personal reaction I really enjoyed this book because it is a very simple and direct beginning to read book I really enjoyed the book especially because of the illustrations The illustrations cover the pages, taking me through the adventures of the baby I also enjoyed this book because the vocabulary throughout the book is so simple that it lets the readers know right from the beginning some of the little troubles babies get into everyday, including drawing all over the place, being messy with [...]

I love, love, love the pictures The illustrations are so spot on and adorable.

Please, baby, please is a book that anyone who has young children or taken care of them can relate too In the book Spike and Tonya Lee write about the various daily frustrations that parents or caretakers continually run into when dealing with small children, from the messes they make to the tantrums they throw But in the end all that turmoil and frustration is forgotten as you kiss them goodnight But it is not the words of the Lee s, but the illustrations of Kadir Nelson that bring this book to [...]

Lee, S Lee, T.L 2002 Please, Baby, Please New York Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers.0689832338As with No David and Love You When You Whine, Please, Baby, Please shares a parents frustration of trying to get a child to behave As can be discerned by the title, Please, Baby, Please is a rather polite version of asking a child to eat their veggies, go to sleep, not draw on the wall, etc set within a one day period This book does include the child s voice as well at the end, in a shift away fro [...]

Please, Baby, Please is a children s picturebook written by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee Kadir Nelson is the illustrator This board book is intended to be read by the Nursery age group No awards were issued I rated this book as a five.Please, Baby, Please is about an African American toddler, who keeps her mother busy throughout the day The plot is simple and focuses on the two characters, the toddler and the mother The setting moves around throughout the day as the toddler goes from breakfast, [...]

Genre PB5I think this is a brilliant story The story is so real that I can feel the moms frustrated please coming out of her mouth I enjoyed the great illustrations that went along with the story and helped bring the story to life Each page of the story has a clock on it with the time of day shown and I feel that is a great way to put into perspective the moments in the life of a parent and a child I relate well to the clock on each page as a parent we are always looking for time and this story [...]

In Please, Baby, Please , we find a rambunctious baby engaging in the everyday mischief of a growing child From the head full of Cheerios to the mouthful of sand to the baby s insistence on making a used diaper part of the toy collection, the book does a great job of showing the curiosity and exploration of a child in their daily activities The details in the illustrations vividly reflect the range of emotions and mischief that is being conveyed by the parent s tired narrative voice However, the [...]

As the title suggests, the authors love repeating the words please and baby in different order and in different amounts on each page which captivated Lu s attention and made her excited to read For me, the text wasn t as imaginative with its sometimes seemingly forced rhyme scheme for instance Keep off the wall, baby baby, please, baby You share that ball, please, baby baby baby Another celebrity composed picture book that lacks the depth of other works for kids And, although I m a huge fan of [...]

Age Rang 1 2Personal reaction There are some parts I like in this book, but mostly I do not like it I do not like it because it shows that the mother do all the work alone with out the father Also, I do not like how in the end the child just asked for a kiss from the mother and not the father Also, the language is simple and the children do not gain new vocabulary.On the other hand, I like about this book that the author used the words baby and please in different orders in the story Also, I lik [...]

This book was very repetitive with the words please and baby however there is no distinct pattern that can be predicted from page to page This book reminds me a lot of another book called No, David because of the way the text is repetitively structured about the child Reading one on one, you can see the clock on each page showing the children when things happen in Baby s day This can open up discussion about whether or not the baby s behavior is good or bad throughout the story plot I did not th [...]

This is a great book for 1 or 2 year olds because of the repetition As an educator, you can ask children why the mommy does not want baby to do the things she does It might help them to understand the right choices that they should make This book is also brief enough to keep young children interested for a short amount of time.Extension activity I could make a chart One side will title yes, the other side is no I would have pictures that would be bad choices and good choices I can ask the childr [...]

The illustrations are fantastic, and the pages are true to life a mischievous little toddler doing all those things toddlers like to do BUT the story every page is the adults telling the toddler various forms of no The mom puts the baby to bed, then the baby comes to the parents room and asks for a kiss So sad I am teaching a class on board books to preschool teachers tomorrow, and this is going to be featured in that presentation as a bad example, which is sad, because there are so few books sh [...]

  • [PDF] Please, Baby, Please | by ✓ Spike Lee Tonya Lewis Lee Kadir Nelson
    414 Spike Lee Tonya Lewis Lee Kadir Nelson
Please, Baby, Please