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Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella #(2021)

Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella

Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella

  • Title: Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella
  • Author: Melanie Cellier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella By Melanie Cellier,

Free Download Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella - by Melanie Cellier - Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella, Happily Ever Afters A Four Kingdoms Novella Sometimes a fairy tale ending is only the beginning Sarah and Evelyn have already risked everything to help Ava win a crown But they soon learn that a coronation is a beginning not an ending Not ever

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So I usually get novellas in series and read themmetimes They are always disappointingly short, and although they give delicious insight into a beloved character, it always seems like it was produced from author s notes, or like deleted scenes rom a movie that you enjoy clicking through Not so with this novella This was like a fully fleshed out story, but only given classification novella because it wasn t based on a fairy tale like the rest of the series I ve read fully published books classif [...]

I m glad this was a novella, because it really wasn t something I would ve wanted to read much longer Also, this is NOT a retelling There is no sign of Snow White and Rose Red While we can assume the two FMC s are the two girls, we only know that because the title declares that s the story No other plot points arise and it feels a bit like false advertising Not to mention it s a shame that tale is already used since it doesn t make it possible the author will write an actual retelling of it late [...]

This is the novella that should be read between books 2 and 3 in the Four Kingdom series The novella starred Evelyn and Sarah as Snow White and Rose Red respectively Other than the two girl s personalities, I didn t make any connections to the original tale though admittedly, I m not all that upset cause the original was bizarre I could maybe see the dwarf and bear, but that may be a bit of a stretch on my part In spite of this, I loved the little short I very much enjoyed getting a closer look [...]

Great short story I liked hearing about these two characters from the The Princess Fugitive Sarah may seem on the surface like all she cares about is dresses and winning the nobles hearts, but she is very brave and loyal to her friends.Evelyn has a hard time of it proving that she is just as worthy to be Queen Ava s bodyguard as any male guard The love interests for both girls were well suited to them Jake didn t patronize Evelyn and he didn t think any less of her because she was a woman He di [...]

This was a great little novella Cellier did a great job giving two minor characters from book 2 in the series their own happily ever afters It was a fun, quick read, but I will warn you that it does not go very deep The characters do have some learning experiences, which is nice to include in a novella, but this is definitely short This novella is almost like one of those little two bite desserts It s rich enough to enjoy and satisfy, but doesn t require a major commitment to read it It makes a [...]

Love love love the Four Kingdoms Novels and NovellasThese books may be stand alone, but it you want to truly get the most out of these books I highly suggest reading The Princess Companion first A retelling of The Princess and the Pea These books have become my favorite versions of the classic fairy tales and so much I found myself falling in love with the characters and began to feel like I knew them This book is about 2 characters you meet in the book prior to this the reading order so far in [...]

The action was as exciting ase intrigue Novices they may be, but Evelyn Sarah aren t free of what it takes to survive even the Rangmeran court simply because they are fresh off the caravan These cousins would have been a formidable team even in a modern high school full of mean girls And don t get distracted by Sarah s penchant for pretty gowns or Evelyn s for weapons they re both far than meets the eye in this elegant new story from Cellier

Meh, just not particularly great Not a great sense of development, I didn t connect to the characters involved in this case, the characters weren t main character material They were great secondary characters, but not all secondary characters make for great feature attractions, and this is one of those cases Sarah and Evelyn should have stayed solidly background characters Neither of them needed to have their own story written about them.

Sarah and Evelyn were two characters we met in The Princess Fugitive who I thought were interesting enough to know about, and I got it with this novella, which told their well happily ever afters Despite their relation to one another, the two young women are complete opposites of one another, and it was lovely to see how they each used their strengths to find young men who fit their personalities and interests without destroying them as characters.

Disappointing Happily Ever Afters wasn t quite as good as they other books in their series Although they characters were strong, they plot left much to be desired There should have been foreshadowing given that They story is much longer They repeated sword fights got old They enchanted ring could have a personality or something to make them plot original Too many elements were inappropriate for their era or just didn t make sense.

More I ve enjoyed every one of Melanie Cellier s books The first one had me hooked Each one is a delightful re telling of time honored fairytales I sincerely hope there are many to come If you enjoy good stories that don t get dunked in the gutter, you will enjoy Melanie Cellier s tales.

Fantastic NovellaI adored this novella It was the perfect fit with the series and with the minor characters that I really wanted to see of It was full of adventure and sweet romance Well written and worthy of this series

Great story I really enjoy how Melanie Cellier s stories are intertwined and we can see what the characters are doing in other stories Melanie Cellier writes seamlessly and her stories flow smoothly from one book to another I look forward to reading

Happy ever after for two great girls This is a delightful short story about Sarah and Evelyn tying into the fugitive princess story It s nice when an author makes sure all the characters finish their stories.

Short, but so fun I wish I had realized and read them in order from the beginning but I was in too much of a hurry to double check and once I started the book I couldn t bring myself to stop and read a different one Anyhow Sarah and Evelyn were fabulous in Ava s story and I m so excited we get to see of them It was another adventure with a double hea.

Loved it Perfect rendition Compelling characters, not as predictable as originally assumed as a reworked story Sweet ending Magical, yet Believable Definately recommend

Happily ever afters is a book full of twist s and turn s it continues with Evelyn and Sarah, a add on from the princess fugitive makes a fun and enchanting book by Eleanor Eckert.

Another fun book in this series I enjoyed seeing a bit of Ava s story and getting to know Sarah and Evelyn as well It s a novella but the story didn t seem too short or rushed.

Loved it Well written retold fairytale The great thing about this Author is her use of strong women characters who can find love while still standing on there own to feet.

I enjoyed this immensely than the first two books The LsFS was a little rushed, but I enjoyed both pairings a lot

I am continuing to enjoy these stories

It was fun to see some of the characters from the merchant caravan again Cute, fun novella.

Another interesting read from Melanie Cellier in her fairy tale series.

I received a digital copy of this book Thanks to Melanie Cellier Just like the other novels by the author, this book was explicitly amazing Even after being a novella it gave adequte details and offered a great insight into the lives of the two important characters from The princess fugitive ,Evelyn and Sarah.I liked these characters from the last book and now I have developed a special attachment with Sarah and Evelyn I like both of them ,Evelyn especially I like her boldness, her style and her [...]

Very goodA caveat this story will make little sense if you haven t read The Princess Fugitive That said, it s a delightful short wrap up for two secondary but important characters from that tale.

Great short storyWonderful continuation of the Four Kingdoms series I really appreciate a clean book Look forward to by this author.

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Happily Ever Afters: A Four Kingdoms Novella