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Valerie #(2021)



  • Title: Valerie
  • Author: Nadia Michelle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Valerie By Nadia Michelle,

[PDF] Valerie | by ☆ Nadia Michelle - Valerie, Valerie College student Valerie Riley has it all beauty brains wealth and an insatiable appetite for murder Not content with the few victims she s acquired over the years she decides to step up her game a

Recent Comments "Valerie"

I m not even sure how to describe this book It was different and I loved every second of it Valerie is a crazy ass bitch who has been spoiled her whole life I loved how crazy she is The only thing I wanted fron this book was I wanted 300 pages of this awesomeness.

I really didn t know what to expect from this book other than it s a dark read so as I love dark I thought why not and boy was I surprised Even though it is a quick read I really enjoyed reading about the disturbed and deadly games that Valerie played She is definitely one psycho that I would not want to cross My only complaint is that is isn t long enough I would of loved a full novel it is that good of a story I will definately be reading from Nadia Michelle

This story is about a girl named Valerie who has a dark obsession with blood It s a well written short dark story The author knows how to captivate the reader It was so well written that hopefully there s a sequel.I would recommend this book to everyone but especially a reader who wants to try dark genre5 stars

Dark and disturbingWtf Why end it like that Ugh, I need This book is dark, disturbing, and bloody Whoa Valerie is quite the girl with an interesting appetite Little does she know what her future holds I ll tell you what, she finds out karma is a funny thing.

  • [PDF] Valerie | by ☆ Nadia Michelle
    285 Nadia Michelle