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Silver and Bone #(2021)

Silver and Bone

Silver and Bone

  • Title: Silver and Bone
  • Author: Claudia Cain
  • ISBN: 9781537599205
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
Silver and Bone By Claudia Cain,

[PDF] Silver and Bone | by ☆ Claudia Cain - Silver and Bone, Silver and Bone Jennifer Jones is trying to be a better person It s not easy She has a lot to make up for considering that she s an immortal blood sucker with a history of serial killing But at least she probably ca

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Grief is for times when people aren t trying to kill you Anger keeps you alive Silver and Bone was fast paced, paranormal mystery thriller novel with super fun and likable characters who you just couldn t help rooting for The writing and the story arc overall were nicely done and easy to read Though I will admit, there were some parts that were a bit info dumpy, but the paranormal political system that Cain has created is clearly well thought out, so it wasn t too bad.Though it s mostly told in [...]

Vampires and werewolves and nefariousness, oh my Sound familiar Well, it ain t Silver and Bone by Claudia Cain cainbooks is honestly one of the best in the genre I ve EVER READ And you all know I m a jerk who doesn t just say things, so clearly I really mean it I was stunned by the depth of character development, the suspense, the tragedy and the creativity with which the author treated this subject The book follows Jennifer Jones, a vampire with obviously a dark past But when that past starts c [...]

Rating 4.5 5 stars.Love vampires and everything supernatural but sick of the cheesy consistency that is most vampire books Welcome to the book you need Cain s supernatural mystery is a refreshing take on a cliched genre which has you hanging to the edge of your seat and page turning faster and faster.Silver and Bone follows a vampire detective, Jennifer Jones, and a series of murders she and her friends colleagues a range of humans and other supernatural beings must solve before Jennifer is take [...]

Nother Flawed, but entertaining book Silver and Bone is best described as old school Urban Fantasy UF With its vampire heroine, bevy of good looking men, and murder mystery driven plotline, it s in the vein of schtuff from back in the day Laurel Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, et al Looong ago LOL It doesn t seem that long ago, but Hamilton, and her various clones had their heyday starting in the 90s twenty some odd years ago.There s nothing original about Silver and Bone it adds nothin [...]

Rating 4.5 5 starsNot interested in reading a book about vampires Then NZ author Claudia Cain s first book Silver and Bone will change your mind as this book is completely refreshing and has an amazing spin on supernatural beings.Silver and Bone is about Jennifer Jones, a vampire detective, who has suddenly been framed for murder when she hasn t killed a human in years With the help of friends, there is only a limited amount of time for Jennifer Jones to figure out this mystery before it s too l [...]

You can run as much as you want, but sometimes your past just comes to get you, in the big and murderous way.Caine s Urban Fantasy debut Silver and Bone gets 5 surprised stars from me.When asked for an honest review, I have to say that I had a hard time getting into the first person, present tense writing But all of a sudden, the story got me, I got invested in the plot characters, and was suddenly right there next to Jennifer, who s investigating murders that seem strangely familiar to things s [...]

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own When I started reading this book, it brought back some memories from The Unearthly series by Laura Thalassa in the sense that it had supernatural crime fighting and vampires The difference, however, stems from the Jennifer because she is a TOTAL badass She is so unapologetic, so it is quite refreshing to have a female protagonist kick some butt and take names since many appear timid at first then grow over t [...]

If I could I would give this book a 4.5 5 rating Only because crime books are usually the one genre that I can never really get into or like But what a game changer this one is I find that a lot of crime books are dragged out from a writers perspective i can understand setting the scene for everything to line up But what Claudia Cain has managed to do was not only line everything up perfectly so it all clicks in the end but kept me interested throughout There were no boring bits The supernatural [...]

A little over a week ago New Zealand based author Claudia Cain contacted me if I wanted to read her urban fantasy novel, Silver and Bone I really like urban fantasy, so of course I said yes There are a lot of things I like about this book The first is that it jumps right into the action There is not a single moment that this book has you feeling bored Second, there is a good amount of sarcasm and wit, and since sarcasm is my third language, I was often actually laughing out loud.I also think the [...]

4.5 5 starsSo firstly thanks to the author for letting me read her book for an honest review because boy, I m so glad I got to read this amazing book I don t even know where to start except i NeEd ThE sEcOnD bOoK NoW So as we know, vampire werewolf books can be super cheesy, I mean I m not naming any books but I think we can guess what one I mean cough twilight cough but this is anything but that There s so much to love about it like the characters, the plot, the storyline, the writing Oooh and [...]

Claudia Cain has done something very special with this book You might be thinking, ugh, another vampire novel BUT, I urge you dear readers to give another vampire novel a chance.Jennifer Jones is a detective in San Francisco She is also over 300 years old and a vampire She works for the Supernatural Crime Investigation Bureau and is surrounded by an odd cast of characters From werewolves to the fair folk this book is filled with the odd and mysterious Most mysterious of all is a string of murder [...]

Silver and Bone is a wonderfully fast paced novel with a kick butt heroine I absolutely devoured this novel It had action packed fight scenes, amazing dialogue, and the dynamics between all the characters were so expertly crafted If you love a good paranormal novel I highly recommend Silver and Bone

I love a good kick ass female protagonist This one comes with a brilliant sense of humour, attitude, intelligence, and empathy Jennifer Jones is a detective for the San Francisco Bureau of Supernatural Crime She happens to be a vampire Although a reformed serial killer, her unsavoury history has caught up with her and Jennifer is now being framed for murder There is plenty to like in this action packed supernatural mystery Although this is a genre I read very little of, I found Silver Bone addic [...]

REVIEW All right guys I absolutely love Urban Fantasy and this book was no exception I devoured this book in about two days and it totally blew my mind Jennifer is a vampire and she works for the Bureau A branch of the Police force that specializes in supernatural crimes When a series of murders occur, they seem strangely familiar and suddenly Jennifers past catches up with her Now she has to find the murderer before she gets arrested herself Or everyone dies.So far it doesn t sound very special [...]

i don t usually read paranormal books, and i also don t normally read books outside of the young adult age range in saying this, i really enjoyed this book one of my favourite things was the pacing the book itself isn t particularly long there were no boring parts there was none of that horrible, slow setting up for the crime stuff that no one likes well, i don t like and i assume many others don t too.i really loved the characters in silver and bone i found jennifer relatable and fun oftentimes [...]

  • [PDF] Silver and Bone | by ☆ Claudia Cain
    271 Claudia Cain
Silver and Bone