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Talen #(2021)



  • Title: Talen
  • Author: Rebecca Zanetti
  • ISBN: 9781601839794
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
Talen By Rebecca Zanetti,

↠ Talen ☆ Rebecca Zanetti - Talen, Talen She ll love him forever but he can t make her obey The war is over Danger has passed Cara Kayrs is healed after decades of illness and ready for a break Too bad her brooding alpha vampire husband ca

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5 It s Talen StarsIt s Talen OMFG it fucking Talen OMG OMG OMG I think I fainted for a minute there I am absolutely bat shit crazy in love with Talen So imagine my surprise and delight to find this awesome Talen novella at the end of Wicked Burn Talk about losing my shit First I yelled, squealed, and screech Which caused my husband and kids to run into the room wondering if I was okay And of course right as they walked in I was breaking out into a crazy fangirl happy dance while kissing licking [...]

This short novel was written mainly for two reasons 1 To revisit the first and the most popular couple in the Dark Protectors series after almost 25 years from their mating, i.e Talen and Cara Fated, Dark Protectors 1.2 To connect the Dark Protectors series and the Realm Enforcers series which are taking place in the same fabulous world with the vampires, the demons, the shifters, the Kurjans, the witches and a really small number of humans.To be honest, I read it as part of the book Wicked Burn [...]

5 Baby, you can bite me anytime Stars Talen Kayrs just the name gets me a little bit damp Its Live US a eCOeZS5 UK amzn bSeTageBN barnesandnoble w taleRebecca Zanetti hit all the right girly parts when she gave her readers the tall, dark and deadly, alpha vampire at the beginning of the Dark Protectors series, and over the twenty five years that the series covers to get to this novella, my love for the guy that blossomed from his first introduction in Fated has never waned, I don t think it ever [...]

Action packed and sexy I love Rebecca Zanetti and I love novellas about past characters, so I pretty much loved getting an update on one of the most popular couple in the Dark Protectors series.After decades of being sick, Cara Kayrs wants to take advantage of her newfound health and the fact that the war is now over, but her worrying vampire mate feels she ll be exposing herself and that they still can t be too careful Can she convince him that she s fine now and that after twenty five years of [...]

4.5 Stars Oh Talen how I ve missed you This was such a nice treat, reading from the POV of Talen and Cara again was a blast from the past.This was a great novella with tons of action and steam Plus we get tons of cameo s from some of the other characters from the previous books Definitely recommend if you are a fan of the Dark Protectors series ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Talen Cara s 2nd story I loved getting an update on Talen and Cara They were our first couple in the series and one of my favorites, so it was fun seeing them again after the war is over I think it s funny that the author stirred up trouble even in their time of peace that brought several of the characters from previous books back for this short novella I love theses characters and really hope Rebecca Zanetti has in store for all of them Fantastic read Overall series review Fun, fast paced PNR [...]

This story is the book that bridges the gap between the Dark Protectors series and it s off shoot the Realm Enforcers The author has done an amazing job because she s gone back to the beginning with longtime fan favourite Talen and his mate Cara A lot has happened in the past twenty years or so since they met and now they have two children and one very cute granddaughter There s finally peace between the Vampires and the Demons but perhaps not everyone is pleased Could it be that racial purists [...]

A quick, entertaining, and intense jaunt into the Dark Protector world Just when you really get into Cara s excursion into dangerous world she s been protected from since her mating to Talen ends way to soon for me I really wished it was longerwhat can I say, I eat up every story from the Dark Protector world and TALEN Kayrs story was no different.It was great to see Cara show what she is made of outside the lab with her son and her husband by her side and boy does Cara and her husband know how [...]

ARC provided by NetGalley and Publisher for an honest review.What a hot, sweet, short read with these two characters from the first couple of the series and now twenty years later.We have their children and grandchildren in this story as well as what s transpired between the Demon s and Vampires The two in this novel go on a journey to deliver genetic material During the trip we are given a glimpse into their relationship and how it s evolved over the years as well as how they have grown as indi [...]

I will never get tired of this series Unfortunately, the vampires, demons and shifters have found peace Oops, I mean, Yay The Realm is at peace So when Talen and Cara run into all kinds of attacks as they attempt to deliver tissue samples that are to be used in the research of unmating vampires, their vacation looks like it s going to be postponed There is also the little problem they re having of finding a happy balance now that their daily lives do not revolve around war any I was pleasantly s [...]

ARC REVIEW Talen is a novella that first appeared in the back of Wicked Burn It is an expansion of the Dark Protectors series 7.9 to help tie in the Realm Enforcers and the Dark Protectors series Now confession time Talen isn t my favorite, I know I will gladly drool over the Jason Mamoa look of him but he is really just way to overprotective and spankings are not a punishment my opinion, especially when the recipient enjoys them, it s like positive reinforcement for bad behaviour and never use [...]

Another great novella Rebecca is one of my top favorite paranormal authors and her Dark Protector series as well as her Realm Enforcer series.Two series that I never get tired of re reading over and over.I think that Talen and Cara started it all.With two kids grown and the war over and Cara now cured Cara is up to spreading her wings yet again Talen always in protective mode is against it but his will full wife will have her way.What started out as a simple task turned into a misadventure for t [...]

OK, true confession, I marked this book as Want to Read in and when I saw it available on NetGalley I leaped at the opportunity to read it, but i m not sure why It s a novella in a series I haven t read, it takes place some time after the seventh book and concerns characters with rich back stories The good news is that it was fairly easy to pick up the context of this novella.Cara Paulson Karys is a human empath mated to a vampire, Talen Karys She has been ill for a very long time and Talen has [...]

I loved the Dark Protectors series and any chance to get one story from that world was good enough to get me excited.Now, Talen, is technically not a new release It was originally a bonus novella in the back of one of the spin off Realm Enforcers series Talen is a bridge story between the two series and reads best after the end of Dark Protectors and fits just as the other series is getting under way.I got so excited to see this was a fun Talen and Cara story Twenty five years after they become [...]

4 Talen loving stars As a mad fan of the Dark Protectors series, I was so happy to pick up this novella, which takes us back to the couple that started it all Talen and Cara This is definitely not a standalone, and takes place after book 7, Marked, so be warned that this review will be a bit spoilery for the series The war is over Talen and Cara have both faced death and illness which has defined their 25 years together, and now that they are both finally healthy it s time for them to rediscover [...]

4.5 stars ABOUT THE BOOK Release Date June 6, 2017She ll love him forever but he can t make her obey .The war is over Danger has passed Cara Kayrs is healed after decades of illness and ready for a break.Too bad her brooding, alpha vampire husband can t seem to change gears In their twenty five years together Talen Kayrs has learned to sense every shiver of her body, to ignite her desire with a word or a look She would think he could learn she s not some fragile damsel in distress.But Talen is [...]

Talen is a short novella, which is as the title says, Talen and Cara Kayrs storywell 25 years later anyway The war is over, and despite the physical attraction and chemistry that has always been between them, something isn t quite right Cara is well now and looking forward to finally being able to take an actual vacation with her hot vampire husband Despite the war being over, danger is still very present, and that danger is focused on Cara Talen, of course, is all hot badass vampire and he isn [...]

I am a huge fan of Ms Zanetti, and have read all of the Dark Protector series As a matter of fact it is one of my all time favorite paranormal reads This book I really enjoyed because Talen and Cara are my favorite characters within this series It is great novella about how Talen and Cara go on after the war is over Now that Cara is no longer sick with the virus, she needs for Talen to break his over protective nature and allow her to live a life she feels she needs It has some of our favorite c [...]

So hooked on this couple and this series Cara is so excited to go on a trip with Talen after being sick for so long and the war Talen, not so much But they need to get her samples to a lab before they go on to Hawaii The trip though is filled with surprises for everyone and may not be all it s supposed to be Action filled with hot sex and funny moments Loved it I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

After years of war Cara Kayrs is feeling better and with her Vampire husband Talen Kayrs in tow, she departs for a trip that should be met without danger Cara is thrilled to be spending time with Talen and out from the protection of the Dark Protectors but not everything goes as planned and she becomes a target.If you read the fist book in this series than you know this couple They are one of my all time favorite couples and this was another delightful read about them Had several of my favorites [...]

Let me begin with I have not read any of Dark Protectors series I keep meaning to since I really enjoy Rebecca Zanetti s books, especially her Realm Enforcers series I know this story was previously published in Wicked Ride, which I did read, but at the time, I passed on reading this added story When, once again, this novella popped up on my radar, I said why not It s combining a series I knew with one I wanted to know So I went for it.Oh man, what have I missed I really liked Talen and Cara It [...]

Talen by Rebecca ZanettiDark Protectors 7.9Realm Enforcers novella 3 The author mentions in a note at the beginning of this novella that she wanted to write a crossover novella linking her Dark Protector and Realm Enforcer series together After asking her Facebook street gang who they would like to hear about in a novella linked to Wicked Burn two names dominated Talen Cara so this is the story she wrote Not having rea any of the Dark Protectors series but having read all of the Realm Enforcers [...]

Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Netgalley Anytime I get to go back to this world, I am so excited as this is one of the best series I have ever read I love the Dark Protectors series and since the series started with Talen himselfhe will always hold a special place in my heart I first read this novella at the end of Wicked Burn a while ago, but was super happy to go back and read it againI loved this short and sweet little novella about Talen and Cara that takes places after the war is ended a [...]

This short story was a nice slice of life into the lives of Talen, Kara, and their children, Garrett and Janie Little Hope, now 18 months, is just adorable I was hoping to see Janie s mate, Zane, make and appearance but it was still wonderful to touch base with this beloved couple Kara is pushing for independence since the war is over and she is no longer infected with the virus Talen is still too possessive and hovering I wished the story focused on their relationship growing pains and a bett [...]

Talen is heach honcho, the man doesn t want his woman doing anything, he growled low then six and a half feet of pure male, stubborn vampire The answer to your teaching botany glasses at a human university is no Thhe man is so over protective, the next guy who touches you, I get to hit Talen took the bag from her and turned them both Scratch that Nobody ever touches you again but me Yeah That s the deal This was a quick read, but I really loved it Talen took protectiveness to the next level wh [...]

4.5 STARSThis paranormal series is one of my all time favorites I loved revisiting Cara and Talen plus their kids This had all the characteristics of Rebecca s writing that I lovetion, suspense, banter, and HOT steamy scenes ALPHA does not even describe Talen My only problem was a few typos and once in the story it said they borrowed Terrent s Escalade but in the next few pages it said they were in a Jeep It just bothered me But it was perfect besides that

This novella was previously published as a bonus at the end of Wicked Burn Realm Enforcers, book 3 I do enjoy this series and it was great to catch up with the couple that started it all You d think after everything they have been through that people would know not to mess with any of the protector s mates, but obviously not, as a getaway proves to be a different kind of action packed than expected

I am a fan of Ms Zanetti s Sin Brothers and Scorpious Syndrome series I liked the cover of Talen and decided to give it a try I know this is way into her Dark Protectors series, but I enjoyed it just the same I love this paranormal world she crafted with vamps, demons and weres There has been a long time war, so why didn t they finally feel some peace Loved Cara and Talen and the action was non stop Now I have to start with this Dark Protectors series and I am not complaining

A quick read after 25 years they are trying to go on vacation But problems abound Nice to see evryone together You needed to have read the other books to enjoy this.

Talen Mary s is my favorite out of all the Karys men Talen is a vampire warrior in his prime Rough, tough, but gentle with his mate when needed It was nice to get an update on this couple.

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