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At the End of Church Street #(2021)

At the End of Church Street

At the End of Church Street

  • Title: At the End of Church Street
  • Author: Gregory L. Hall
  • ISBN: 9780996894395
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
At the End of Church Street By Gregory L. Hall,

At the End of Church Street Best Download || [Gregory L. Hall] - At the End of Church Street, At the End of Church Street Homeless Rebecca finds a family of lost souls just like her The Vampires of Orlando Reborn she revels in the lifestyle of no rules Love whoever you want Seek whatever high you wish Live forever youn

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I picked up At the End of Church Street by Greg Hall because of the hook Live forever young Every night is an adventure hunting down tourists, challenging the local police, screaming to the world vampires really exist.The book sounded a little like Peter Pan with vampiresWho wouldn t want to read that Church Street keeps you running the back alleys of Orlando with homeless kids who live together in an abandoned theater as family They claim to be vampires and live as such until someone, who evide [...]

An honest look at the lives of runaway teens I cared what happened to the characters and the mystery kept me guessing Horror in the true sense of the word.

Content Warning Suicide Attempt, Homophobia, Biphobia, Racism, Sexism, Problematic as Fuck Recommendation No one should ever read this Avoid like the plague Pray for me to be cleansed of this mess I signed up to read and review this for a tour in the last quarter of 2016 It did not work out that way I had to DNF and drop out ASAP I made it to page 61 and am amazed I made it that far I tried, I really tried And I really wish I hadn t.I signed up for At the End of Church Street because of the blur [...]

Just got done reading At the End of Church Street by Gregory L Hall The thought of a Vampire Novel turn you off I highly Suggest you read this one and let it change your mind In the beginning of the story there is a homeless girl from Orlando named Rebecca and she meets a man named Renfield, he takes her back to his Vampire Goth children They take her in and she becomes one of them, they run the back alleys of Orlando scaring tourist but, things change when their own people turn up murdered Some [...]

Vampires, man Their popularity constantly ebbs and flows, but they never really go away If there s a problem it s that there are countless vampire novels Literally, is it even possible at this point to count them all Well, here s a novel that isn t the same old song and dance.Greg Hall s debut novel isn t a supernatural tale, though This one has its feet firmly planted in the real world Think The Lost Boys if Keifer Sutherland et al weren t really vamps, but instead were a motley crew of disaffe [...]

Rebecca is a runaway teen surviving in the back alleys of Orlando, Florida One night she meets Renfield who takes her back to meet his gang of goth vampires living in an abandoned theater They clothe and feed her, and before long she becomes one of them They spend their nights terrorizing tourists and living basically however they want, basically every young person s dream.But Rebecca s new found family soon find their numbers dwindling members of their clan are being found beheaded around the c [...]

Rebecca, a run away, has been alone and wondering, feeling completely unwanted until Renfield He takes her to a group of kids just like her Well, they not JUST like her The family that has taken her in is not you typical family, unless your family consist of a blood drinking, wild bunch of goth vampires with no rules Rebecca is surprised when she is introduced to everyone for the first time and does quite know if she should believe what she s seeing, are these just out of control Goths or real v [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of honest to goodness horror Dark fiction doesn t quite cover what lead me to my conclusion the characters were a little too real, the situation were happening or must have happened Aside from the taste of speculative fiction, this plunges the reader into the world of kids looking for something spectacular to happen in a world where reality is just too scary even if that means their fantasy is gazing into the eyes of drug addiction, rape, and murder but it s all go [...]

  • At the End of Church Street Best Download || [Gregory L. Hall]
    268 Gregory L. Hall
At the End of Church Street