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Far Side of the Earth #(2022)

Far Side of the Earth

Far Side of the Earth

  • Title: Far Side of the Earth
  • Author: Tom Sleigh
  • ISBN: 9780618492381
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
Far Side of the Earth By Tom Sleigh,

Free Download Far Side of the Earth - by Tom Sleigh - Far Side of the Earth, Far Side of the Earth Widely considered one of the finest poets of his generation Tom Sleigh brings to his fifth collection his trademark intensity and craftsmanship mixing the streetwise edginess of popular culture with

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Scar of lost love so tender to finger and rubuntil it bleeds,he couldn t help himself,it became a compulsion he wasScott in his tent, writing in his journal until his beard froze over, facecoveredby a mask of ice,the Pole become the axis of his being One of my favorite aspects of poetry is its complex and locked nature A poem can present the reader with a riddle which can be considered, examined, and opened, allowing varying shades of expression to be experienced subjectively through the reader [...]

Not for the first time since I joined do I find myself wishing there were two axes for the starring process one for how much I admired the book, one for how much I liked enjoyed it I admired this book at three stars I enjoyed it at 2 stars, maybe fewer Wouldn t really recommend it.

Poetry that seems to be written for other poets Difficult to read Difficult to examine outside of the academic world.High diction Well revised Technically great poetry that kind of left me empty.Some amazing wordplay and rhythms, but the soul feels missing to me Would have received a 2 star rating if it wasn t for the long poem I Came to You Melted my heart enough to elevate the collection to 3 stars Good poetry Just nothing I feel attached to.

Whoever from Panarchy has my copy I want it back.

Beautiful, erotic, visual and moving Read each poem aloud and let it rest on your tongue Its an experience to be savored.

  • Free Download Far Side of the Earth - by Tom Sleigh
    223 Tom Sleigh
Far Side of the Earth