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Space Walk #(2022)

Space Walk

Space Walk

  • Title: Space Walk
  • Author: Tom Sleigh
  • ISBN: 9780618684243
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
Space Walk By Tom Sleigh,

Free Read Space Walk - by Tom Sleigh - Space Walk, Space Walk Space Walk blasts off into realms of experience that show the imagination s limitless capacity to be both brutal and uplifting While many of the poems in this daring collection confront head on our cu

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Song Beyond ReasonThe air s blank September heat breathes into my window,summer revives in the massed green headsof the waiting trees, waiting to write in leavestheir technicolor epitaphs, brittle, wheezy sayingsrattling in the breeze All summer s the seasonwhen love, beyond reason, flourishedand failed, failed and refined itself to goldenScotch floating two rocks melting in the glass.No matter how close love comes, no matterhow we move away from love to understandthe terms September imposes and [...]

This guy taught a class I was in at the 2009 Writers Work conference in Park City a great conference in a lovely venue, if you re into that kind of thing He s the best poetry teacher I ever had, and I ve had a few great ones Stephen Dobyns, Stephen Dunn, etc He could take any mediocre poem and pare it down to something fresh and evocative His poem The Mouth after a painting by Gerhardt Richter opens, The mouth was open and we stared into it what could we do about it, how could we stop staring I [...]

A good book to learn from it s a wonderful book in terms of technique Also, if you like poems that you can peel apart, re visit, and try to unpack, then this is for you I tend to enjoy poetry that is accessible, so this isn t one of my favorites I really enjoyed the poems after the Iliad and Herodotus and the Richter painting but the others didn t really touch me emotionally in any real sense, although most explored painful human experiences like a parent s death.

This was an interesting, worthwhile read In it, Sleigh plays with classical references and space exploration images to explore everyday life, setting today s events into a larger context of time and space I liked some of his poems quite a lot e.g Flood, Archaic characters, Lullaby However, as collection, Space Walk did not knock my socks off It was a solid, readable, and technically sound work.

This book is absolutely incredible I love the commmon themes and wordplay that intersect this collection of poems.

Mysterious, haunting poems I think that this is a major talent at work.

This just did not do it for me.

  • Free Read Space Walk - by Tom Sleigh
    254 Tom Sleigh
Space Walk