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Sorcerer & Gentleman #(2021)

Sorcerer & Gentleman

Sorcerer & Gentleman

  • Title: Sorcerer & Gentleman
  • Author: Elizabeth Willey
  • ISBN: 9780812550474
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
Sorcerer & Gentleman By Elizabeth Willey,

[PDF] Unlimited Î Sorcerer & Gentleman : by Elizabeth Willey - Sorcerer & Gentleman, Sorcerer Gentleman Centuries ago the wizard Prospero was cut out of the imperial succession by his brother Avril In the intervening years Prospero has found his own land and people to rule but he has not given up his

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This is a decent, well written book, but I found it hard to get into The mannered language, while unusually authentic in its period feel, makes for somewhat slower reading, and it takes a while to find out what is going on plot wise This is perhaps due to being a sequel, which I didn t realize when I started reading it I think my main complaint was that I found the characters unsympathetic it is rather like Dumas, where you have to admire or enjoy the protagonists for their cleverness or swashbu [...]

I ll admit I m perturbed that while reading this I never once realized that it s a sequel and not a stand alone story That s on me still, it wasn t really clearly labeled as 2 of a trilogy.Parts of it were riveting and the language poetically intriguing, yet I found the storyline unsteady and several characters either not fully realized disappearing before you have a clue as to their roles or just bland in portrayal I would have given this 2 stars, having neither a clear idea of the world map or [...]

Spoiler Alert Just sayin.This wasn t bad but it didn t really grab me, either I couldn t for the life of me see the point of having some of the characters share names and some characteristics with the characters in The Tempest a major character is Prospero, who is a sorcerer and exiled from his homeland by a usurping brother, and he has a Caliban and an Ariel who resemble Shakespeare s versions, though the Caliban only shows up in the early chapters and then seems forgotten He also has a daughte [...]

The correct title is A Sorcerer and A Gentleman.This book goes back to the genesis of Argylle, the land ruled by Gwydion in one of my favorite books, The Well Favored Man The action takes place hundreds, if not thousands, of years prior to the start of that book, and is not told from a first person viewpoint.The book holds a wealth of information regarding how all these power sources work and interact It s a bit slow to start with, and not as grand as the author intended, I feel Nevertheless, it [...]

I actually read this book before reading a Well favored Man and had to go back and find it I have read the critical reviews of this book.d that s fine there are books I dislike that others love, it happens I enjoyed these books and the tone in which they are written You will probably see Zelazny esk feel here as a young sorcer prince who has found jis own land to rule sets out to recalim his birthright, but that s ok It s a good read.Enjoy.The only draw back Long out of print.

Unlike most other reviewers, I actually enjoyed this much less than The Well Favored Man I missed the focus of the first person narration from the first book in the trilogy, and this prequel didn t show the parts of the backstory that I actually wanted to see.

Silly me, I realized this was the sequel after I was like halfway through this But so far, it wasn t a problem This book, I think, could be a standalone.That being said, I think I also looked to this for a mature fantasy story I wanted to break from my a typical young adult world This was a bit too mature for me.This book is not a bad book, I think it was well constructed, thought out, and it has a lot of good elements, but this just isn t the book I was expecting.

I eyed this book for months at Double Star library before actually picking it up to read The back cover descriptions does it no justice this book really is about a sorcerer and a gentleman I m not really sure if they refer to the same person, though they certainly may The ending was slightly abrupt, but the tale as a whole is really excellent I do wonder if there are ties to The Tempest that I m missing, as I haven t read the play in a while.

I read this after the Well Favoured Man, and it was a little odd going backwards in the timeline On the whole, I preferred the characters and general plot of WFM it was micro plot than macro plot However, I still enjoyed this and I will eventually get around to reading Price of Blood and Honour

The Argylle series continues with this prequel to The Well Favored Man now focusing on the earlier history and the creation of Argylle, Prospero s rebellion, and the story of his daughter Freia and son Dewar Again of that beautiful, flowing conversational language.

It has been many years since I read this book I read Sorcerer and a Gentleman first When I found out it was part of a series I immediately set out to find the other books Personally I enjoyed the whole series.

I liked A Well Favored Man for the most part, but just couldn t get into this book s characters Maybe I ll try again some day.

Disappointing prequel toThe Well Favored Man purports to illustrate the backstory leading to that books events, but contains massive contradictions in incident and character.

  • [PDF] Unlimited Î Sorcerer & Gentleman : by Elizabeth Willey
    492 Elizabeth Willey
Sorcerer & Gentleman