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Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED #(2022)

Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED

Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED

  • Title: Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED
  • Author: Lal Behari Dey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED By Lal Behari Dey,

[PDF] Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED | by ☆ Lal Behari Dey - Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED, Bengali Folk Tales ILLUSTRATED In my Peasant Life in Bengal I make the peasant boy Govinda spend some hours every evening in listening to stories told by an old woman who was called Sambhu s mother and who was the best story tell

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I read this at the same time as Indian Fairy Tales some comparisons included.A number of these will be recognizable to readers familar with European fairy tales as tale types, but little than that The differences are plentiful, of which the easiest to note is that the kings habitually have than one wife, which sometimes goes well and sometimes badly Indeed, only one tale is recognizable as a tale known in modern pop culture The Match making Jackal is a form of Puss In Boots Some of the stuff h [...]

Interesting collection of short stories full of kings, magical vehicles, poor brahmins, and rakshas If you loved the tales in your childhood, these will just help you revisit that world One bad thing about the book is that some tales are repetitive A segment can appear in multiple stories eg a girl is enslaved by 300 rakshas and they can die if someone kills a set of bees who live inside a tank This same theory appears in two stories Similarly many scenes appear in multiple stories.

Evidently, an old book of times gone by and when memories served men better and legends intertwined with teachings, ideas and characters from lives real and virtual These stories are quite outdated and i don t think this generation is ever going to sit around bonfires and listen to them with credible attention, but well i was always a sucker for fairy tales D

The first book I read was most probably a fairy tale I read this book to explore mire such stories but I realised I have outgrown them I don t think today s kids of the internet generation will also read such books.Times have changed and so have we.

A good read for someone not used to the Bengali folk tales.The tales have some repeated themes like the ogre or someone kidnapping princess and making them sleep by tapping with a silver wand and waking them up with a gold wand and few .One may have read some stories like the boy with the moon on forehead and stars in the palm in the Amar Chitra Kathas I remembered having read it There are many others which I have not read.On the whole a decent read though there is nothing Bengali about this Sim [...]

  • [PDF] Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED | by ☆ Lal Behari Dey
    171 Lal Behari Dey
Bengali Folk Tales: ILLUSTRATED