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Groom For One Year #(2022)

Groom For One Year

Groom For One Year

  • Title: Groom For One Year
  • Author: Devyn Morgan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Groom For One Year By Devyn Morgan,

✓ Groom For One Year ☆ Devyn Morgan - Groom For One Year, Groom For One Year Can a marriage of necessity spark love and passion When his uncle dies Garrick Vaughn is stunned to learn Uncle David left him his promised inheritance of eleven million dollars on one condition He

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I blame myself I one starred another book by this author, but the marriage of convenience trope is a sooo tempting Alas, this is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad book I suspect the author swiped it on their phone because how else do you explain sentences like this A boss he couldn t look at for than a couple of minutes without picturing him make it for wondering what.I can only guess it should read without picturing him naked or wondering what The dialogue is stiff and artificial, and ap [...]

No, I didn t like this Characters not fleshed out and immature No romance Sex was tepid Can t recommend.

2.5 StarsIn general, I m quite a sucker for a marriage of convenience trope, but unfortunately this story felt a little bit forced and a lot rushed It started off fine, with Garrick being delivered the news at his recently deceased Uncle s will reading that he must marry and stay married for a year in order to inherit 11 million dollars Garrick doesn t want the money for self indulgent reasons, but rather, he wants to put it towards his non profit organisation that helps feed hungry children Aft [...]

Meh 2.75


.WOULD YOU GET MARRIED FOR LOVE OR MONEY It wasn t that dramatic, but it should have been Garrick Vaughn loved his uncle After all, the man raised him when his parents neglected him But now he sat on the precipice of fighting for his company or losing everything he had worked hard for In order to receive your inheritance, you must marry within forty five days.d remain married for an entire year Yeah, see, someone was going down if they weren t already deceased LOL As much as Garrick did not wa [...]

Cute idea Been done before see WILL AND PATRICK , but still looked like a sweet story What went wrong Editing Editing Editing There were so many mistakes that it made this a very difficult read The story needed development Jeremy started a strong character, shy but determined He became a character filled with angst I appreciate the courage of a person to write a book and put it out there for us readers I do not like to rate a book down so low Even correcting the errors would add a star or two t [...]

Nice read, maybe a little too much of everything The MC s being too good for this world I don t need angst, but here problems solve themselves almost immediately and even the villain seems like a douchebag For me it was good enough to keep reading to the end but I also think I wouldn t have missed a lot without it As I got this book in my kindle unlimited package it was ok and a 3 star read for me.

Quite sweet short storyThere s nothing new or original here but it s a decently written romance which is perhaps a little bit instant love but which works okay nevertheless.I would have liked to have had the full twelve months and seen perhaps a second wedding or vow renewal as a demonstration of their relationship but that s just being picky.

1.25 stars rounded up because I finished it

mignon sans plus Tout est trop rapide

This book was super cute The characters fit so well together and I loved the premise of how they got together Fake relationships marraiges are the BEST This book definitely fit into the trope splendidly and I will be definitely reading of Devyn Morgan s books in the future My only criticism would have to be the length It felt slightly too rushed, especially considering the title I went into the book expecting that it would take place over a year and that there would be a slow buildup to their f [...]

I was expecting villainess from Terry since he s this big abusive and vicious possessive bastard He seemed to quietly go into the dark when Garrick stood up in his last serious FIRM tell off AND Terry doesn t seem like he d be a receiver or a switch up neither does Garrick really so it s hard to picture them together to begin with.Jeremy has a crush on Garrick, offers marriage, and once they kind of break that physical barrier after the marriage kiss, its like a whirlwind After their first nigh [...]

2.5 stars.Ok story with a twist on the you have to get married to inherit a fortune trope I didn t really buy that these two guys fell for each other so quickly And the ex was a bit of a caricature Honestly it felt a bit short and rushed.

Grammar The idea for the book was good, the fake pretend relationship trope is interesting, but the narration felt a bit flat It seemed like the story missed feelings, I didnt find credible the fact that the MCs start falling in love the same day they get married.All starts with Garrick s uncle dying and leaving him a lot of money, there is only a problem, in his will he wrote that his nephew needs to marry in the next 45 days and stay married for an year or he will lose the inheritance His uncl [...]


EditingWas definitely not something that was a priority This story had so many sentences that just didn t make sense, that it was actually difficult to read and enjoy The story itself was an interesting concept, however, it just did not get written very well I was rather disappointed.

BEWARE, this book is in desperate need of being edited and the myriad of mistakes takes away from the story greatly.I stuck with it and with all the mistakes, believe me, that was not easy but I liked the premise so I wanted to see how Devyn would finish it, because a great ending can make up for a lot Unfortunately, in this too, I was disappointed This book could have been so much better Just having it edited properly would have added a great deal There were grammatical mistakes, words missing, [...]

From strangers to spouses I fell in love with Garrick and Jeremy falling in love Brought together under unconventional circumstances, with Garrick s inheritance and Jeremy s security resting on a marriage of convenience, the mutual attraction between these two men as they grow from being strangers to spouses ignites with their first kiss As they battle their own insecurities about how the other feels, I wanted to be frustrated with Jeremy for needing space to sort his feelings out, but it s not [...]

3.5 StarsI really enjoyed this story with an interesting story and sweet and loveable characters I really did like both of them right from the start When Garrick s Uncle passes away he leaves Garrick a lot of money, on the condition he gets married and stays married for at least a year, then the money is all his But what seems to be a way to get Garrick and his ex back together, a terrible idea, quickly becomes a marriage of convenience and then Jeremy loves his job and has a crush on his boss, [...]

There were several plot holes that were distractingI love the marriage of convenience trope but this one needed a bit polishing, I think First, why was Kerrianne so against the marriage in the first place when she knew that both Garrick and Jeremy knew that it was done in order to secure the inheritance Then, why did that character just disappear half way through the story I m not a lawyer, but can a pre nup be created and signed AFTER the nuptials occur And I know that they wanted to start the [...]

I liked the premise of the book but it didn t follow through.I would prefer the book to explore if their relationship before they were declaring their love for each other I understand they have been working together for some time but it didn t seem like they were even friends before the proposal.It seemed they were only married for a couple of weeks and the niece was being introduced and they were ready to settle down I understand they were married but you wouldn t move in a boyfriend after a f [...]

This is itThis is it I finally have to say this Although I do enjoy Devyn Morgan s short stories, the editing is non existent So much so, the flow of the stories are consistently thrown off balance It s a shame and really amateurish for an author to care so little for the craft of writing that they can t take the time to edit such blatant errors.I m sorry to say I can t recommend either this book or others written by Devyn Morgan even though I have given positive reviews of her books in the past [...]

I have read marriage of convenience books before, but not gay marriage but perhaps with the change in laws, this plot line might become used.I did enjoy getting to know Jeremy and Garrick as they got to know one another Juggling a young girl missing her Mother added an extra dimension to the plot and served to show the human side of the MCs.The writing was easy to read and I read the book easily in two goes A gentle weekend read, without much angst.I received a free ARC in exchange for an hones [...]

Desperately needs editing proof readingI don t normally write negative reviews, simply believing one s enjoyment of a story is subjective However on this occasion I felt compelled to voice my opinion The story is poorly written, shallow, rushed, predictable and in desperate need of a proof read Any slight flow of storyline was utterly disrupted by having to re read a least one line on every page trying to ascertain what the author actually intended to say.

Garrick has 40 days to get married or he doesn t get his uncles inherit Along comes Jeremy one of his co workers who overhears and offers to get married first it starts as marriage of convenience then love comes and also saves their His nonprofit, No Child Unfed foundation But of course his uncle had other plans it was a way for Garrick and his ex to get back together but of course life always has another way.

this book is written no better than a fanfic story The characters are unbelievable, the writing has many edit problems and the pace is just ridiculous The sex scenes were tepid t best characters were very boring just a waste of time didn t even finish it another reviewer said that the author spent a lot of time talking about the ex and I totally agree way too much time And they all sounded like they were in high school or Junior High School with the dialogue just a total waste of time

This was such a sweet story of finding love where you least expect it Jeremy offers to marry Garrick to save the non profit where they work Little do they know their marriage of convenience will turn into their own great love I really liked these characters and was so entertained by this book I read it in one afternoon, I didn t want to put it down I received an ARC for an honest review.

Sweet storyThis is a story between two main characters both from different economic backgrounds The story keeps you in gaged because it is well written and each character has a depth to them that most stories lack It is a great read short and entertaining.

Loved this story It never pays to be a controlling, manipulative jerk Love comes with a person sometimes you never notice, but wow.ere is NO denying the rightness of it Read this quicklyI was pulled in and not let go til I finished.

  • ✓ Groom For One Year ☆ Devyn Morgan
    424 Devyn Morgan
Groom For One Year