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Lost Pleasures Found #(2022)

Lost Pleasures Found

Lost Pleasures Found

  • Title: Lost Pleasures Found
  • Author: Vikki Vaught
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Lost Pleasures Found By Vikki Vaught,

Free Read Lost Pleasures Found - by Vikki Vaught - Lost Pleasures Found, Lost Pleasures Found After many years of war England is finally at peace Captain Lord Henry Montgomery second son of the Duke of Sanderford returns home ready to sample the many delights London has to offer After faci

Recent Comments "Lost Pleasures Found"

This is the first book I ever wrote I have learned a lot since I wrote Lost Pleasures Found, and I wanted Henry and Melody s love story to benefit from what I have learned over the last five years This is a new improved edition of their wonderful romance I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed visiting with them again Happy reading

Lost Pleasures Found by Vikki Vaught is an intriguing Regency Historical Romance set during the 1800 s in England Book 1 of what promises to be an impressive new series, Montgomery Family Trilogy Originally published in 2011 This book had been revised and updated Captain Lord Henry Montgomery, second son of the Duke of Sanderford, returns home to London, after six years of facing death in his Royal Majesty s Military He returns to London to have some fun with his friends, before facing his respo [...]

Pleasures Found AgainThank you for this lovely love story about Melody and Henry I enjoyed all the various characters and the part they played in the story It was exciting to see how Melody and Henry renewed their love for each other in spite of all the obstacles they had to overcome I look forward to reading of your work.

It is a great book to read

ExcellentI enjoyed this book, the characters are vivid and alive Set in the old world and England, it has a refreshing bend A wonderful story.

Very enjoyable story

Yeah, my main issue was the writing style.Some or rather a lot of the conversations were super repetitive.Imagine reading a scene So, you basically know what happens in that scene because you just read it And then the character goes on describing that exact scene to one of her friends or relatives Ahm Nope, not cool.You don t have to tell me twice I already got it the first time An example we totally read about how she enjoyed her time with our hero and then a friend of hers asks her if she had [...]

Very good historical romance Not many deal with the fighting between the English and the French during Napoleon s time but this one did As I ve always been interested in the at point in history I was very interested in this book the story was very good and keep my interest though out the whole read Although at times I wanted to shout at the main characters for what they were doing I love when a book engages me so I have a reaction such as this So glad I found this author as I always forget how m [...]

  • Free Read Lost Pleasures Found - by Vikki Vaught
    439 Vikki Vaught
Lost Pleasures Found