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A Place of Execution #(2022)

A Place of Execution

A Place of Execution

  • Title: A Place of Execution
  • Author: Val McDermid Michael Page
  • ISBN: 9781587886232
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Audiobook
A Place of Execution By Val McDermid Michael Page,

[PDF] A Place of Execution | by º Val McDermid Michael Page - A Place of Execution, A Place of Execution Penzler Pick August Val McDermid better known in England than in the U S is a well respected writer of crime fiction Her three ongoing mystery series feature red haired PI Kate Brannigan Lindsa

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This book got rave reviews judging from the newspaper blurbs on the cover , was given five stars by a lot of readers, and was highly recommended by a friend of mine I found it mostly irritating on almost every level It was very long in the neighborhood of Moby Dick It was written with no particular style, with characters who all sounded alike It was repetitive The author had an uncanny ability to describe non dramatic scenes at length while skipping the ones that would have had some excitement I [...]

Scardale is a secluded village consisting of a manor house with eight cottages surrounding the village green The squire owns the land, the cottages, and the livestock The residents are closely related and there are only three family names the Carters, the Crowthers, and the Lomases.Alison Carter, 13, is missing and DI George Bennett and DS Tommy Clough are the lead investigators in the search for her Days, weeks, and months go by They have some evidence and some forensics, but it s a largely cir [...]

3.5 starsThis book is divided into two parts In the first section, set in the early 1960s, a teenage girl disappears from a small English village and the police investigate In the second section, set in 1998, a reporter writes a book about the mid century incident In 1963, the tiny hamlet of Scardale in Derbyshire resembles a feudal town The owner of the manor house, who functions as Lord of the Manor , controls the land on which Scardale residents farm and raise livestock There are only a handf [...]

An incredible stand alone volume from Val McDermid I found this novel almost impossible to put down but one has to make tea and sleep, you know A very cleverly framed text, you don t quite know where you re at with this murder mystery What at first looks like a rather neat and tidy investigation with no or minimal loose ends, turns out to be something else entirely Murder in a small, traditional English country town set in both the 1960s and modern day And there s always a cup of tea to be had I [...]

Rating Clarification 4.5 StarsA truely outstanding murder mystery, and one I would recommend to any fan of the genre More then just a straightforward whodunnit, McDermid intricately explored the bonds that held an insular agricultural community together in early 1960 s northern England She fully captured the sense of time almost too much so with her never ending references to tea and cigarette usage , and the sense of desperation, anguish and helplessness that would come to any parent of a missi [...]

My re read of this novel confirmed that it deserves the four stars I originally gave it I first read A Place of Execution when it was initially published in 1999 As I don t generally re read crime fiction novels I make an exception for the novels of Dorothy L Sayers , I haven t re visited it since The advantage in re reading the novel after such a long break is that I had forgotten a lot of details of the plot, so it almost felt like a first time read There is no doubt that this is one of Val Mc [...]

I came to Val McDermid through the back door of the BBC You see I was flipping through channels one night and came upon the BBC series Wire In The Blood with Robson Green and I was just fascinated I became a huge fan of that show because the BBC just knows how to do crime dramas a whole lot better than their American counterparts, Robson Green is a great actor, and at the heart of the show there were great stories being told Little did I know at the time, that was because the entire series was b [...]

I read a lot of mystery series, and I had forgotten how refreshing it can be to read a stand alone crime novel especially a well crafted one.When an author doesn t have to worry about introducing a main character as someone the readers will want to love and follow, she s free to do some extraordinary things with the plot.As a result, we also see Detective Inspector George Bennett in a different light than series detectives.We may not know what he buys when he goes shopping or what record he play [...]

An interesting mystery Unlike many mystery novels, this one includes both the crime and police work, followed chapters covering the court case so readers discover what happens to the suspect Yet that doesn t end the story, as the third section presents a twist to everything read to that point I enjoyed the way Val McDermid developed the characters in such a way that they seem like real people.

I don t know if I ever met author Val McDermid if I would bop her over the head or shake her hand Here is a good police procedural, moving along at a nice pace with good character development and an interesting story.d then, the author turns you upside down with a twist in the last third of the book that you did not see coming or at least I didn t and it changes all that went before And what a twist it is which of course I will not reveal here The story takes place in an isolated and insulated v [...]

I get why this book took away so many awards It touch a subject close to hearts of many and ghosts form the past we want to correct in a way we never be able to.Val McDermid has a flare for writing things into you imagination, making it so real you can t help but picture yourself in a dire situation This book held nothing less at times it was a bit repetitive and a lot predictable but never the less it was an on the edge kind of story that made you want to know where this is all going.This book [...]

Boring boring boring And tedious.

I wanted to like this than I did.A girl goes missing in a small, close knit, inter related village in 1960s England The police are hindered by the villager s wariness of outsiders, but when the breakthrough comes, the case reaches an incomplete conclusion Three decades later, a journalist is writing a book about the disappearance and the policeman in charge New evidence is stumbled across, and the story is finally told in its entirety The initial twist is expected, although the full twist is bo [...]

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A Place Of Execution by Val McDermidMy dad who reads two, maybe three books a week told me that this was the best mystery he d read in a long time With an endorsement like that, who was I to argue He tossed the book my way and in no time, I was hooked The time is 1963 and the setting is one of the many things about this long, tangled thriller that enthralled me Welcome to the fictitious English village of Scardale a remote farming community with families so inter related that by the time Alison [...]

This book will stay with me for a long time There s no easy way to describe how much I enjoyed reading it and how deep into the story I felt myself immersing I read it slowly so as to savour each chapter.1998 Catherine Heathcote is a journalist writing a book about a 35 year old mystery She is hoping to persuade retired Chief Inspector George Bennett to open up about the case after a long silence.It s December 1963 and a mother frantically calls the police, reporting her thirteen year old daught [...]

Review Val McDermid A Place of ExecutionDecember 22, 2011 by Sarah Edit When I gave Val McDermid s The Retribution a somewhat lukewarm review recently, two fellow reviewers urged me to try instead A Place of Execution a standalone novel set in Derbyshire I think two recommendations from people whose opinions I trust is enough to convince me, so I bought the book on and started reading it as soon as it arrived What appealed to me was the background to the book I grew up in south Manchester in the [...]

This book made me late to my office almost every day of the 3 days it took to read it Newly promoted investigator George Bennett is the lead on the case of a girl missing perhaps dead from her isolated and insular small town in England where nearly everyone is related to one another The townspeople want justice, but they harbor a deep mistrust of outsiders, especially the police The story is told through several viewpoints, each one fascinating I found the characters intriguing and enjoyed readi [...]

A very well written novel that keeps you gripped to the very end Although the story content is quite disturbing it hooked me and I was unable to put the book down.This was my first Val McDermid book and after this plan to read .

Now this is what I call a mystery Absolutely loved it I will definitely read of Val McDermid 5

Very enjoyable read Another fantastic Val McDermid suspense thriller Set orginally in 1963 with murder of a 13 year old school girl and It s exciting conclusion in the late 1990 s Some of the slang and wording slowed me down from time to time Another do not miss thriller Four stars out of a possible five stars.

Senten a de Morte , editado em 1999, pela escritora escocesa Val McDermid n 1955 apresenta nos a jornalista escritora Catherine Heathcote iniciando uma pesquisa, para escrever um livro sobre o desaparecimento de Alison Carter, de 13 anos, numa noite g lida, em 11 de Dezembro de 1963 A rapariga dizia adeus sua vida N o era uma despedida f cil N o dispunha, no entanto, de qualquer outra hip tese A rapariga tinha de dizer adeus sua vida.Para sempre Alison Carter vive na pequena aldeia rural de Scar [...]

Generally speaking, I m not a fan of crime fiction, and prefer to get an occasional crime fix on the television Although my enjoyment is somewhat tempered by the fact that my husband tends to work out who dunnit before the end, keeps threatening to tell me, and gives me extraneous misleading clues throughout One of the things which I often find off putting about crime novels, especially in the wake of shows such as CSI and Silent Witness, is the gruesome detail with which the unfortunate victim [...]

In England in 1963, the Beatles just released their first album The Great Train Robbery takes place and in the area of Deryshire, known for the Peak District National Park, a police constable gets a call A frantic mother announces that her fifteen year old daughter is missing and the mother asks for help.A search is conducted but without results.Alison Carter lived with her mother and step father in a small hamlet of Scardale where the population is made up of only about three families who were [...]

I m 52, a fan of crime fiction and have never before read a Val McDermid What on earth have I been thinking of It s not that I haven t wanted to, I just haven t gotten around to her before now My loss.A Place of Execution absolutely blew me away I was riveted from the very first page until the last word McDermid has captured the atmosphere of 1960s Scardale to such perfection that I feel as if I ve visited the village and actually walked the hills surrounding it And the characters well, they re [...]

A Place of Execution is constructed well, the split time periods are incredibly effective in providing a punch to the ending of the story Val McDermid s description of the town of Scardale is atmospheric to the point that you can feel a sort of heaviness as you read The mystery is fascinating in it s simplicity, it follows the invesigation and unlike most mystery authors she does attempt to infuse the book with the menace of an undiscovered criminal The sections concerning legal procedure were e [...]

Detective Inspector George Bennett is sure this case is beyond his ability, but he is not about to admit to it, especially when he is unexpectedly touched by the missing girl s mother s anguish and her life When he interviews the stepfather, the squire, he is aware that the man is hiding something Besides, Squire Hawkin is amazingly unconcerned and uninterested in the girl s disappearance and his wife s distress But this is Bennett s first real case since his recent promotion and return from his [...]

How do you like your detective fiction If you are fond of a juicy, complex, labyrinthine plot which unravels slowly and methodically, and yet is so compelling that you have to keep turning those pages, I have a recommendation for you today.A Place for Execution by Val McDermid is a crafted, intricate piece of detective writing There s excellent character development, and a twist in the tail that shakes the reader It moves at a deliberate pace, but never meanders and is definitely not lethargic.A [...]

I loved this book I thought The Year of Mystery was off to a great start with The Poet, but A Place Of Execution really blew the doors off one of the best books I have read in the past ten years Incredible atmostphere, engaging characters, gripping story, and a central mystery on par with who killed Laura Palmer The last 50 pages had me hooked as each new unexpected twist was revealed I bought this book two years ago on the recommendation of the the owner of Partners In Crime crimepays and my on [...]

The girl was saying goodbye to her life And it was no easy farewell.Like any teenager, she d always found plenty to complain about But now that she was about to lose it, this life suddenly seemed very desirable Now at last she began to understand why her elderly relatives clung so tenaciously to every precious moment, even if it was riven with pain However bad this life was, the alternative was infinitely worse.What happend to Alison Carter It s the question everyone was asking in the winter of [...]

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    300 Val McDermid Michael Page
A Place of Execution