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The Hamilton Affair #(2022)

The Hamilton Affair

The Hamilton Affair

  • Title: The Hamilton Affair
  • Author: Elizabeth Cobbs
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Hamilton Affair By Elizabeth Cobbs,

Unlimited The Hamilton Affair - by Elizabeth Cobbs - The Hamilton Affair, The Hamilton Affair Set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Revolution and featuring a cast of legendary characters The Hamilton Affair tells the sweeping tumultuous true story of Alexander Hamilton and Eli

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3 stars.

This is for fans of Hamilton the Musical or a solid historical narrative focusing on female characters or historical romance It s all of those things The author worked on this when Hamilton was still a lesser known founding father instead of an award winning musical There is some remarkable overlap in specific lines, but this is because they both used the same primary sources You ll find some of the same content in Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, and, I imagine, Alexander Hamilton Good [...]

Check out all of my reviews at avonnalovesgenresI have always been a history lover Give me a factual, scholarly, historical tome or a historical fictional story of a time, place or person and I can sit and disappear into that time or place for hours Due to the Broadway musical Hamilton many people are being introduced or reintroduced to one of the brilliant founding architects of our republic and THE HAMILTON AFFAIR by Elizabeth Cobbs is an enjoyable historical fiction overview of Alexander and [...]

A novelization of Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler s relationship, and what she does after his death I really want to know if Cobbs started this before or after she heard the cast album, because it definitely feels a little like she heard the Eliza s final lines from the show and decided to roll with it.

As a huge fan of the musical Hamilton, I picked up this fictional rendering of the events hoping for an interesting read Although it seems clear that the author did some research, the pedestrian prose reminded me of so so historical fiction aimed at children or young adults I just wasn t impressed Better to read Ron Chernow s biography, which I thought was excellent.

There is now a renewed interest in the life of one of America s most remarkable national leaders of the Revolutionary Early Republic era Alexander Hamilton This is largely due to the success of the Broadway musical HAMILTON In The Hamilton Affair , Elizabeth Cobbs does a remarkable job of revivifying the lives of both Hamilton and his wife Elizabeth Schuyler, who hailed from one of the most distinguished families in New York In Alexander Hamilton, we have a man of humble origins born out of wedl [...]

Very enjoyable novel about Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler Hamilton It made me wish I remembered about the Revolutionary War from 8th Grade.

Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I understand trends and the rush to capitalize on Hamilton s popularity, but I am not amused by Arcade Publishing s decision to drape Elizabeth Cobbs The Hamilton Affair in artwork that was so obviously inspired by the musical s playbill I might be alone in this, but I get a we don t believe this book can succeed on its own merit vibe when looking at the jacket and I don t think that s quite the angle marketing was going for.For the record, I l [...]

I read this novel in an early draft several years back, and I am so happy to see Elizabeth Cobbs bring it to fruition and publication I ve noticed several people wondering about any influence the musical might have had on the book, and this is amusing to me because I know that The Hamilton Affair was completed long before the musical came out A great story attracts than one creative mind Highly recommend this book.

I received this ARC from netgalley in exchange for a review.This book is a fictionalized story about the real relationship between Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler The couple s story is interesting enough, but I got bogged down as the flow of the story became less fictional and chronological 3

My family and I can t get enough of Hamilton, the soundtrack is constantly playing here We love the music and the story and listened to the audiobook Hamilton The Revolution , about the making of the musical We also have a hardcover copy of the book, which is beautiful Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius, I adore what he s done with Alexander Hamilton s story I wanted to know about Hamilton s life but I wasn t sure I wanted to commit to reading Ron Chernow s 818 page biography I thought this fiction [...]

First sentence The boy frowned, pressed a folded handkerchief to his nose, and scanned the crowd for the third time.Premise plot The Hamilton Affair is historical fiction starring Alexander Hamilton and his wife Eliza The novel has alternating narrators readers get to spend time with both Alexander and Eliza The book leans towards romance than political drama I think that s something readers should know from the start Readers expecting the book to perfectly complement the Broadway musical may b [...]

I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of this book, and also being somewhat witness to its development as, over the last few years, I heard Cobbs talking about her writing this book I m so happy it s finding an audience now Cobbs is simply a stellar historian she teaches at Texas AM and taught at SDSU and she weaves in countless historical facts with her story of Hamilton This is really the story of two affairs Hamilton s affair with his wife, and with his mistress We meet Hamilton as a youngster [...]

While I didn t expect this to be amazing by any means, I certainly wasn t expecting it to be as horrible as it was I ll give it a half star for the content and another half for a brilliantly timed book release that coincides with the frenzy of the very good musical Other than that, The Hamilton Affair was nothing but bad prose, bad character development, bad dialogue, bad pacing, and bad organization Bad bad bad.

This is a 2.6 review.Although, my job has been playing the Hamilton Soundtrack since the musical came out, I was slow on the uptake and only really listened to it a month ago Of course, I now have Hamilton fever I ve been listening to all of the songs non stop Ooh, look at that, I made a joke Before I read Ron Chernow s Hamilton, I decided a good compromise would be Elizabeth Cobbs The Hamilton Affair The premise is simple it s about Alexander Hamilton s and Elizabeth Schuyler s relationship.Ove [...]

I have to stop This book is due at the library, I haven t had the will to go on past page one hundred in a month, there is no motivation So this is a page 0 100 review, make of it what you will I can t help but be angry that the marvelous idea was wasted on a subpar book This has to be riding the hype of Hamilton why else would there suddenly be a novel about a founding father from the Caribbean who died young When this book was first announced, I was elated I had my boss I am employed through m [...]

Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review I have been on a Revolutionary War kick the last few years, both non fiction and fiction, and this book fit right in Alexander Hamilton had been something of a mystery to me other than his time as the Secretary of the Treasury and the fact that he dueled against Aaron Burr and lost I truly enjoyed learning about his upbringing, his education, his friends, his family, his relationship with the other [...]

They say that the victors write the history This seems to hold true as much as in politics as in military action A good example of both can be found in The Hamilton Affair In deed, this seems to become the theme of the book halfway through as the characters are developed Maybe matured is a better word, for these characters were real, in the historical sense According to the author, all events were factual, as were the characters, save one The author s explanation for including this character, wh [...]

I read this historical fiction book after reading 2 other Hamilton books While this book added some fun details that I ASSUME are historically correct, it only brushes the surface of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton s lives together It does, however, give of a picture of Eliza, and since she is a fabulous woman in her own right, I enjoyed this.

As a big fan of Hamilton, I especially enjoyed this historical fiction I also learned about American history than in any high school course

While the opening chapters focusing on the childhoods of Eliza and Alexander seemed tedious to me and better suited as flashbacks later in the narrative, once the two met it turned into a delightful read The author began the book before the musical Hamilton debuted, but it s obviously from the same source material and I do wonder if a few lines were altered in the final draft to wink at the musical You will find yourself singing the songs as you read I giggled a lot at the passages of Eliza and [...]

I ve read the Chernow biography, the DeLaCruz novel, listened to the soundtrack of the musical and done some research on my own This book occupies a middle ground historical fiction written by a credentialed historian It didn t get my blood moving as much as I d hoped, but I enjoyed the read very much.

Thank you to the publisher for giving me an advanced readers copy of this book That has in no way influenced my rating 3.5 stars The Hamilton Affair was an enjoyable book that tells of the lives of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Eliza It was a very enjoyable read that turned fact into a fascinating historical fiction well

Meh I only felt compelled to finish because I am wrapped up in the whole Hamilton hoopla Maybe if I hadn t been familiar with the storyline of the Broadway version


POTENTIAL SPOILERS That moment when you won this book in a GR contest all the way back in September and you were never interested in it until this very moment GR, if this book is the reason why I can t win contests any, please know I read and reviewed this book As for the actual book itself wasn t very impressive That s not to say it was bad, per say, just not all that interesting I ve only listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, never saw the musical, so it was easy for me to disconnect myself fro [...]

This is the story of Alexander Hamilton from the time he was a small child in St Croix until his death, told chronologically, alternating with his wife s story, also told from childhood Although their childhoods shaped who they are, because that s how life works, the book would have been better if it had started closer to when they met, and their childhoods treated as back story, only hauled out when needed to prop up the present situation Once they met, the book did become interesting, and the [...]

I think this book is worth reading for anyone who is a fan of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton and their story I am fascinated by the historical side of the story and learned a lot for sure The author had a way of jumping years ahead from chapter to chapter which i understand because it s a lot of time to cover in the story, but i feel like she would build up something that you are anxious to see if it happens or not and then she just casually mentions the resolve in the next chapter instead of real [...]

Writing compelling historical fiction based on real people of the past is hard Really hard The best historical novels I ve read The Aviator s Wife, American Wife tend to rely on the real person s own life story loosely very loosely using a lot of fictional imagining to flesh out the non fictional parts Real life can be messy, overly complicated, inconsistent, and occasionally uncompelling.In The Hamilton Affair, Elizabeth Cobbs works really hard to make compelling fiction out of the lives of bri [...]

I should probably wait until the tears subside to write a review, but then I ll forget This is a beautiful love story of two inspiring, if imperfect, people Hamilton s affair with Maria Reynolds burns me up, but his love for Eliza and hers for him are the things that I think everyone aspires to This book was well written, although there were a few spelling printing errors that I wish had been caught and corrected before it went to print, and it strengthens my Hamilton obsession.

  • Unlimited The Hamilton Affair - by Elizabeth Cobbs
    267 Elizabeth Cobbs
The Hamilton Affair