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Peri's Bliss #(2022)

Peri's Bliss

Peri's Bliss

  • Title: Peri's Bliss
  • Author: Rikki de la Vega
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Peri's Bliss By Rikki de la Vega,

Peri's Bliss Best Read || [Rikki de la Vega] - Peri's Bliss, Peri s Bliss Peri Winger was quite content as a single woman occasionally having fun at area swinger parties Then she meets Lila who introduces her to the Free Spirit Connection a new religious movement with a r

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Rikki de la Vega has done it again With humor and eloquence, she s crafted another great tale with fleshed out characters and steamy sex The story revolves around a unicorn a swinging single bi woman who is introduced to a new religion called the Free Spirits who are so sex positive that they even have bedrooms in their congregational building for people to share sacred bliss Over the course of the story, Peri forms a poly relationship with Lila and Andrew, but also communes both intellectually [...]

Sex and religion together are volatile topics Vega makes this work with a fictional, sex positive network of communities, Free Spirit Connection Title character is strong, self assured, going into relationships because she wants to, not to fill some void Very natural pacing, makes you not only believe it could happen, but want it to I m moving to the second book in the series.

Steamy sex, intelligent dialogue, a sex positive religion facing down puritanical moralists this first book in the author s Free Spirits series will intrigue, enlighten and entertain.

  • Peri's Bliss Best Read || [Rikki de la Vega]
    324 Rikki de la Vega
Peri's Bliss